• Jayden knew he was being watched. It was that sense of dread, again, that he feels every so often. But why would it be at a time like this? Why would someone be after him during a wedding rehearsal?
    He glanced around the courtyard, aware that his brother was beginning to get irritated at the lack of attention he was being given. Exasperated, his brother waved his hands in front of Jayden’s face, “Yo! Jay! Can you not pay attention to me for one second?”
    Jayden found what he was searching for and turned his focus back on his aggravated brother, “Sorry, Chris. It’s happening again.”
    Chris stiffened, his eyes darting around the beautiful garden. His family and his soon-to-be wife were here, of course, flitting around the courtyard, trying to solve any problems they might have now before the big day. But he ignored them and tried to concentrate on the others he did not know. Like the wedding planner, who looked like she was about to explode under all the pressure his parents were putting her through. No, not her, he thought. He looked over at the caterers, who were setting up their samples for the bride to choose her favorites. Not them either. He looked back at Jayden. “Where?” Chris said.
    Jayden conspicuously lifted his chin in one direction. Chris peeked over his shoulder and saw a gardener. Blonde, perfect figure, perfect looks. And she was staring right at them.
    Jayden gave Chris a look, sending him a silent message through his eyes. They both nodded and separated. Jayden sauntered over to a bench by a hedge, only a few feet from the gardener. He guessed that she had noticed they were onto her, so she was continuing her pseudo garden work, trying to look as innocent as possible. He looked over at his brother, who was arguing with the planner and his parents, trying to get everyone to put an end to the rehearsal for now and go out for dinner. At the looks of his parents’ red, puffed up faces, it didn’t look like that was going down all too well. Jayden snickered and looked back at the gardener.
    She was gone.
    He frantically eyed the area, but he couldn’t find her. He muttered a few obscenities to himself and began to pace the courtyard, until he heard a blood-curdling scream. Everyone’s heads shot up in confused terror as they realized that the bride was gone. He took off, sprinting toward the origin of the scream. Chris caught up beside him, his face contorted into crazed desperation. They made it to a shaded walkway on one side of the luxurious estate, but it was already too late. The blonde was standing over the bride’s lifeless body. She looked up at the men as they approached, shock and grief written all over their faces. She grinned, “Gentlemen, you came to join the party?” her voice like wind chimes in the breeze. Jayden noticed that she was about his age. The strongest years of her kind.
    Chris shuffled toward his beloved, “Macy..”
    The girl took a step in between the body and the distraught groom, “I wouldn’t get any closer if I were you. Unless you would like to join her?” She breathed out a melodic laugh.
    Jayden lunged at her, not able to take his brother’s torture any longer. Not expecting this, the girl stumbled and fell on her back with Jayden on top of her. She giggled, “Feisty. Just the way I like ‘em.” She tried to break free from his grasp but he was strong, stronger than she thought. She started to hear more footsteps rounding the corner and frowned. She was not going to get caught with this. But why couldn’t she break free? Why was he this strong? Then she realized why. He was different. He was fast and powerful and cunning.
    He was just like her.
    She finally managed to wrestle him off. No one from the party had reached them yet. She still had time to escape.
    Jayden leaped off the ground and threw himself at her again, but this time she dodged him. She darted to the ten foot concrete wall surrounding the property and vaulted on top of it. She was about to hop down on the other side, but she looked back at Jayden, who was staring up at her in rage. Her angelic face gleamed down at him, “You’re just like me aren’t you?”
    His eyes widened and he couldn’t help but let out a laugh. He shook his dark hair out of his face and looked up at her, giving her a cruel smirk, “You’re dead wrong.”