• The usual problems with these kind of stories is that they are almost never unique. They always have some form of twist or fallout that are always the same in any other story. So, the problem with a story like this is to make it unique. To bad nothing is unique in some form or fashion.
    So, there I was, walking home from a frat party at around 3am. The party started getting bad. People were getting so drunk they were vomiting on each other then beating the crap out of each other for barfing all over their favorite football jersey. Then, some of the potheads in the background were screaming because they saw some weird chick in the window. Normally, not very weird but, when the girl is strung up in a noose, something's messed up. They got her down but, they didn't cancel the party. So, I just left. That's disgusting.
    Anyway, I was walking home at 3am. I'm one of those, "I'm never going to abuse alcohol or drugs" kind of person so, I was clean. I had to get home by 5am or my father would know I was out. My home was 10 miles away through normal roads. No way could I run that in 2 hours. It's only 4 miles by forest so, forest is obviously the best answer in a story with the title "Werewolf or Not".
    I digress. As I was walking through the forest with the moon's light guiding me. I stared at the moon as I was walking. The omniscient, luminous Luna stared back at me. Her beautiful body slowly gliding through the sky at a distance I'll never hope to reach. The cornerstone of water's power and shadows at night. I stopped walking. I just marveled at the moon. The beauty in it all seemed unreal...What was I doing. I must have gotten high somehow...
    There it was! There! Didn't you see it? It just ran across the trail! Again! It's over there now! It's behind the bushes! What was it? Can't you see it? Run! Hurry!
    I ran as fast as I could, disregarding anything in my path. I was a freight train without an engineer, blasting through the forest without any ability to stop. I was ripping through anything just trying to get away from the fear of nothing...What was I running from? Next thing I knew, I was flat on my face, eating dirt.
    I got up, bleeding in areas common to bleed when you fall. A lone root from a maple tree had broken my great escape. I got to my feet and scanned the area. My eyes were straining to see from the darkness that Luna has neglected to shroud me from. My heart was pounding my chest, trying to break out of the prison of the human body. duh-dum...duh-dum...duh-dum...
    Nothing. No sounds. No nocturnal animals screaming at me to leave their domain. My ears were screaming at me. Solitude. My small little world with nothing in it.
    I was on the ground. My world had turbulence. I was flung from my spot to ten feet away with one swipe. I had never known it hit me. I couldn't feel anything through the adrenaline that was coursing through my existence, separating me from any humanly feeling that I have...or had.
    Turning over, I tried to take a glimpse at what had blasted me through the forest. A giant beast, much like a man, more like an animal, had attacked me. Baring it's plaque encrusted teeth, it lunged across the small clearing of grass and dirt. Being the lucky idiot that I tended to be, I was able to escape the beast's finishing attack by rolling away. It landed a mere foot from where I was now. I attempted to get up and run away but, before I got to my feet, I was being torn into by the abomination of the forest. My screams of agony did nothing but give glee to the man beast that was now betrothing on my stomach. I could see specimens of my own system that I thought I would never see. It seems my story draws to an end as I am clearly done with the existence of my miserable little life. At least I lost it to the awe inspiring monster that was the werewolf.