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    Eighty-two years ago on the winter solstice in the arctic, a war was fought valiantly between the penguins of the South Pole and the polar bears of the North Pole. In an effort to claim power over the worlds, it was a war that would decide not only the right to fish along the fringe of the Arctic Circle but, it would also determine the destiny of the two worlds. It had been the penguins who had been shipping fish to the polar bears for at least twelve decades without anything in return and there were beginning to be less and less fish for their own. For many of those years the penguins were living in infamy under the rule of a polar bear dictator. He was the unofficial ruler of that tribe. The polar bears sought to sustain their rightful place over the ice world, while the penguins sought for peace between worlds and the right to fish wherever fish were abundant.
    It would be along time before a decision was made and peace would be restored to both worlds. But, on that wintry day all would be decided when the Vermillion Kingdom emerged from the Northern Lights that were only highlighted a bruised purple. A spirit resembling an arctic fox in human form descended from the castle gates and bestowed a future human leader for both worlds; to rule over a monarchy, home to its royal and loyal companions. This human would be able to transcend his human form into their spirit animal. Such a leader was to maintain peace among their world. The arctic fox then fluttered his tail and all creatures ceased activity and returned back to their respective lands to remain neutral until the prophet was revealed. Seventeen years later and waiting had been as neutral as could be. The demon god’s word had gotten rustic and old like the warriors of the war. A spirit animal would show itself to the colonies in a single form that would then lead the colonies on a journey to find the human that it belongs to. That human would then rule over that world’s colony in a monarchy that would determine the fate of those worlds. A narwhal spirit animal revealed itself to the polar bears and a ring-tailed lemur to the penguins. For the first time in years the two worlds shirked their duties to be lead on their campaign to find their leaders. The polar bears were granted a large, barrel-chested man from Germany who stood as tall as the greatest dominant polar bear when it stood on its hind legs. The penguins were lead to a boy of average size from Australia who stood just inches taller than the dominant emperor penguin. Not having a real plan however in the explanation or persuasion, the humans were caught off guard, knocked unconscious and brought back to a kingdom where the leaders would awaken dressed royally and presented with a vermillion colored glass orb. The glass orb relayed the truth of the worlds and also granted the ability to communicate to the animals, all animals for that matter. Neither person concluded a similar moral belief. In fact, the barrel-chested man was so bewildered by his new powers that he was easily influenced by the polar bear dictator during the ceremony. The humans were persuaded by the demon god a divine order in which to live. In this, the balance between the two worlds was to remain equal under the behalf of the demon god.
    The barrel-chested man disobeyed this order when during a coming together of both worlds the polar bear ruler spiked the penguin king’s wine. On the way back to the penguin kingdom the kid dropped dead. Without warning the barrel-chested man and an army of polar bears came raining down on the penguin kingdom killing thousands thus taking over the world of the penguins had to fallen to the polar bear king. The colonies of the penguins were taken prisoner and forced to serve the polar bears. 65 years later and the polar bear kingdom had grown stronger with the penguins under their feet. The barrel-chested man had grown old in his reign. He was beginning to get fed up with his range of power that only towered over the penguins and decided to widen his power over the entire world. His first move was on Russia. This was barely a war for; Russia was no match for a polar bear war. With more technology than what was had in Russia, a world ruled by polar bears was to be soon.