• my name is Alex, im part italian but mostly irish and french. my favorite collor it purple and my favorite animal is a pollar bear. my days are pretty boring and the only reason i go to school is to see...well to see my crush. its the only thing that keeps me going, his name is davion. he has dark brown hair and bright blue eyes, every girl in school goes head over heals to just go on a date with him. today after i get home i plan on sneaking out and buying him a teddy bear and finaly tell him what i think. the only thing is well today he isnt at school, so i thought maby he was sick. i went through my day avoid the big crouds as to not get bumped into, for some reason nobody sees me, they run into me and say sorry under their breath as they walk away. i walked to my bus at the end of the day and sat in seet #7 were i always sit and plugged in my ear phones and waitied to get home. the bus soon filled with loud voices and pointless yelling, thats why i got my I-Pod. smart buy right? well the bus emptyed out and the yelling died down. my bus pulled up on the sleepy street corner and i got off, i walked down the long drive way, crunching many of the dead leaves on my way finaly i entered my house. luckly for me nobodys' ever home, i dropped my bag by the door and walked into my room. i stepped over the mountains of cloths and finaly made it to my dresser alive, i looked up ontop of it and picked up the blue piggie bank emptying out every last penny. apon counting it i discovered in dispair that i only had $5. well i'll have to settle with a cheap teddy bear then... i stuffed all the money into my coat poket and walked out the door and into the cold afternoon air. i walked and i walked untill i finaly reached the store, i pushed the glass doors open and walked inside. i searched the rows and rows of things i didnt need untill i saw a teddy bear. it was fluffy and blue, it came in other collors but the blue one i thought would be better. i picked it up and made my way to the register, when it was my turn i handed the clerk the bear and began getting the money out of my pocket. with bits of lint stuck to it i handed the coins and bills to him and he groaned and began counting. he finaly was finished and gave me back a quarter and my bear and at that i headed off stopping at the gumball dispencer on the way. 30 min. went by and i finaly arived at my final destination, davions house. i took in a big breath and dusted off my jacket before ringing the doorbell, a well groomed woman came to the door and said "yes?" i coughed and said "May i talk to davion please?" she said "sure you may, DAVION!" and i heard his voice somewere far off in the house "WHAT?!" his mom answered "THIS YONG LADY WANTS TO TALK TO YOU!!" i hear stomping and saw him coming down the stairs and he came to the door. he didnt look pleased but he said "What." i felt my cheeks heating up and i said "i-i uumm...i have something for you...its..well it isnt very nice but...well...here." and i just handed him the bear, he looked at it then back at me and i saw him roll his eyes and he said "Thanks. bye." in a very non-ammused tone. and that simply snapped my heart in half, i walked home dragging my feet all the way and when i got home all i could do was cry and cry and cry. i just couldnt bear to go to school the next day, and the day after that, and days and days and months and years after that and all the way untill i died at a ripe, bitter old age of 83 i remembered that day when he snapped my heart in two. i never forgot. but after my funeral, a man came after the serveses. he had dark brown hair and bright blue eyes, and in his hand was a tattered old blue teddy bear. and he set in on my grave and said "i love you to..."
    The End