• Voiced Filler

    "I love you… yeah…" the little blonde boy said, tugging at the woman's arms. She embraced him and he climbed into her lap, playing with her necklace.

    She didn't look at him. She didn't say she loved him back. The thing was, Deidara's mother couldn't say it back or look at him. She lived in a world that was black. Deaf, dumb and blind… she was unable to satisfy her only son's need for attention.

    "You love me too, yeah," Deidara repeated. It was becoming a habit of his to add that voiced filler at the end, just to hope that he would get some feedback.

    His mother didn't even nod in reply; her pale blue eyes were in a world of her own.

    "You know what I did at school, yeah… the teacher told us to draw, yeah… and he drew a long square for the tree yeah, and then the hole for where the owl lives, yeah?" Deidara looked up, hoping for some kind of response.

    She remained in her own world. He curled into her warmth a little more.

    "Well I thought, yeah, I thought that's not how a tree looks like, yeah," he paused, wondering if his mum might talk. Still nothing. "I drew it my own way, yeah, and the teacher said that's pretty good, yeah…"

    He showed her the piece of paper where the teacher had stamped an 'A' on it (Deidara had drawn a star next to it). "Look, yeah…"

    His mum didn't see his art. Didn't see him. Didn't answer or make a backchannel noise just to indicate she'd heard him.

    "I love you… yeah?"

    The little boy was tired of hearing his own voice. For once… he wished she would open those goddamn lips of hers and just say 'me too, yeah'.