• Sammy grabbed hold of his hand, and they ran together, it was... it. Would they make it, would they be hit, then she saw a light, and her hand was somewhat...empty.

    This all starts when there is a zombie infestation. Some idiot made an elixir but it failed to improve human life. Anyway it spread all over the world. Everybody but about 20 people had gotten it so it was very costly. This will either be the end of the human race, or just the beginning.

    The six students stood infront of the gate, it was locked, on the other side, zombies. The six each had something in their hands, a broom, a mop, things like that. Sammy turned to the other 5. "We need to make sure we get to the other side of school. Fast" Tass looked up at Sammy "Are you mad?! We cant go over there, this place is crawling with zombies!" Laura put her hand on Tass's shoulder. "Sam, she's right it is." Shayan smiled. "We need to avoid them then, just so we can. We can plot out every move by the hour. We know this school better than anyone else we can get there." Sammy nodded. She then turned to Ramses, who wasnt saying anything. "Hey Ramses, get over here, you too Thomas! Wait, where is-OH MY GOSH!!!" Everyone turned to where Sammy was pointing. He had been bitten by a zombie. "s**t, guys, run!" They all ran, they hadnt gotten far, but they got so far as to have gone down to B building. They walked silently through until they found an emply room. "Okay, we can plan our strategy here." Sammy said. Tass found a school map. "my foot doesnt feel right. AHH! MY HEEL!!!" They all laughed. "Dont worry, its just a shoe, either live and have no shoe, or die and have one." Shayan said. Tass nodded. "I can go without shoes!" She took off her other heel. "Okay, so we need to get to Mr Norton's old room, by the end of Friday, today is Wednesday? Okay." Ramses said. "Okay, we can do this guys, we can get through it." Sammy said. Laura freaked, "We have no way out Sam." They all looked, zombies at the doors. "No there isnt." Then, they al jumped out of the window and towards C building.

    Sam had found a new room, where no one could get in, the bathroom. Zombies(in dream land) hated water. So they wouldnt pull a stunt to get in there. Then Shayan had wide eyes. "Sam, laura's gone." Sammy looked around. "s**t musta lost her on the way, wait i hear someone." Then they found someone in the stall. Byron. "Byron!!" Tass yelled. "Are you okay?" Byron nodded. "Okay, we need to get some sleep, then we can get to the girl's locker room, then we can try at our escape to Norton's got it?" Sammy said, everyone nodded.

    Next Morning its 3 am, no zombies to be found. They rushed towards the locker room, then they saw a good face. "Nikki!!" Sammy ran to her. "Laura's gone!!! She got bit..." Then she told Nikki the plan, Nikki nodded, and they ran to the locker room, barley making it by 10 pm. But by then, they had lost Byron and Shayan. Left it was Tass Sammy Ramses and Nikki. Tass paniked, They had lost so many people but they kept trecking on, until they reached Mr. Nortons room. Nikki had been snatched and they had no sign of her anymore.

    Then something happened. "BOOOOOOM" A bomb, but how could a zombie get a hold of a bomb? Its easy, the abandoned shops. "s**t, dude we cant make it, we're hopeless." Tass said. Sammy smiled, "We can get through this, dont worry!" By this point, there were 3. They had all developed a great friendship together. It was morning and they were ready to run. They started for the gate, then BOOM BOOM bombs went off, Sammy yelled to Tass "TASS LOOK OUT!!!!" By that point, Tass had exploded, Sammy looked at Ramses, he looked at her. Sammy grabbed hold of his hand, and they ran together, it was... it. Would they make it, would they be hit was all going through Sammy's mind, then she saw a light, and her hand was somewhat...empty. She stopped and looked. "RAMSES!!!!' She had to keep running, the then hopped over the fence, and the school exploded with all the zombies inside. She held onto the gate piece that was still there, and cried, she then felt hand on her shoulder, she turned around and smiled.