• The private's squad went through the door.
    "Go, go, go!" the Captain had said. All of the soldiers had brought claymores and C4 for a suprize for any of the Spetsnaz to walk through.
    The private himself had his 44. Magnum and a UMP he had picked off the body of a commander. He knew that any second now, the other team could ambush them.

    On the other side of the battlefield, a Corporal of the Spetsnaz was walking with his teammates, just like they were taught to.
    "Just like the old times, eh?" His teammate told him, but he was suddenly enveloped in enemy fire.
    "Get down! Tossing smoke grenade!"
    "They're in the building! They're- Auuggghhh!!!!"
    The Corporal saw all of his teammates scramble for cover, while he waited behind a car for the fire to stop.

    Back in the building, the Private had fumbled for his gun, but dropped it on the floor.
    "What good are you if you can't hold or fire a weapon?!?"
    The words had stung him. He went back through the door, into the sunlight. He was filled with warmth, and he was suddenly oblivious to the fighting behind him. He snapped his head back to see an explosion. He leapt for the ground, but shrapnel had gotten into his leg. All of the teammates in the bunker had died.

    The Corporal had been the one to throw the grenade. All of his friends, his allies, had died. He was certain some were still alive. He picked up his sidearm and went into the bunker. The Corporal shot every head in there, dead or alive. He then walked out into the sunlight.

    His leg wasn't working. He crawled to the grass and pulled his Magnum out. He heard footsteps. The enemy was coming. The Private had already tried to stand up, but the leg cracked and he fell back to the floor. He woke from the flashback, and saw a figure standing.
    "You're dead, you son of a-"

    He pulled the trigger. His head exploded, and his body fell back into the sand. In the building, after killing the enemy, the Corporal had forgot to check how much ammo he had. He had zero.

    Back in America, 12 people were playing a Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 online match.
    "Dang it!!!!!!"
    On the screen, it showed how a rank 1 private had killed another player by using his perk "Final Stand."