• "You're kidding, right?" I asked. He lifted his head "No." he said. "Like I'm gunna belive you're actually a vampire!" I said. "Why not? You see my fangs." he said. "I just don't believe you." I said. "What if I bite you?" he asked. "What if you do?" I asked. "Well, you wouldn't turn into one." he said. "Oh, really?" I asked, still not believing him. "What can I do to make you believe me?" he asked. "Nothing." I said. "That's really not an option for me." he said. "Why not?" I asked. "Reasons." he smirked. "I guess you give me no choice than." he sighed. "What?" I asked, confused. He bent down, and bit my neck. My first thought was to scream, but no sound came out. But, it didn't hurt. Kyo's hands were on my back and on the back of my head. I gripped the back of his shirt hard. I felt warm liquid go down my shoulder. He lifted his head "No more." he whispered breathless, my blood all over his mouth. "Do you get it now? I'm a vampire." he said. I nodded my head fast. "I know what you're thinking, but I'm not going to hurt you. In fact, I want to do the exact opposite, I want to protect you." he said. "Protect me from what?" I asked. "That will take a whole lot more believing and you not calling me an insane jerk and kicking me out of your house." he said. "I haven't yet." I told him. "True. But, we should really clean you up, and the couch, and my face." he said meaning my blood. "Oh...yeah...Sorry, it's really hard to get my head wrapped around this whole thing. I mean, vampire's aren't real." I said. "Ahh, but that's what we want you to think!" he said. "Does Leon and ED know about you?" I asked. "Know about me? ED's a werewolf and Leon is a warlock." he said. My mouth hung open. "A warlock is a guy witch." he explained. "I know." I said. "Uh, yeah, we better start cleaning up now." he said. He got off me and started cleaning up my blood with some cleaning stuff found in the garadge. When he was done, he turned back to me. "Is your neck okay?" he asked. I nodded slowly. Everything he told me, was so hard to wrap my head around. Vampires, werewolves, witches, warlocks. WTF?! None of these things were supposed to be real. "Jubei?" he called. I looked up to see a worried look on his face. I smiled "I'm fine." I said. "I can read your mind, I know you're not okay." he said. "Well, how do you expect me to react? Not only did I find out Vampires, Werewolves, Warlocks, and witches were real! Not only that, you bit me, kissed me, and told me everything. Your eyes changed, grew fangs, showed me your super speed, what am I supposed to think?!" I asked. "I don't know!" he yelled back. That shut me up. "You're the first human I ever told! How do you think I feel!? I didn't want to tell you, but Leon said I had to!" he yelled. "Why me? Why not anyone else?" I asked. "I don't know!" Kyo was yelling almost loud enough to be heard outside the door. I quickly went over to him and covered his mouth. "Be quiet! Do you want them coming through the door?" I hissed. His eyes widened and he shook is head. I removed my hand from his lips "Good." I said. I settled down next to him. He looked up at me and, as my heart ached, I knew that it wasn't his vampireness that drew me to him, it was him, just him. So, this time, I kissed HIM.

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