• Sakura Princess & Moonlight Prince

    Ch.2 a old legend of a tale

    Sakura woke up the next moring, it was a saturday,sakura got out of bed and started to walk down stairs towards the kitchen, their standing
    next to the stove was her uncle kurama cooking bacon and eggs for breakfast.

    Kurama surprised h your wake now, huh,[smile]

    sakura:hey kurama, ~yawn~

    kurama:good something on your mind kid?

    kurama turn off the stove and walk over to the table and serve breakfast to sakura and sit down.

    Sakura:yay i do, uh do u know this hidden path between the house and the bus stop, well i went on the path and found a wide space
    and some sort of station holding a mirror,

    kurama:huh? no i did'nt know their was a path, but the station holding a mirror u say?, hmm.. it sounds like i heard something like that somewhere before!


    kurama got up and walk out of the kitchan and headed towards his studies there in his studies he look at his bookcase then pulled a book and walk back to the
    kitchen and sat down

    kurama:here its in this book that i brought 5 months ago,

    kurama look throw the book,

    kurama:ah here it is, the Akai[red]haka[grave]hana[flower]or in english the red grave flower is between the sakura[cherry blossom] sekai[world] and the usagi[rabbit] sekai[world]
    in other words, between cherry blossom and rabbit world, some people believe that the moon is a rabbit so, that mean it really saying is between cherry blossom and the moon,

    sakura:so that what its called?

    kurama:i guess so, i don't know any other names that are in this book?but that what it says, but heres the story, it sound a little off but here u go,

    kurama read the story to sakura

    ~When the fallen star above the purple sky,fallen for the sakura moon, it spread its wings, clashing wars and blood, the
    forbidden love sealed the fallen star to sleep for all etenal, holding to the chest of its glass heart open to two divide worlds,
    for its last finale words of sweet blood it spoke~Chaos calls to the sakura flowers of moonlight bay.my beloved love,my dear okami,
    hear my voice,echo till dawn and falled dusk,my sweet luna tune is the heartbeat of my love for luna sakura moon,
    shine bright within your beloved eyes,for the love of red moon and smell of snow cherry blossoms,lips taste sweet,
    and love is pure as blood,for i wait for u.

    Kurama:there's two other poems right here, one for princess to say and other for the prince[as he read]

    {for the princess to say}
    My prince of beloved moon,
    i wait for u before my beloved mirror of moonlight,
    in the heart of the abyss angel of sakura

    [for prince]
    my princess of beloved sakura, i wait for for u before my
    beloved mirror of the sakura aura,
    in the heart of abyss angel of moonlight

    After kurama finish what he read, he look up to sakura,

    Kurama:so got anything to say?

    sakura:so the princess got to say my prince and the prince got to say my princess right?

    Kurama:yes that is right

    sakura surprised k can u do more research on this legend


    kurama got off from the table and walk to his studies and started his research, sakura finish her breakfast and wash the dishes and walk to her room and to watch tv and read manga for the whole day.

    while she was reading, she thought bout the story she heard, it sound like a love story, for some reason, after a couple hours of reading and watching, she some how fell asleep, while she sleep she started to
    have a strange dream, about a war between to countries fighting over something, that sakura can't see, but some how she can't tell if its past,present or future, and if it is real or not, when she woke she quicky
    walk out of her room and ran down the stairs and into kurama's studies and told him bout her odd dream

    kurama:hmm..interest?i'll see if there was in war in this legend or it could be your mind playing tricks on u while u were thinking bout the story i have read u,

    sakura thought bout what kurama said but don't know if it were true or not.