• Apocolypse, the red headed witch, James, the blond vampire, both guys. They were waiting next to a log a little away from camp, literally right outside. They stood up and stared at me "You're the leader?" James asked, staring at my breasts. "Um, yeah..." I said, my face turned red, and I tried to cover up a bit with my arms. Apocolypse hit James on the back of his head, and whispered something in his ear. "Um, You guys said you had some information you needed to tell me." I said. Apocolypse nodded "Yeah, you see there is a company that is sending out human asasins to kill non-humans like you and me and what's next James?" Apocolypse said and pushed his glasses into place. James stopped staring and said "Yeah, the president is secretly supproting and hiding this company without the world council knowing." James purposely drop something next to my foot. "Oopsie, clumsy me. Let me just get that" he said and I heard Titan growl lowly from behind the bushes. I stepped away from it and James looked dissapointed as he picked up the thing. "Um, I need to go now so..." I said and tried to walk. "Wait, we had a deal We gave you the information now let us be in your gang" Apocolypse said. I nodded "I guess we did have a deal. Fine, you can join us. But, James if you harass any of they girls, I'll kill you." I said sweetly. I heard a small muffled laugh from behind the bushes. I lead them back to camp and let Maria (a red-headed shapshifter, turned into a fox) take them to some extra tents. Titan popped out from the bushes and went next to me. "You didn't need to follow me" I told him. "What are you talking about?" he said nervously. I sighed "Your terrible liar" I told him. He smiled "Yeah, I know"

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