• Prologue

    Rain was coming down the sky, never ending, it didn’t seem like it was ever going to stop. Everything seemed surreal, the flashing lights the people talking to her with an urgent but gentle tone, hearing them but not really listening, unable to answer their questions. There was chaos around her, people running around, sirens blaring, and a hand trying to forecully turn her away from the horryfying scene that was still playing out in front her, a scene that would forever be burned into her memory.

    Her body started shaking, unnoticably at first, but as reality hit her, the shaking became worse, almost uncotrollable. Unable to carry her own weight any longer, she dropped down to her knees, into the mud along side the road. The pain she felt was indescribable, it was so deep, as if someone was stabbing her in her chest, over and over again. She started gasping for air, barely able to breathe, as she saw one of the people pulling a sheet over two bodies; her older brother and another famliar body, a body eerily like her own, exactly like her own, the same face, the same built, same colour hair, the only difference being their height. Even though she had been younger, only by ten minutes, she had always been the tallest of the two.

    A piercing scream filled the rainy nightsky, so full of pain, hurt and anxiety. For a moment there seemed to be no sound at all, except for the scream and the never ending rain still coming down around her. The sky was crying, as if it understood, and felt her pain. Every thing turned black, and she suddenly realized the screaming she had heard had been none other than her own.