• Bye! It was nice working with you!" I yelled behind me as I walked out the door. "Good bye Florida and good ridence." I muttered to myself.

    I'm Brianna Mikami, but everyone knows me as Rhia Paige. I'm fifteen years old. Right now I'm on my way to find my best friend in New York. I haven't seen him in like four years and I can't wait. We were both deployed to special investigations in the states, but let me start from the beginning.

    When I was little, only three, I lived with my brother Teru and our mother in Japan. Kira, a person who was killing off all the criminals of the world, was just starting off. Some people considered him a god, like Teru, but I didn't. I had always been smarter than even Teru and thought Kira was a mass murderer. My brother had always had a strong sense of justice, he was the class moniter at his middle school. He always came home and talked about the bullies of the school. I wasn't in school yet so I followed the bullies around. Everday, the bullies Teru talked about the day before, would die.

    One day, when Teru was in tenth grade and I was five, my mother noticed I was missing, so she went around our city looking for me. Mom had just found me when the highschool had let out. We were walking down the side of the road back towards our house when I saw Teru behind us. He was staring down the road towards the school. A car had just rounded the corner when he spotted us. He ran towards us at full sprint. He got to us just in time to drag me out of the way of the oncoming car. But mom didn't make it over in time. She was hit by the car of the two guys, bullies that Teru talked about I realized. I just stood there staring at the car.

    Ten minutes later an ambulance arrived and declared all those in the wreck dead. I screamed and tried to run to mom's body. Teru wrapped his arms around my waist and held me back. I struggled and struggled but I couldn't get loose. After what seemed like eternity the medical guys came over to us. They examined us and declared that we were fine.

    Teru continued to go to school but we had to sleep in the park. One day, when Teru was at school, an old man came and sat down on my bench. I burst in to tears all of a sudden. "What's wrong sweety?" The man asked me gently. "M-my mommy i-is dead!" I cried. The old man pulled me on to his lap and tried to soothe me. Eventually I calmed down. "Would you like to come live with a bunch of other kids at my orphanage?" The man asked. I nodded and said, "But what about my brother?" I asked. "I talked to your brother sweety. I asked him but he said he didn't want to come." The man said sadly. "Oh okay." I replied.

    We got on a plane to England and I never saw Teru again. I went to the orphanage, where I got a special education. I didn't have many friends though, I didn't like any of them. Except for Near and L, they were my best friends. But L was sent on mutliple investigations. I only saw him occasionally, when he came back to the orphanage between investigations. But Kira killed him four years back, and now Kira's trying to kill Near because he's the leader of the American Kira case.

    When Near and I got deployed to America Iwas sent to Florida to investigatesome gang activity, but Near was sent to New York to work on the Kira case. I haven't seen him since we left the orphanage. But now I'm on my way.

    I don't have a drivers licence yet and I'm not allowed to ride on planes in fear that Kira might see me and know who I am so I have to walk to New York. It's gonna be hell.

    I was thinking all this just as I passed the first rest stop in Georgia. "I HATE KIRA!" I yelled. Everyone one at the rest stop turned to look at me.

    "Hey! A Kira hater! Get her!" They came at me but I'm smart so I dashed at the and at the last moment turned off into the woods. They were confused and couldn't find me.

    About two weeks after I left Florida I had made it to Pensylvania. Sleeping under bridges and hitchhiking will wear you out, and being hungry and dirty sure don't help. I had stopped in a tunnel just inside a small maintenance tunnel to eat lunch. When I was down I pushed off the wall and walked back into the main tunnel. Right into a huge dirty guy.

    "How ya doin' toots?" The man asked seductively.

    "How do you think I'm doing, Jackass?" I asked as I walked towards the exit. The man grabbed my shoulder but I spun around and punched him in the nose. I heard my hand connect with his face and the sickening crunch of his nose breaking, felt the gush of blood.

    "Oh, you should NOT have done that, you little b***h." He yelled as he yanked me around by my hair. He slammed me against the wall and grabbed my chin.

    "Now listen here, you little b***h. You will do as I say or I'll kill you." The man said, pulling out a gun.

    I just laughed manically. "Go ahead. Try it. You can kill me but you will never kill who you really want." I said. the man lowered the gun. He dragged me over to a waiting car and shoved me into the back seat.

    Before I could look around ta man sitting in the back with me put a blind fold on me.He grabbbed my hands and tied them up. "Rhia is that you?" The man asked.

    "Mello?" I asked confusedly. I hadn't seen my only other friend since he quit the orphanage four years ago.

    "It is you. Now be quiet and these guys won't kill you." He said laying my head in his lap. "We're heading to New York. If I can I'll get you out there."

    "Shut Up!" The driver said.

    "I'm just telling her that if she cooperates we won't kill her." Mello said. I fell asleep to Mello stroking my hair.

    I felt the car stop and someone pick me up. When I was set down they toook my blindfold off and tied me to a chair.

    About a week after they tied me up they called someone. After arguing with the person I was untied and dragged over.

