Mrs. Angeline looked straight to my eyes.
    -I will miss you Lucianna.Look who came its your DADDY!
    Dad came and hugged me very hard.I didnt wanted to leave the institution.I will miss all my friends."C'mon Lucianna.Get in the car its freezing cold",dad told me.The road to his home was quik and very hard for me.I didnt wanted this new life to bigin.I have a long story to tell.2 years ago mum died.I was inside the car when it crashed.It was a desaster.After that I had no one to take care of me.The only hope was my dad.Dad and mum had made a divorce years ago when I was a kid and he disapeard.So they put me in an institude for homeless kids.A month ago they found my dad.The one who left me and my mother with no mercy mad .
    I learned he maried a woman,my stepmother.The car stopped."Lucianna, this is your new mother Alicia."Alicia waved at me with a smile.""You should be very tired",she said."I let you to call your friends from the institution and have a BIG meal"She closed me the eye wink .I opened the door and went straight to the telephone.'This is the London institution for homeless kids what can I do for you?""Hi Mrs Angeline its Lucy,can I talk to Izzabella""Hey little,girl,of course you can I am calling her!"I waited a little and I heard my friend's voice:
    -Izzabella is that you?!I biggrin just arrived to my new home... neutral
    -Cool,how is it?
    -Your new mother?
    -Stop being THAT miserable Lucianna.You have EVERYTHING!A clean state,2 parents what else you want?
    -My mother.
    - confused Whatever...
    -I gota go ,the bimbo's calin' me for dinner. stressed Say hello to the other girls
    I closed the telephone and went to the kitchen.Izz was right. I have to leave my past behind me.I have to get used of my new life.
    to be continued....