• [Chapter 1]

    He stared at the blank chalkboard and frowned at what he planned on challenging the youth of today with, this fine morning with the birds singing and the summer heat beating down he figured he would try a word problem first, "ok class if suzy has seventeen apples and johnny has five dollars, but only wants to buy 7 and each apple is fifty cents how much will johnny spend on apples?" He inquired to the class as he turned to face them. "Why does it matter? when we all know that johnny is just over at suzy's to get in her pants!" one annoying troublemaker yelled out as the others laughed. "Andrew go out into the hall, I'll speak with you shortly, everyone else open your math books to page 9" he shot them a cold stare" "and work silently." he hissed, reluctantly he walked out into the hall where andrew had been sitting. "Andrew why do you constantly get yourself into trouble? Your a fine student you just don't know when work time is and when play time is." he said in a calm tone. "Maybe I don't care! Maybe i just don't want to be here!" he screamed, clearly agitated about being sent out into the hallway "All you do is rag on me and I'm Sick of it!" He shouted throwing a punch at the bewildered teachers face, who was a pacifist to begin with. "Now hold on andrew! What the H-h-HELL do you think you are doing!" he said between dodges. "I'm Sick of this school and I'm sick of LIFE!" andrew screamed pulling out a razor blade and swiftly slicing his throat. "ANDREW!" the teacher screamed, leaping towards the boy "NO!!!" he cried kneeling next to the dead boy. In a flash he ran into the room and cried "Someone Go Get the principal tell him someone is hurt!" where the closest child jumped up and ran down the hall. The teacher got on the phone and called the cops.