• In the dark of night, lightning filled the skies and rain fell hard. It was the storm of the century, only a single soul dared to journey outside into the madness. The sound of thunder filled the air as a man in a black rain coat walked down a lonely road. Out in the distance a bridge crossing a river came into view.

    The man was down on his luck. He had been fired, dumped, betrayed, and destroyed all in the previous forty-eight hours. There was nothing left for him, he was looking for a way tom escape it all. Everything was starting to flood as he continued his journey.

    After much more walking and rain, the man made it to the bridge. As he stepped onto the edge, his phone rang. "What do you want?" he shouted over the rain and thunder.

    "Alex, come home! I'm sorry, I want to work things out." a women said over the phone.

    Thunder boomed as Alex said "It's too late, you already left me brokenhearted when you cheated on me Jamie. I'm not coming back."

    "Alex, I didn't cheat on you! I'm worried something might happen to you! Please, where are you? I'll come get you"

    "Don't worry about me Jamie, I'm not your problem anymore. Goodbye"

    "Alex? What are you doing? Stop whatever it is now!"

    "I love you Jamie, I always will" Alex said as he dropped the phone, it broke apart as it hit the concrete. As the rain hit his face and the lightning flashed, Alex leaned forward and stepped off the bridge. The thunder boomed one last time as he collided with the river's rough tides. Raging waters soon pulled him under, stealing him from the world of the living.

    After the phone call ended, Jamie quickly called the police. They tried their best to locate him, but in the rough weather it was impossible. The search went on for a few more days, as Jamie mourned her loss. The police had no leads other than the busted phone, it was almost time to give up. Suddenly, he was found dead near the edge of the river.

    It seemed, that he survived the fall and washed up on land, but his injuries acquired from the river, made it impossible to seek shelter. With the mass flooding, he suffered and eventually drowned. Jamie cried when she saw his body. She thought back to the night everything went wrong.

    Jamie was playing twister with a few friends, and eventually it was just her and Alex's best friend Andy left in. Alex had stepped out of the house to get some food, while the losers of the game joined everyone else in the living room. Jamie and Andy were having fun, but soon Andy slipped and landed on top of Jamie. Things became awkward, and Andy leaned in for a kiss.

    Jamie tried to push him off, but Andy was just too heavy. When Alex came in, he saw the worst and blamed them both instead of just Andy. Over the course of the next few hours, Jamie tried her hardest to explain that it wasn't her fault. Alex didn't listen, he was angry and he yelled at her.

    "I think we should take a break if you're going to act like this!" Jamie said as she gathered up her things.

    "You're breaking up with me?! No you stay! I'm leaving!" Alex said as he knocked the things out of her hands and walked out into the storm.

    At the cemetery after Alex's funeral, Jamie quietly whispered "I wish you would have listened to me." as she left flowers on his grave.