• Charles had the habit of day dreaming. For short periods of time he would stare, half aware of his surroundings, at inanimate objects. He would run through the different events of his day. A cup of bad coffee, a cute girl with short red hair, a song written a long time ago that never los it’s luster. He would change the way he did things, and in this way would create a whole new world in his own mind. A world where he lacked the bashfulness he knew all too well in reality.

    A world where the colors were vibrant and so vivid that they almost burned the eyes. He would request, no demand a new cup of coffee from the pretentious barista. He would introduce himself to the nameless red head, and they would fall in love. He would dance to the song. He would dance to any song wherever he wanted to, whenever he wanted to like nobody was watching.

    But soon the colors would fade and reality would sink it’s teeth in. Charles sighed as another daydream sank away and he was still the sad, shy, empty soul that he had tried so hard to forget.