• She walked home alone in the darkness...not scared, not sad, just alone. Life was a blur right now. It began to thunder and rain. She ran to her tree house with her dog, hoping they could be safe. Lighting flashed all around, and thunder roared. She began to cry. Her whole past fell right into her hands. Everything; loss, death, depression, happiness, anger, and it did not leave. Just when she stopped crying, she heard a noise down below and froze.
    The noise got closer and closer, it was walking, a person...she recognized the footsteps..but from where? She heard the ladder swinging, the person was coming up.
    She had to take drastic measures, so she jumped from the window and landed on her knees, but got scratched up badly. Her dog ran to her, completely calm. The person was not a stranger, but who was it? She tried to stand up, but fell down, and felt her knees. They were very bloody, but thank God it was raining. A shadow came towards her.
    She recognized him and cried. He smiled and gave her a hand. She stood up with no trouble. He supported her while she limped and led her back home. Before she was going to walked into the house, she remembered all the good times, and forgot all the bad things. Then he kissed her. She blushed and smiled for the first time in a year.
    They walked in the house together with confidence.
    Finally together again.