• Sylvia wasn't a good fighter. Barely a challenge really. I didn't even have to sing. She ran away with Asher following close behind. "This sucks" Titan said. I sighed "Don't worrry. I'll get you some new clothes from camp." I said and left. I brought back Titan a spare change of clothse that was a black t-shirt, black pants with chains going from one belt point, curving, to another, and his usual bllack spikey choker. He took them and ran into the woods to change. I sat on a big (and I mean big) rock and I looked up at the night sky and saw the milkyway. "Sylvia, a spoiled brat, a werewolf princess, and in love with Titan." I said out loud to myself "Is Titan really worth it?" I said and closed my eyes. I smiled and nodded "Yes, he is, I love him." I said. Then I felt two hands cover my eyes and someone whisper in my ear "I love you too. Glad I'm worth fighting for" he said. I took his hands off my eyes. I looked down at his hands. He wrapped his arms around my stomach and pulled me off the rock. It trapped my upper arms to my sides, but I could still bend my elbows, so I put my hands on his arms. "You can howl if you want." I said, he turned stiff. "Go ahead, it's a full moon tonight. I know your aching to." I told him. He turned up his head towards the sky, and howled. It sounded like a real wolf howling, but there was something else in it. Titan once told that each werewolfs howl was unique. It had it's own little something. In Titan's, it was sort of a magical feeling, a feeling of kindness, protection and magic. Titan also told me only someone who truly loved a werewolf could here his unique sound in his howling. Meaning, if the two are truly in love, only they can hear the sound. After he was done he let go of me. I turned around to see him, and he suprised me with a kiss. I looked in his golden eyes and put my arms around his neck. I put one hand up and felt his ears, sort and nice to touch. He put his arms around my waist and pulled my closer. We closed our eyes and kissed, under the bright full moon.

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