• Chapter 1-

    I was in my room getting ready for bed, when I heard a frantic knock at the window. At first I thought it was the storm outside, but boy was I wrong. I ignored it, but there it came again. *knock* *knock* *knock* *knock* !!!!!!
    I went over to the window and BAM! The glass crashed in! I started to scream. But someone put their hand over my mouth. "MPHAPAHP!!!!!" "Let her go brother." The mystery person took their hand off my mouth, I turned to see the two most handsome boys/men (their 17) in the world! "WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY HOUSE!!!!?????"

    Chapter 2-

    It was a looooong story, but long story short. Their parents died, they were orphans, something strange was happening to the care-takers, they ran away, saw the light on at my house, knocked and decided to break in. "Soooo....your hiding from the police right?" The one who grabbed me (cole) nodded. He had brown shaggy hair, and beautiful brown eyes. And the one who ordered him to let me go (Daniel) nodded also. Daniel had black hair, and brown eyes. "Yes." I smiled at them slyly. "Well, you can stay at my house....." I had given them my brothers clothes. And since I only had one bed, we shared it. The boys looked uncomfortable, but I slept quite nicely that night.................... heart 4laugh whee