• My dad took some more caffeine pills to stay awake while driving. My head rested on the chillsome glass while I looked out, only seeing white in every direction. My mom sipped coffee, and switched radio stations trying to get away from the christmas music we had heard all day. And my sister, well she just texted her friends and would whine everytime she would lose cellphone service.

    We were on our way to Ohio from Florida. I would ask my parents why we were leaving but they wouldn't tell me. The only thing I knew is that my city was evacuated. I presumed it was only the cause of the oil splill. All I could think about was why did we have to leave now, during the christmas season? Who knows, but I knew something was terribly wrong.

    I turned to look the other way when all I heard was a crash... right in front of me. I had terrible pain in my head till I fell asleep. I woke up and didn't see anyone. Not any cars, not my family just snow. I was terrified. The snow hit my face like bombs as I pushed myself to walk to somewhere, with something. I had terryifying thoughts and images going through my heads. Were they buried? Did they leave me behind? All I knew was that I was now going to slip my gloves and hood on for some extra warmth. After I put them on I walked for almost three hours till I found my car, buried in the snow. I saw my sister inside trying to break the window, but she couldn't through the shield of ice on the other side.