• The DemoN

    "It's locked," Jacqueline said after jiggling the door handle.
    "Here," Margo said impatiently while pushing Jacqueline out the way. She held a small object in her hand. A key.
    "Where'd you get that?" Micheal asked pulling his eyebrows together in confusion.
    Margo put the key in the lock and turned. "I found it," she said coolly.
    The door opened leading into a small, dark room. Margo swept out her arm. "Right this way," she said with a smirk.
    The three teens walked into the room.
    *squeEEAak* *click*
    The door closed and locked behind them.
    "What the-," Micheal whispered.
    "Micheal," Jacqueline said grabbing his arm, "I'm scared!"

    ~*~ ~*~

    Jacqueline and Micheal backed into a corner. "Margo!" Micheal called angrily, "If this is another one of your tricks, I swear I'll-"
    "You'll what?!" Margo interupted, "Kill me!" She laughed at her own private joke.
    Her laugh was beautiful yet deadly. Calming and cold like the wind, and makes the small hairs on the back of your neck stand up.
    "What's so funny?" Micheal yelled frustrated.
    She laughed again sending Jacqueline to tears. "Please Margo, what do you want?" she pleaded.
    "How pitiful!" Margo hissed.
    Jacqueline was sobbing now, and Micheal was straining his eyes to see the outline of Margos body in the dark.
    "Come here, Jacqueline," Margo cooed as if to a lost child, "I'll make it all better."
    Jacqueline walked forward a few steps. As if in a trance. "Where are you?" she whispered. She walked farther into the darkness so that she was out of Micheals line of vision. Just like Margo anticipated.
    "Right here," Margo hissed in Jacquelines ear.
    "No!" Micheal screamed.
    Margos hands flew around Jacqueline's neck in an instant. She started to squeeze the life out of Jacqueline.
    "Are you still scared, Jacqueline?" Margo asked.
    * CRACK *
    Jacqueline's lifeless body fell to the floor with a muffled * thump! *
    "What'd you do?" Micheal asked horrified.
    "I killed her," Margo said slowly as if talking to an imbecile, "Duh..."
    "Why?! Wh-who are you?"
    "You know me," she said coyley, " I'm shy, little Margo. The new girl with red hair and brown eyes."
    He could hear the smile in her voice.
    "B-but your eyes are red," he whispered.
    "Oh," Margo said. The sound of her melodic voice coming closer, "They're only that way when I'm hungry."
    Micheal's eyes widened.
    She lunged at his throat.

    The End...
    For now?