• My father turned to face me, pushing the veil out of my face. “Are you alright?” He asked me, his voice filled with care and eyes filled with the familiar look of kindness. Realizing that my own eyes were still wide with surprise, I quickly changed my expression so it was calm. Nodding my head once to show I was fine, that was my only response. I turned back around so I faced the palace, I saw no reason why I was here, but I started towards it. Just like the name of our country dawn was all day long. No night, no darkness ever existed. Only when those of the Night were here, there was a presence of darkness over this country. It made me feel uneasy inside, like something bad was going to happen.

    Once I reached the palace, I entered inside. The palace was heavily decorated, bright golden doors at the entrance which reflected on the dawns beautiful rays. White marble in which gleamed in the everlasting light. Silver crescents symbolizing our country were upon the palace pillars. It was a palace that one would find in a dreamland, a fairy tale.

    I sighed as I headed to my quarters of the palace, the oasis in which was the most spiritual place in all of Dawn, and of course, I disliked coming here. If it weren’t for my country needing me to come here in order to see the spirits, I wouldn’t bother coming here. Too much to my surprise, there weren’t many spirits here. There weren’t any tugging at my hair, or anything else. For once, a sense of relaxation passed over me. It felt….weird. But I enjoyed every passing second of it. A small smile appeared on my face as I took a seat in front of the oasis, sitting on the fresh green grass. Yes, it was quite weird having an oasis inside the palace, though I did not question it, I learned to live with it throughout the years.

    Looking into the water in front of me, I saw a reflection of a stranger. She was absolutely stunning. Brown hair with curls lying perfectly at the side of her face. Every so often color changing eyes, currently bright green. This stranger mimicked all of my actions, smile, frown, and blank. This stranger was what some called a monster, while others saw her as a gift from the gods. But a few others, saw this stranger as me.

    “Misao….” The voice awakened me from my trance like state. I let out a sad sigh. Why can’t he come back for me? Fulfill his promise already? But no, instead he had to slowly torture me by just simply calling my name.

    Since I was so into my thoughts, I had not noticed that someone else had entered the oasis. I was foolish to think that no one else would dare to come here. Only once had they covered my mouth with their hands did I notice them. But by that time, it was already to later. Feeling something cold, but thin, at my neck, I looked down. What I saw was a twin silver blade which glistened in the light. Before I even began to struggle, or scream, I let my eyes trained down the blade and on the hilt. Upon it was the Dead, or hell, symbol on it. I let out a surprised gasp, how the hell he managed to get here, past all the guards and security. “So this is the legendary princess everyone has been speaking of.” A male’s voice whispered in my ear. This, this was when I started to struggle and scream, trying to break out of his grip, call for help, something. But no cry came from my lips, any freedom from the intruder’s hands. He spoke once again, “Do not worry, dear Princess, you shall be a delightful meal later on. I don’t to get this beautiful oasis spoiled, do I?” I at last stopped screaming, though my struggles did not. But his nails dug into my skin, long nails in my skin. It felt horrible and I could do nothing about it.