• On 2 am almost to 3 am of april 12 1991. The two guys go on the quest to break the statue.
    Dude1 says: This is a graveyard.
    Dude2 says: Are you scared there gonna be ghost, come on dude chill out all we have to do is take down a statue and there it is.
    Dude1 says: Is that a Satanic symbol on that hand of a statue.
    Dude2 says: who cares bro its just a symbol not going to do nothing hear let me touch it, there be nothing to be afraid of.
    While he put his hand on the Satanic Symbol. The Symbol disappears and there is a hole made on the hand then spirits come out of it.
    Dude1 says: What the hell is that.
    Demonic Spirits says: You Have unleashed hell now you will be rewarded for bring us free.
    Dude2 says: oh no, I think i have unleashed the apocalypse.
    then Monster appears right behind them and kills them. morning later at the restaurant two hum-androids dress as a cop and with a human cop eating donuts.
    13 says: I find it odd that too young adults get killed in the graveyard.
    Fat Cop says: You guys should check it out, I need to go to the park and patrol.
    12 says: But the report shows these guys been clawed.
    13 says: I know that, but what has killed them, is what i want to know.
    12 says: could be a bear or a wolf.
    later on they go to the graveyard til they saw the undertaker walk in.
    Undertaker says: What are you guys doing here its a restricted place.
    13 says: we want to know what happen last night.
    Undertaker says: Nothing really happen but heard two guys yell out monster and yell out as they were dieing.
    13 says: Ok did you see what the monster looks like
    Undertaker says: There are no such things as monsters, There are only dead people in these lands.
    13 says: you should really respect the dead by not saying dead people.
    Undertaker says: You dont guard this place, I get the blame for something that isnt my doing.
    two knights sneak in the bushes.
    Urta says: why are two robots talking to that man
    Vandor says: maby they are trying to find out what happen earlier today.
    Urta says: I have a feeling a sign gonna happen today.
    Vandor says: Sign of what?
    Urta says: I havent got the full sense of it. I just know something isnt going to go right.
    later on 12 and 13 leaves and urta and vandor talks to the undertaker.
    Undertaker says: I know you slayers are behind me, Perpare boys hell is finally breaking loose and the army is gonna rise to take over.
    Undertaker eyes turn red.
    Undertaker says: now its time for you two, too die.
    contune for chapter 2 episode zero season 1.