• The beginning of this story is mostly like any other story that you may ever read. Ms. Keelson was an average woman with an average height and hair color. She had children and an average job. She was like any other single woman. She worked hard to provide for herself and her children, who would soon be all gone to collages around the world.
    There was nothing in her life that made anyone ever think that something was wrong. Her job as a journalist was going great. She had just got a raise and had a new office; which was where she was when she got her assignment for Gregory Finch.
    “Ms. Keelson?” she jumped at the sound of her name.
    “Yes, Janet?” she tried to get her heart to a normal beat.
    “Boss wants you… now,” Keelson flinched at the news. Nothing good ever came for talking with the boss.
    “I’ll be there A.S.A.P.” She finished typing the ending of the story she was working on and headed to the boss’s office. All doubt that this was something bad faded from her mind as she walked into his office. Pictures of the allusive Gregory Finch were plastered all over the notice board.
    “Keelson, you’re my best person. I want you on the Finch story. I want to know everything that’s ever happened to him. I want his entire story, right up to when he vanished with his fourth victim. Are you up to it?”
    Ms. Keelson had been waiting for a story like this since she graduated collage. “Of course I’m up to it, sir. I’ll get started on it right away.”
    She worked faithfully on the story for three week straight. She traveled all over the U.S.A following Finch’s trail. When she was done with it, she was sure she would get an even better raise and better office. She had found out every dirty secret of Gregory Finch, from who bullied him in kindergarten to who he dated his senor year in collage. Her story had it all.
    It was an even bigger hit them she thought it would be. Every newspaper wanted it. Every T.V. news station wanted to use it as an outline for documentaries. Her office gained more popularity than it had eve had. Everyone was buying their paper. Life couldn’t have been better. Ms. Keelson was floating in the clouds and nothing could bring her down, or so she thought.
    One night, after another interview, she was coming home rather later then usual. She pulled her car into the drive way and walked toward her house. It was then that she realized that none of the lights were on.
    Ally should be home… she thought as she unlocked the front door. Ally was her youngest daughter and a senior. Ally always stays up until I get home. Why are all the lights out? She turned on the kitchen light and couldn’t believe what she saw.
    It looked as if a tornado had gone through it. She ran into the living room, and to her dismay, it was in the same state as the kitchen. She dashed up the stairs hoping with all her heart that this had just been some party. That Ally was just hiding from her.
    The upstairs were untouched. Nothing was out of place. Then the red flags went up in Ms. Keelson’s mind. This was all too familiar. Of course it was, she had been studying crime scenes like this for months. She sprinted to Ally’s room and let out a quiet moan. She picked up the tape that had been left on her baby’s bed. She slowly walked down the hall into her own room and put the tape in.
    Just as she had thought Gregory Finch came on smiling sadly as if he didn’t enjoy what he was doing. He picked up the camera and pointed it toward Ally. Her hands were tied to the kitchen table and her feet were duck taped together. Her mouth was also duck taped but her eyes were completely showing. She could see everything he was going to do to her. Keelson remembered that from her story. He liked to see the fear in his victims’ eyes; liked to see the scream if he couldn’t hear it. He put the camera down and walked over to Ally.
    “I see you’ve found my little home video, Ms. Keelson. I don’t want to hurt you beautiful daughter if I don’t have to. But whether I do or not is completely up to you. You see, I don’t really like the story you wrote about me. Tells all my secrets. I want you to meet me somewhere. Can you do that?” he laughed and pulled a knife from the top of his boot. “You better, or else little Ally’s goin’ get the worst of it.”
    He stabbed the knife right in between Ally’s legs and laughed at her muffled scream. “Form all you’ve learned about me, you know I’m not joking. I. Will. Kill. Her.” He pulled the knife out of the floor and put it away.
    “We’ll be waiting at the Hotel 6 on 5th avenue in room 222. Be there by 4:30 tomorrow or else the next body they find the reservoir will be Ally’s… Oh and all the other jazz, you know. No cops or anything. Goodnight.”
    After the tape had ended Ms. Keelson couldn’t move. Gregory Finch has been in my home. Gregory Finch took Ally… She sat up straight and got off her bed. She walked briskly to her closet and pulled out her late husband’s things. She dug through it until she found what she was looking for. She pulled out the revolver and smiled as she remembered her first time using it. She pulled out the small box of ammunition and loaded the gun. She took aim at the cat down in her yard and shot. The animal didn’t even have time to yowl before it was dead. She still had it.
    Houses all up and down the street started turning on. Ms. Keelson briskly walked out of her house and ran across her back yard. She had decided two things while watching that movie.
    One, Gregory Finch had messed with the wrong women; and two, Gregory Finch was going to die tonight.
    Ms. Keelson strolled down the street and smiled at the thought of what his face would look like when she would pull the trigger. He would get what had been coming to him.
    If only Ally didn’t have to be there, she thought as the Motel 6 came into view. She made her way across the parking lot and up the stairs onto the second landing. She found room 222 and knocked.
    She heard a shuffling inside and then one of the cruelest laughs she had ever heard. The door unlock and Gregory was standing in the door way.
    “Should have known that you would come tonight. I bet you just couldn’t stand the thought of your daughter spending the night with me. Ha!”
    He motioned her in and closed the door behind her. With the click of the lock, Keelson’s confidence grew even more. He had just locked his own ending.
    She looked quickly around the room and found where Ally was tied up. She darted over the bed and softly pulled the tape away from her daughter’s mouth.
    “Mom, help me,” Ally whispered quietly before passing out.
    “What did you do to her?” Keelson asked barley able to keep her voice at a normal level.
    “I only told her what I would do to her if you didn’t show up. And then I told her what I would do to you if you did come.” He laughed and took a swig out of a beer bottle.
    Ms. Keelson slowly stood up and faced him. “Oops. Did I make mommy mad?” he chuckled in delightment and took a step towards her. She leisurely pulled the gun out and pointed it immediately over his heart. She giggled blissfully at the look of fear that crossed his face.
    “It’s your turn Mr. Finch,” she said quietly, cocking the gun.
    “It’s my turn to do what?” he asked just as quietly, looking only at the gun.
    “It’s your turn to meet your maker. I’m going to make sure you never hurt anyone else.” She pulled the trigger and watched contently as Gregory Finch’s body fell to the ground and didn’t get back up.
    She walked up to the body and pulled the knife out of the boot. She quickly cut Ally’s bonds and saw the keys of a car sitting in an ash dish. She picked them up and went over the window, pushing the lock button to see which car it belonged to.
    Keelson smiled as the lights of a black Chevy’s lights blinked. She half-carried-half-drug Ally to the car and pushed her into the passenger side. She could already hear the police sirens and could almost see their lights.
    She put the car into drive and pulled out onto the street. Never again would she write a paper on somebody. Never again would her little girl be able to see her friends again. This was the beginning of the next chapter of their lives.