• Pt. 2
    The man in the black suit waves his hand to the house, ”Shall we, Mr. Kroenen?” Dominik stares the man up and down. He walks towards the house, ”Mr. Kroenen is my father, sir. My name is Dominik.” The man in the hat smiles and takes off his sunglasses. Yohan and Natasha enter the house a minute later. Dominik and the man are sitting at the dining room table. The man in the suit looks to the parents, ”Ah, Mrs. and Mr. Kroenen, a pleasure to see you both.” Yohan scratches the back of his head, ”Uh, sure.. but what are you doin’ here? And who are you?”

    The man in the black suit sits back, ”Well, I am here to seek the assistance of your son, Dominik; seeing if he would like to join a select few in a mission that is part of national security.” Yohan takes his chin in his hand and thinks on it. Natasha steps forward, ”You no say who you are.. Tell us your name, yes?” The man looked to Natasha, ”You’re a very strong-willed woman.. My name is Geoffrey Morgan, but with the Agency, I am simply Mr. Morgan.” The man, Mr. Morgan, then turns to Dominik. ”So, young man, what about it? He would say to him. Dominik looks from his parents to Mr. Morgan, ”Well, sir, I don’t think much of it. I can’t say what I think, as you simply have come in here and explained nothing of the reason you find me so interesting.” Mr. Morgan smiles and leans forward, ”Ah, right.. I found you quite interesting because you’ve won ten three-hundred yard rifling contest, with a 97% hit rate, and a 85% mid-chest hit accuracy. You’re destined to be a great marksman, and I can make that happen. We need a sniper with that talent in our Agency, and most-off, in our Anti-NWOA group.”

    Dominik raises an eyebrow, ”Anti-what?” The man stifles a chuckle, ”The Anti-NWOA group we’ve formed. We’ve had no time to officially name it. Now, as for what the NWOA is; the NWOA is what they’re calling the New World Order Alliance. We have no idea who is in this alliance, but the ‘leader’ has mentioned having a large influence within ‘old empires’. We believe he is corrupting countries in an attempt to extinguish the ‘World Government’, and replace it with a totalitarian regime.” Dominik blinks and scratches his head, ”Uh, well, now that you put it that way.. I’m not sure if I want to join or say no.” Mr. Morgan sits back, ”That whole decision is up to you. If you do it, you will be compensated, of course. You will be assessed as a trained Marine, Army, or Air Force Sniper. And if worse comes to worse, your funeral will be in the Government’s expense, and you will be buried along with every other American Soldier who is buried.”

    Dominik nods, ”And of these others; the other people that have joined?” Mr. Morgan smiles and nods, ”Of course, I should mention your cooperatives.” He has one of his men bring a suitcase over, and retrieves some files from inside. He opens up the manila folder and takes out the first of the records. He looks to Dominik, ”The first one we came across was a Brooklyn Lillian Buford, found in London, England. She stands at a medium of five feet seven inches.. Her hair is a strawberry red, and she has green eyes. She was picked for her knowledge of electrical technology, being capable of rewiring, hot-wiring, and setting up communications and disrupting communications of enemy units.”

    Mr. Morgan puts the file away and opens another, ”The next was an Eric Maloney, Irish born immigrant to the United States. He is a master-strategist and can put out battle-plans even the greatest of generals would be awed by. He is also a quick problem-solver, thinking of how to exit any type of situation. He stands at five feet nine inches, and has curly orange hair. He will be a capable Battlefield Commander for our mission, and will serve us if we need to exit a situation very quickly.”

    He comes up with another file, ”Johnathan Lancer, he’s an ex-covert operative with the Navy S.E.A.L.’s. He stands at six feet one inch. He was a S.E.A.L operative for a few years, completed seven covert mission with all ending in perfect success; only one casualty ever on our side in all seven. He has a close-shave head, and brown eyes. He’s a bit of an a** though, but we told him we’d bail him out of prison if he did it. Was in prison for apparently go out of bounds on his eighth mission, resulting in a hostage being killed, and one of his men wounded; while simultaneously he also told off two high-ranking officials within the JTF. He did, however, get the job done and end a small insurgency from taking over a government building. He is a lethal covert soldier, but finding out which one will be hardest.”

    He opens another, ”This one is a Dr. Anya Serzyski. She is a specialist in the field of medicine and surgery. She has been important in the study for ways to give back lost limbs, mostly in part to the creator of the autonomous metal appendages. She is valuable in case if we run in to any accidents and can do any type of operation. She has blonde hair, and blue eyes. She stands at five feet ten inches. She tends to stay to herself, and can at times be a little ditzy. She is very intelligent, but it takes time for new things to make sense to her, mostly with jokes or crude humor.”

    He puts the file away and adds another, ”Catherine Newbourne was our next one. She was found in Georgia, United States. She is a mechanist, or a Mechanical Techologist. She is learned in robotic engineering, and can fix just about any type of vehicle. She will be our lead mechanic, and will also work on our robotics. She stands at five feet, five inches. Her hair is black, and she has brown eyes. She will be a serious help when it comes to a lead mechanic with our aeroplanes and our Aero-Nautiluses.”

    He opens the next, ”The next is Davis Moffet, who will be our Flight Director. He will be telling us where we are going with our Aero-Nautilus, and will be setting our courses. He has been a Flight Engineer and Director for ten years, and is very good at commanding an Aero-Nautilus. He stands at five feet seven inches. His hair is brown, and he has green eyes. He seems to act dumber than he is, and doesn’t like a lot of attention, but he is a man you can sit down and have a beer with.”

    He opens another one, ”This one is Erik Andersen. He is our Research and Developer. He can look over an object, or over blue prints, and recreate it. He is very intelligent, but can be very strange as well. In one occurrence, it was reported that he beat down three men who tried to attack him while he was in an office chair.. He stands at six foot one. His hair is blonde, and he has blue eyes. He can be a little crazy, but will be a good asset if we ever come across anything the NWOA has made for NWOA uses only.”

    He opens the last of the files, ”This one is Phillip Lousano. He is apparently from Italy, and was put in to the army as a Light Machinegun Engineer. He is not the brightest star in the sky, but he knows his way around guns and how to fix them. He can be an asset to us in conflicts, and for fixing the LMGs on our Aero-Nautilus, and also the guns on our planes. He stands at six feet four inches. He is a valuable asset if we get in to a battlefield situation.”