• The clash of the armys was loud and bloody.After awhile only Raix,Orion,Saix,Axel,and Sakoru.It was bloody all over dry and baren like no life at all could serive!
    Saix said,' I am a man Protecting my new friends.If I die today I die like a king lets battle one on one You bastardest feend!"

    Sakuro Said,"Against my transfermation you don't!AGHHHHHHHHHHRRRRREG!"
    He then grew two horns orage with rage.His skin Turned the same color of Orange.
    His teeth turned big and sharp.His claws were dripping with poison!
    Saix got out his sword and it was to late... crying Sakoru grabed the sword and stabed his own sword in him then shot him with his own gun.
    Saix's last words were,"My love bleed me dry that was a true warriors way.Love makes me a king in the next life and blegh you will be in chains in yours!"His death anger Raix and Axel

    Axel said,'NOOOOOOO!Grrrr you will pay!"Orion stoped him from attacking Sakoru head on!

    Orion said,'No Axel you must be smarter than oh my lord what is that energy."
    Raix was going insane with power and became more powerful than Sakoru.

    Raix said,"Grab your swords this is for my friends and my mom and dad!AGHHHHHHH!"
    He then jumped and sliced his zanpakto in half which killed him!

    Sakoru Yukos last words,"Yes my war this gor...My bloods on the floor.I this is this my desstiny!" 4 years later Orion rule the worlds and axel and I well we are now in the court of Orion.Today we are to honor Saix,and my parrents.Its almost like they are here with us...Thats my story for now!Not as happy as some but happy in the end!