• I awoke to the bright sunny sky. I got up, and noticed a blanket covering me. I looked around in confusion. "Did someone see me? If they did, why would they give me a blanket?" I asked myself in my head. I shook my head and decided to just be grateful and not ask any questions. I folded the blanket and put it on the floor. I stood, and sang 'The voice' by Lisa Kelly. When I was done, I opened a portal to my camp and stepped through it. My comrades stared as I went by. The hallways were made of white granite. The designs were something out of a fantasy movie. I was ambushed by Hinata, she was my best friend. She had short, wavy, dark blue hair, and she put a lightblue ribbon as a headband. She had on glasses and a set of office working clothes. She wasn't one of the asasins, she was one of the people who found missions for the asasins, she found missions for me. "Hiya, Canaan!" she said, squeezing me in a bear hug. She let me go "The elders want to see you, something about Riku" she said and shrugged. I nodded my head and went down a long hallway to reach huge double doors that lead to huge council room with two people in capes like mine, except, one of them was wearing one in white and they had veils instead of masks. Riku was sitting in a white chair, smirking at me. Lightening was next to the two elders, looking worried for me. The elders were sitting on their knees on black and white pillows. I sat the same way on a black pillow the left out across from them. Hours past before the white elder spoke. "Canaan. What happened this time?" said the gentle voice of the white elder. I didn't speak. You could sense the anger eminating off of the black elder. "Speak!" she yelled. I didn't. The black elder was the side of darkness, impatience, and other things. The white elder was the side of light, kindness, and other things. The dark elder's name was Crow, and the white elder's name was Swan. "Calm, sister" Swan said to Crow. Crow sat back down on the pillow as before. "Canaan. It's already been 500 years, won't you speak to us?" Swan asked me. Lightening came up beside me. "Look, how did this turn from Canaan punching Riku to her never speaking?" Lightening asked. Swan sighed and Crow groaned. I stood to leave. "Hey! Who said you could leave?!" Riku stood up and yelled. I turned around and lifted my hand. He flinched, than surprised as I did a peace sighn to him. I opened the doors and left the room. I walked down hallways with the people staring as I walked to my room. I was surprised to see a guy sitting on my bed, reading one of my black magic books.

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