• Revenge is Sweet, but Strawberry Pocky is Sweeter

    A RukiaxIchigo fluff one-shot

    A/N: Whoot! I’m back and I’m so excited. I got the idea for this one-shot when I was focusing (or putting myself through mental torture) on Web Pages and was like “I need pocky right now!”. Then BAM! Ichigo= Strawberry and Pocky is that flavor ( I know! What a revelation. Haha, I’m such a fool XD).

    Anyway, enough of my chatter.


    whee whee whee

    Rukia ran from Ichigo’s room down the wooden stairs with forceful steps as she headed for the kitchen. Her expression clearly showed her distress as she saw the time on the kitchen clock.

    “Ichigo! Where are you?!” She called out as she opened the doors then slamming them shut when she didn’t see him. In her panic she hadn’t heard Ichigo come through the front door which he closed with the force of a body being thrown into the wall.

    Which was exactly he wanted to do to her at that moment.

    “Knock it off, would you?!” Ichigo shouted, not even bothering to hide the irritation in his voice. He walked to the kitchen and mercilessly threw down the bag onto the unsuspecting table.

    Just like a dog’s natural instinct to the opening of a bag of food, Ichigo heard the quick steps of Rukia sprinting down the hall. Rukia slid in through the doorway of the kitchen, unable to stop herself due to the polished wood floors and her thin socks.

    Ichigo let out an annoyed sigh as Rukia slid towards him. Bracing himself for the impact, he caught her, the force making him sway backwards for a split second. Rukia felt herself blush at the close contact of their bodies and pushed him away forcefully, turning her gaze to the now abused bag of goods, “You’re in my way.”

    Ichigo’s eye twitched in irritation at her very caring response. Who was the one that told him ‘Candy is a must for movies!’ and then proceeded to threaten him?

    Oh no, he would not put up with her attitude.

    “Why you little-What the hell are you wearing?!” In his fury he hadn’t realized the get-up she was wearing until now.

    “A witch costume,” Rukia stated in her ‘Are you stupid?’ tone and crossed her arms over her chest.


    “Because it’s Halloween. This is what I’ve seen you humans do.”

    “Yeah, for children who want to go and get candy. Why are you in a costume when no one will see you,” he stepped forward, pulling on her hat, “and what the hell are these stupid things?!”

    Rukia smacked his hands away, offended, “This is how you humans work and for once I think you humans are doing something fun,” Rukia pulled on her hat, “These are Chappy the Rabbit ears, you fool!”

    “Really now? You’re the one who’s the fool here,” he again tugged on her hat which made her gave sound of alarm in return, “for wearing this stupid thing.”

    Impulsively, Rukia raised her foot up to slam it down his unsuspecting one, but he dodged it, smirking. Annoyed at his response, Rukia shouldered him in the chest, satisfied to hear his grunt of surprise at her attack. Ichigo coughed, his hand covering the place her shoulder had made impact.

    Rukia smirked, “Fool.”

    She grabbed the candy bag from the table and headed into the living room, leaving behind a glaring Ichigo.

    heart heart heart heart

    Ichigo sat in the kitchen, watching the clock. Rukia was still in the living room watching scary movies, the glare from the T.V. the only light source.

    He breathed out a sigh of annoyance, rubbing the back of his neck. His family had left him alone for the weekend, but they weren’t aware that Rukia was living with them in his closet. And that was the problem he was now facing.

    They were together. Alone.

    Ichigo didn’t know if he should feel relieved that she was just happy watching scary movies or furious that the movies held more value to her than him. Was she that stupid? Did she not see him as a man?

    Not that he cared, but he was aggravated. Very aggravated, in fact, that he let his pride take another beating today. Well then, he would remedy that- with revenge.

    Unknown to Rukia of what was about to happen as she sat there, she continued snacking on her strawberry pocky.

    Ichigo smirked as he entered the darkened room, seeing how absorbed and intense she was watching the movie. Quietly, he picked up the blanket from the top of the couch and carefully came up behind her, throwing it on her.

    Startled by the sudden darkness she jumped slightly. She quickly regained her senses and realized what had happened, seeing his failed attempt to scare her, “Ichigo!”

    Ichigo silently lifted the blanket off her head and put on a face of indifference as he was confronted with the irritated Rukia.

    “What was that for, Ichigo?”

    Hearing the acid in her voice, he inwardly smirked to himself, pretending he had no idea what had just happened. He bent down to select a piece of strawberry pocky from the box beside her and took a couple bites, letting the tip of it hang out the corner of his mouth. He stared at her and replied in his usual monotone style, “Revenge.”

    Fuming from the fact that he just played a prank on her and was now taking her pocky, she glared at him. He smirked in return and she couldn’t say anything for a couple moments because of how angry she was, but she suddenly laughed.

    “Fool,” Rukia smirked back, causing Ichigo to glare in confusion and aggravation.

    Again, it seemed as though he had lost, but for the life of him, Ichigo couldn’t see how on earth she had won this round.

    Until he realized too late.

    Without warning, Rukia came at him and he jerked back, but she was quicker. Barely brushing his lips she took the hanging pocky from his mouth and he froze. Rukia sat back in triumph and Ichigo scowled, but his blush couldn’t be hidden.

    “Damn, what was that for?” Ichigo stated calmly, but his blush remained.

    Rukia took a piece of pocky and took a few bites, letting the tip hang out the corner of her mouth.


    Ichigo’s hand came to his mouth and he pretended to rub off the kiss, but he just turned away instead, “Annoying.”

    Rukia just laughed.

    Revenge is sweet, but strawberry pocky is sweeter.