• "They found me,
    Caged like a mad little Bird,
    Longing for the darkness,
    longing for love~" I finished the song. It ended with a long chord from the bass guitar. "That was awesome! The other guys won't be able to beat us now!" Arra exclaimed. "You got that right!" Sora said. "No doubt!" I agreed. "Let's practice another song!" Arra said and we did. We sang Behind these Hazel eyes (By Kelly Clarkson). "Perfect!" Sora jugded. "Now, all we need to do is wait for sunday!" I said. "Don't forget win the contest!" Arra added in. "Of course!" I agreed. I walked over to the mini fridge, got out three cokes, put my guitar down, passed the cokes out, than stretched out on the garage couch. It was an old grey, beat-up couch. "Maybe when we win, we can finally get some guys!" Sora said. "Yea! What do you think, Jubei?" Arra asked me. " I told you guys, if I ever get with a guy it's a guy I know, for sure I want to be with.......and he has to be hot, able to play guitar, and has jet-black hair." I admitted. "That's a pretty good match for you!" Arra said. Sora nodded. I smilied. "I wonder if you'll meet him at the battle of the bands?" Sora wondered. "That's a little far fetched, don't you think?" I asked. "I guess so." Sora said. "Or maybe it's not! If you don't meet you true love, maybe I will!" Arra said. I shrugged "Definetly maybe." I said. Arra burped. Instead of being grossed out, we all laughed. "All right, 1 more song!" Sora exclaimed when we were done laughing. "Right!" me and Arra agreed. We practiced our hearts out, and no doubt was left in our minds that we were gunna win the Battle of the bands!

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