• Shadow of the day Epilogue

    The world has entered a new era of peace becouse of Pheonix. Before she died, she told me to wait for her. That was a year ago, but I still wait. I walk down to the stream, the stream we spent most of our time together. I am king now, still not married. Ikuto calls himself the 'temporary' leader becouse we all waited for the day Pheonix would come back. I went around the tree she flung me into when we first met Sylvia. The bush I slept under until I went into Pheonix's camp. I reached the stream and saw this beautiful girl in black clothes. Long black hair and golden eyes. She looked back at me and smiled "No ring, I see. I guess you didn't marry yet." A lump grew in my throught. She came up and put her hand on my cheek. "Don't you remember me Titan?" she asked. I nodded and smiled. "I missed you, Pheonix" I told her and we kissed. It was sweet and her body was warm. I finally had her back. My Pheonix. I pulled away but let our foreheads touch. "I will never let you go again." I told her. She blushed, her beautiful eyes glittering in the moonlight. "I love you" she said. "I love you too" I told her and we continued to kiss.

    The End