    Grabbing my chin again a man growled at me. "Now listen up, don't you dare tell him anything. If you do I'll shoot you!" He said before putting the phone to my ear.

    "H-hello?" I asked nervously.

    "Rhia?!?" I heard the person on the phone exclaim. ~Near?!? Oh please don't tell them you know me. All the more to keep me hostage.~ I thought desperately.

    "Yes." I asnwered in a manner that, I hope, told him not to tell anyone.

    "I'll get you out of there. I promise." Near said.

    "Okay." I said trying not to sound hopeful for the sake of the men around me.

    "Now give the phone back to Mello." Near told me.

    I pulled away from the phone. "He wants to talk to Mello." I said, looking at the ground.

    Near's POV

    I was thinking about Rhia when someone called. "Near it's Mello." My co-worker told me and handed me the phone.

    "Hello?" I asked still playing cards.

    "We have a hostage here. If you don't want us to kill her you will hand over the death notebook." The man, who I know is not Mello, said.

    "Oh, who is it?" I asked trying to sound interested.

    "Why don't you asked her yourself." The man said. I heard struggling on their side.

    "H-hello?" A girl asked.

    "Rhia?!?" I asked, surprised that my best friend had got captured by the mafia.

    "Yes." She said. ~She said that in a way that means the men don't know who she is yet. I'll keep it that way.~

    "I'll get you out of there. I promise." I told her. ~I must get her out!~

    "Okay." She answered, defeated. ~She's just acting so the men don't find out.~

    "Now hand the phone back to Mello." I said. ~Oh please god let her remember Mello.~ There was talking on the other end.

    "Hello Near." Mello said.

    "Hello Mello. Why do you have Rhia as a hostage?" I questioned.

    "I'm sorry. I am not permitted to tell you that at the moment." Mello said. ~Crap the men must be listening in, otherwise he would tell me.~

    "Okay. I'm coming to rescue her.' I said matter of factly.

    "Okay. Bye Near." Mello said before hanging up the phone.

    "Ridner get a search and rescue team together." I said to my co-worker.

    Brianna's POV

    I was tied up again while Mello talked to Near. Mello walked over to me after a minute. He bent down and whispered in my ear when the rest weren't looking. "Near is coming to rescue you no matter what."

    About a week after the phone call there was shouting from the entrance hallway. I heard Near's voice then I heard a gunshot go off. I leaned over to where my feet were touching the ground and I wadled over to where Mello was eating a chocolate bar.

    "Hey Mello. Untie me." He gave me a questioning look as if to say 'what's the magic word'. "Please?" He untied me and I ran towards the entrance.

    I heard my captors shouting at Near and his team. I snuck up to the corner and peered around it. Near had eight armed men behind him by the door, but my captors only have six people. Near looked over at me and took a step forward.

    "Stay still or I shoot!" One guy yelled at Near. Near took another step. The guy shot at one of Near's men.

    "GAH!" The man that got shot yelled as he fell to the ground. I rushed out of my hiding spot and got down on my knees next to him.

    "Oh god! You bastards!" I yelled at the guy that had shot him. I turned back to the man that got shot.

    I gently took off his helmet. I drew in a quick breath. "Dad." I breathed.

    "Brianna. You are so beautiful." He whispered.

    "No dad! You can't die! I already lost mom!" I yelled at him. The bullet had gone into his chest and he was breathing heavily.

    "Bye... Honey..." Dad breathed his last words. He went limp in my arms and I gently lay him down on the ground.

    "You-you ASSHOLES!" I yelled at the guys the group across from me.

    I stood up, my hands clenched into fists. I ran at the guy who hadkilled my dad. I punched him in his stomach.

    "Ugh!" The man groaned, holding his stomach. I roundhouse kicked him and he fell to the ground.

    I looked down at his bloddied face. "Ha! You are so pathetic. Letting a little girl beat you up. Ha!" I stomped down on his nose, heard it break, before I turned around and stalked out of the building.

    "Wow Rhia. That was- that was. I don't know. That was amazing." Near said when he came out and walked over to me. "I'm sorry about your dad though." He said sadly.

    "That's oka-" Near cut me off with a kiss. He wrapped his arms around my waist. I pulled him closer and put my hands behind his neck. Our lips moving together, against each other. I felt his tongue in my mouth, tasted his tongue on mine. It was only when we heard someone cough behind us that we broke away.

    "Hmhm. Sorry to break up the love fest but we need to get going." One of the guys said.

    Near took my hand and lead me over to a car. He opened the door for me to climb in and he got in after me. I put my head in his lap and we rode that way to his headquaters.

    I felt someone lift me up out of the car. ~Damnit! I was having the best dream ever!~ I opened my eyes and looked up at Near.

    "Hi sleepyhead!" he said smiling. He set me down on the ground next to his lego building.

    "Hey Near. Aaahh!" I yawned and stretched.

    "Do you want to join the Kira investigation?" Near asked, coming to sit next to me.

    "Sure, I would love to." I replied. Near leaned down and kissed me. He handed me some legos to play with. And I did help. Near, with my help, solved the Kira case.