• Anais could feel his heart shattering as he watched his so-called-lover grow smaller as he walked away. He clenched his bruise covered arms, tears dripping from his cheeks. As much as Anais was abused by Beau, he could not help but be so in love with the larger boy. He could feel his heart pounding in his chest.
    "Come back...to me." he whispered. "Please, Beau, I don't want to be alone again...don't leave me."
    As much as he wanted to scream it, he could only whisper. All the times Beau had hit him, slammed him up, every time he had to claim he fell, Anais could always look passed it. He was so in love with him, it was unbearable. With out him, anais was completley alone, without friends, family, anyone. As he went back to his apartment to hang his noose, a strong hand gripped his shoulder. He turned around to face the local priest.
    "What's wrong child?" the man asked.
    "My lover left me. I'm all alone in the world. I'm not needed, so I'm going." Anais replied.
    Realizing what Anais was saying the priest turned the boy around and held him tight.
    "You're never alone, young man. Jesus is always wih you."
    Anais shook his head.
    "God hates fags like me." he said, starting the sob. The priest chuckled.
    "Son, God loves everybody, he doesn't take in considiraion race, color, sexualiy, he loves you for you."
    Anais, for the first time since he was with Beau, smiled at the priest.
    "Really?" he asked.
    "I'm a priest, aren't I? And I go around bein called chocoman!"
    Anais laughed as the priest led him back to the church where he himself would grow up to be one of the only homosexual priests.