• i insisted that that she come to my house where she would be safe.

    "i am not getting on that horse!!" she exclaimed

    "how else are getting to my house?" i asked

    "i'll walk." she stated

    "nope. too far, cant let u do that." i said as i hopped down and picked her up and placed her on the horse.

    "GET ME OFF THIS THING!!!" she screamed

    i just grabbed the reins and started with the horse and her next to me.

    "why do you get to walk and i dont?" she asked

    "i walk farther then this all the time." i replied

    i never asked. whats your name?" she asked

    "caleb. whats yours?" i asked

    "alice." she replied

    i already knew her name. i was just playing dumb. after a few moments of silence i asked a question:

    "why did he attack u and burn your house down?" i asked

    she gave me an odd look. "i wouldnt do what he wanted. im new in town and these assholes hav only one thing on their minds." she said

    "hope u dont think im one of those assholes." i said as i started to feel bad.