• Chapter 4: The Power Within

    " It seems your Quilava isn't that tough." said the boy. He laughed. So did Machop. Ryu had an angry look on his. Then all of a sudden, A white flash came from out of the forest and tackled Machop to the ground. " What the---" said the boy. The flash stopped and it was Quilava that used a powerful Quick Attack. " Quilava!" shouted Ryu. " Are you okay?" Quilava nodded. "Then Quilava, use Flamethrower!" said Ryu. Quilava used flamethrower. It hit Machop. " Come on Machop, get up!" said the boy. Machop got up from the ground. " Use Sesmic Toss!" said the boy. " Dodge it Quilava!" said Ryu. Machop tried to grab Quilava, but it missed. Machop was about to grab Quilava's leg. " Quilava use Flamewheel!" said Ryu. Quilava use Flame Wheel and attacked Machop! Machop was defeated. " We did it!" said Ryu. " Machop return!" said the boy holding his pokeball. " You might have won, but I'll see you next time!" The boy walked away. User Image " I wonder what's his name?" asked Rina. Rina saw a license plate on the floor. She picked it up. User Image " His name's Ken." said Rina. " Ken, huh?" asked Ryu. " Well we better go find him to give him back his license." Then Rina, Ryu, and Pikachu heard rustling. Came out of the bushes was a Riolu.User Image " It's that Riolu!" said Ryu. " Riolu, I was wondering if we have a Pokemon battle?" asked Ryu. Riolu looked at Ryu and nodded. " Alright!" shouted Ryu. " Quilava, you're ready?" Quilava jumped into battle. Riolu used Aura sphere. " Quilava dodge it and use Quick Attack!" said Ryu. Quilava moved away from the aura sphere. It used Quick Attack and tackled Riolu. Riolu got back up from the ground. Riolu used Force Palm on Quilava. Quilava took a lot of damage. " Quilava use Flame Wheel!" said Ryu. Quilava attacked Riolu with flame wheel. Riolu was weakened. " Now's my chance!" said Ryu. " Go Pokeball!" he threw the Pokeball at Riolu. Riolu went inside the Pokeball. The ball shook 6 times and stopped.User Image " I captured Riolu!" said Ryu. " Great job Ryu!" said Rina. Now that Ryu caught Riolu, what will happen next on the journey?

    End of Chapter 4