• Chapter 1: Luna

    Luna's Faithful Encounter

    I am an only child in my family. My mom was a top coordinator and the former gym leader of Celadon City. My dad passed away when I was young, so I don't remember anything about him. Hime, my childhood friend, moved to Snowpoint City recently due to economic reasons; I hope to see her again. My goal is to be a Pokemon Master, and I know I'll achieve that goal someday.

    It was a warm, beautiful day. The Pidgey were singing, and the Butterfree were flying in the bright blue sky. Today, I get my very first Pokemon.

    Which Pokemon should I get – Bulbasaur, Squirtle, or Charmander? They're all so cute! I thought to myself. Before I left my house, my mom gave me a special necklace that was the shape of a crescent moon.

    "Luna," she started, "if this necklace starts to glow when you're around a Pokemon, then that Pokemon is destined to be your partner. Trust me, it happened to me when I started my journey." The time for me to leave home came, and I waved goodbye to my mom and her Umbreon, and was off.

    It wasn't a far walk to the lab, but I took my time, looking at the cherry blossom trees that were in full bloom. Just then, I saw a yellow figure run passed the trees. A bright light glowed around my neck. Could it be my imagination? I wondered, but I kept walking, as if nothing happened. When I got to the lab, my heart started to pound. This is it. And with excitement, I walked inside.

    Professor Oak greeted me, and I greeted him back.

    "There are three brand new Pokemon waiting for you, Luna, please choose one." I took my time deciding. I checked my necklace, but it didn't glow when I was near each of them, so I decided to choose Squirtle. As I exited the lab, my neighbor, Christian, dashed towards me.

    "What seems to be the problem, Christian? Why are you in such a hurry?" I asked with concern.

    "Well, I get my first Pokemon. I woke up late today and I'm worried that someone might have chosen the Pokemon I wanted", Christian looked down and saw my Squirtle, and his face was suddenly covered with sadness. "Well, I better get going, see you guys around!" And with that, Christian walked in the opposite direction, towards his home.

    As much as I was concerned for Christian, I needed to know my Squirtle a bit more. I decided to take a little break by the cherry blossom trees before I started my journey. Squirtle took a nap in a shady area, and I gazed at the trees. Several petals softly fell on the both of us. I became a bit drowsy and almost fell asleep, until I heard a twig snap. I sat up and looked around, and I saw a shy, little Pikachu, still standing on top of the twig it broke. The Pikachu looked at me with an innocent look. It looked harmless at this stage, so I smiled and pet it. Suddenly, there was another bright light; it terrified the Pikachu, making it run away. W-what happened just now? I thought to myself. I sat on the ground for a few minutes, then, grabbed my stuff and decided to run after it.

    Hours passed, yet there was no sign of the Pikachu, I kept looking. Finally, I found the Pikachu, but it was being attacked by a Pinsir! I had an absolute fear of Pinsir, but I didn't want to see the Pikachu get beaten up. It started to rain, I thought of what to do, and finally came to the conclusion of protecting the mouse Pokemon. The Pinsir put up a good fight, and bruised us very badly, so badly that neither of us could stand up. "This is the end for us…" I said hopelessly. I looked up towards the sky; it was no longer blue and sunny but stormy and rainy. Suddenly, a lightning bolt struck Pikachu, giving it strength into using one last move, a powerful Thunderbolt. The move was so powerful that it made the Pinsir faint while trying to flee, already intimidated by Pikachu's sudden increase in strength and power.

    The next afternoon, Pikachu and I woke up, still bruised and beaten on the ground. When we had enough strength, we decided to go back to Pallet Town, and get some nursing from my mom. As we got home, my mom nursed our wounds and prepared a meal for us. In the middle of my meal, my necklace began to glow around Pikachu.

    "Luna, that Pikachu is destined to be your partner. I'm proud of you, dear." my mother pointed out. I guess wasn't imagining things, but I just couldn't abandon Squirtle.

    "Wait…where is Squirtle?" I worried aloud. Finishing my meal in record time, I dashed out the door, going back to the place where I left Squirtle. As I walked outside, I ran into Christian, who was with my Squirtle. "Oh Christian, thank goodness you found Squirtle!"

    "No problem, I found it wandering around Pallet Town. I think it was looking for you." he replied.

    "Oh, Squirtle, I'm so sorry!" I apologized while hugging Squirtle. "How can I ever repay you, Christian? I should, somehow!"

    "Oh, you don't have to. I already had enough fun with Squirtle yesterday." Christian had that same look on his face like back when he first met my Squirtle.

    There was a silence. I thought about it, and finally said, "I can tell that you two have a very strong bond. Christian, Squirtle, you guys should start a journey together."

    "What? Are you serious, Luna? I mean, giving up your Squirtle like that?"

    I shook my head. "I'm not giving Squirtle up. I'm giving it to a very special friend."

    Christian thought about it, and accepted to take Squirtle. "I know you two will make a great team." As Pikachu and I parted ways with Christian and Squirtle, the cherry blossom trees dropped their petals, as if they we crying while witnessing this farewell. I looked at my new friend, who climbed onto my shoulder. We both looked up at the trees. Several petals gently fell upon us. "Everyone is wishing the best for us, Pikachu, even the cherry blossom trees." And thus, we were off.