• "So, your the halfbreed." she said "I wonder what your leader will think when he or she knows your half witch." she said evily. "I am the leader" I told her. She looked suprised, but kept pressing "I bet the others in your gang will kill you when they find out your halfwitch, or worse." she said, smirking. "They already know" I said. She seemed completely out of commision, I think would be the best word. I heard someone laughing, then yelling, then a BANG! sound, then groaning. I turned around to see that Titan had fallen out of the tree and landed on his head. "Well, that was elegant." I said sarcastically. He stood up and smiled a bit at me. "Titan!" Sylvia said. She ran and hugged him. "Oh! Titan! Where have you been? I missed you so much! Were you taken prisoner by this evil, ugly, halfbreed? Come with us and escape! Then we'll get married, and live in a big house! Just like your father wanted! Let's go, my little teddy bear!" She was tugging him by his hand toward Asher. "Let go of me, you crazy phsycopath!" he said. She didn't seem to hear him. I had been keeping a blank exprression this whole time, and I continued to do so, as I grabbed Titan's wrist and and pulled Sylvia close "Get off him" I said, and kicked her in the stomach. She landed in the stream, getting her dress and hair all wet. "Don't you think that was a little harsh?" Titan asked me. "She called you her little teddy bear." I said. He nodded his head once "Good point." he said. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She screamed. "This dress was dry clean only!!!!!!!!" she continued. Titan looked at me and pointed at her "This is why I didn't want to marry a princess." he said. I put one hand on his shoulder and he put his hand down "I understand completely now" I said. "I'm going to kill you!!!!!!" she said and went into werewolf form. "Asher! Get Titan and bring him with us." she told Asher, and he went after Titan. "Aw man! I just got these clothes!" Titan said. But still went into werewolf form. "Die!!" Sylvia said and came at me.

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