• I write to my mother often expressing her forgiveness even though it was her and not me who had the problem. I choose the name Poison and she hated it. I choose it for many reason's, like the fact that's what I feel like. I feel like the burden that weighs them down. My father disapproves of my choice of name but he has been in a shock and frenzy ever since my sister died. His golden daughter gone in the flames.

    I remember that night as if it were yesterday. I was sitting on my bed reading just reading and my spoilt little sister was in her room smoking weed, I shut the door because of the awful smell. That's when dad came home and I had enough of him rejecting me and only listening to my older sister. He came into my room and started barking at me thinking that I was the one smoking. I just yelled back until enough was enough and I threw my lamp at him that had a candle flame in it. I know it was foolish but I was mad. Really Mad.

    The fire spread through the house, luckily my mum was downstairs and got out easily. I climbed down the tree by my window while my dad just went to get my sister but she was already dead he tried to save her. What happened to me? He didn’t give a damn about me only his special daughter. I know it seemed selfish of me but believe me I know I have been living in hell my whole life.

    At the fairy announcement ceremony where I could choose my name I picked Poison; no one cared after all I am a nobody to them just a stupid girl. Now I face the punishment of what happened to my sister. I am drowning in the water creating a poison....

    The poison of my emotions and guilt