• Once before in 1978 there was a lady name Sussie.She was 24 years old when she had here babies.Once when Sussie was walking across the street and she die by geting shot 2 times in the heart.Now her boby is still in the street hauting people that crosses that street where she die from.Her kids grow up and they don't even know there own mother before she die.

    Then when it was the year 2000 that street is still hauted by Sussie ghoust.But one thing sussie is more mad. Then once a man was crossing the street he didn't care about Sussie death then when he cross it he heard a voice said "back go back".But that man didn't even care about it so then he ran but he is alittle scared about the voice but now the ghost. Then one night he went to his house then he went to take a bath then he heard that voice again.He was shock he ran out then he open the door and he saw Sussie out of the door.Then in the morning police came and saw that guy body rip apart.People got scared of that street where Sussie die

    Then some men was about to fix the road but they saw Sussie stading there then one of the men said "lets get out of here".Then all of them saw Sussie. Then other people saw Sussie and they dig up the street and found Sussie dead body.Then Sussie was put in a coffine.A couple of years later past and Sussie kids die in old age and the rode is not Hauted anymore