• I sighed into the cold night. I pulled my coat around me tighter, closing out the cold air. My red hair flowed behind me along with my purple scarf that matched my eyes. I shivered, mentally kicking myself for wearing a black mini skirt in this kind of weather. My black heels against the sidewalk was the only sound I heard, as I walked alone through the darkness, my head pounding from the blaring music I just had to endure. I had just left the bar that my boss was having a New Years party at because some guy kept harassing me. He kept trying to put his hand up my skirt or my shirt and trying to stick his tongue in my mouth. Gross. He smelled, and tasted, of alcohol so I knew he was drunk and probably wasn't conscious of what he was doing, so I left, making sure he wasn't following. I had parked a few blocks down the street and I was planning to drive home, when suddenly, I was yanked into the shadows. A hand covering my mouth and my arms pinned against a brick alley wall, a guy appeared in my face. He had black hair that fell in his green eyes. His face was a little round, young looking, and he had freckles here and there. He looked around eighteen, my age.
    "Hey, Danny. Come look at this chick. She looks like she's seen a ghost." he laughed. A slim figure appeared out of the shadows on the other side of the alley. Stepping into light pouring down from a street light I saw that he was handsome. He was wearing a long black coat and black slacks with black dress shoes. He had untamed blond hair that swept off to the side, right above his brown eyes. He had a older face, making him look about nineteen. He looked me over and closed his eyes, turning his back to me.
    "Yo, Danny what's wrong?" the dark haired guy asked. The other guy, Danny, just stood there, silent.
    "Oh, come on Danny. I'm desperate for your approval and all you do is stand there?" he asked in disbelief. Simon turned and took his hands off of me, setting me completely free. But I couldn't move. I was so struck with terror that my legs wouldn't work. I stood there, quietly.
    "Can you smell her, Simon?" Danny asked.
    "What? Of course I can smell her, why do you think I grabbed her?" the dark hired guy, Simon, replied. Danny turned around to stare at me, but all he could see was the shadow I was hiding in.
    "Her scent is so strong, and sweet. It brings back nice memories, don't you think?" he asked Simon, smiling deviously taking a step closer to me. Simon grinned and nodded excitedly, turning back to me.
    "So, what do you want to do first? Mess with her mind a little bit? Or should we just straight out kill her?" he asked. My eyes got wide and I pressed myself against the alley wall, trying to get as far away as possible.
    "Put her in the light, I want to see what she looks like first." Danny instructed. I wondered why would it mattered if he was going to kill me when Simon grabbed my arm tightly and jerked me into the dull light. I winced as he tightened his grip again, knowing I was going to have a bruise. Danny just stared at me, not a single emotion on his face. Not even the disgusting delight he expressed a minute ago. I stared at him, horrified at what he might be planning to do me. Rape? Molestation? Or just murder? Any of those were enough to me me sick to my gut. Simon brought his hand to my neck, running his finger across it, as if his finger were a knife.
    "Let her go." Danny said, stopping Simon's enjoyment. He looked disbelievingly at Danny.
    "Are you kidding?! We've been sitting out here for hours, waiting, and I'm starving!" Simon complained. Starving? I wondered.
    "I don't care, her scent is stronger than anyone's we've ever smelled. You can't have her." Danny said angrily. Simon stepped back, mumbled something, and pushed me lightly away. I straightened my shoulders and turned around, prepared to walk away like nothing happened.
    "Wait, what's your name?" Danny asked. I looked over my shoulder, unsure if I should tell him.
    "If you don't tell me I'll just raid your stuff to find out." he informed me, shrugging his shoulders. I bit my lip.
    "My names Jenna, Jenna Reed." I told him, turning to face the darkness in front of me.
    "Well then, goodbye Jenna Reed. I hope we see each other again, real soon." Danny said, his voice already fading as I quickly walked away, to my car. I unlocked it, got in and sped home. See me again? Is he a stalker? And what would I have to do with him starving? The questions raced through my mind, without answers.