• Chapter 1 the news

    Late may about may 27 1919. Was about the worst day of my life because of the Al Capone and his gang. My name is Missy Roberts. Miss for short. I am not what you call a girly girl. Like most girls these days. That wear petticoats and skirts. But I secretly dress as a boy,act like a boy and nobody notices. I am not even a girl at my school. When I head home for lunch or after school,I change quickly in the pub near my house. The men there know my secret and are my friends. But not all of them like the idea that a girl is acting like a boy. Well anyway going to the story I ran down the sidewalk splashing every puddle that came my way I didn’t care if I get wet or anything all I knew that I was late and after curfew.
    At the pub I was the only one there I quickly ran into the ladies room and changed into the light green dress that my aunt Nancy bought for me on my 14 birthday and I am 15. I put the boy clothes into my bag and ran out of the room to see the clerk and my best friend Tony Williams scared to death behind the counter at gunpoint by 2 men. One was very tall and I couldn’t see his face because of his hood. The other was shorter and I could tell it was “Scarface” Al Capone in his dashing red coat and black pants and heavy duty boots. The tall man looked at me then back to Tony. “who’s dat girl?!” The man asked but more yelled. Tony looked at me,his face says guilt over it. Then Tony closed his eyes and bit his tung. “her name is Missy Roberts she is 15 years old. . . leave her alone” When he finished Al and the other guy laughed out loud. Then Al walked to me. He was about 6 inches taller than me or about 4. “Missy,what a cute name. . .you know I killed a girl named Missy your age. I loved her though” Then he walked behind me and touched my shoulders. I slapped his hand and ran to Tony. “don’t touch me!you rapist!”
    Al and that other man thought that was funny and laughed again. Al grabbed my arm away from Tony and I saw the tall man shot and kill Tony. I saw Tony fall back and when he hit the wood floor blood came out from his body making a pool of blood. I screamed but Al covered my mouth. At that moment I was cry and angry but mostly sad.
    Al forced me into his truck with the man. “if your gonna kill me,KILL ME!” I yelled crying but the tall guy covered me with a bag. While driving Al said “do you know who we are little girl?” I said “I know you Al Capone” both of them laughed “and?” I didn’t say anything. “Its Big Jimmy and Al Capone” they laughed. after that saying I didn’t say anything I just cried into my knee’s. So soft that they couldn’t hear but I guess Al could because he said “why are you crying about that waste of life?” When he said that I felt so angry I wanted to kill him. “because he was my best friend!” I screamed. Then Al said “he was your friend? He hurt you didn’t he?” then I remembered that last year Tony stabbed me by accident. I was walked out of the kitchen and he was there with his knife but we got over it after my wound healed. “it was a accident!” I yelled “Tony would never hurt me” I wiped my face that was red and wet from tears. “no no Tony hurt you besides that!” Then I remembered when we dated even know he was 26 and I was 14. We loved each other but I soon found out that he was with another women that worked for the men’s house down the street from his house and I broke up with him. But we still made friends with each other. “about your little affair” Big Jimmy said laughing his a** off. “how do you know about that!?” I yelled more crying. I released I never cried this much in my life. For the rest of the ride I fell asleep. It was not like sleeping in a plush bed but at least I got sleep.
    A huge band and hit woke me up. I was still under the bag and it seemed got darker about night time and my parents are probably dancing or worrying.
    The bag got off me I saw Big Jimmy and he was BIG! He forced me up and got me out of the truck we were in the middle of nowhere! But we were at a other pub that had about 40 cars everywhere. Al forced me into the pub. It had smoke everywhere and smelled like men,dirty farm men and drugs. There was a women in a mini black dress singing on a stage and mostly showing off her a** more than singing. Al made me sit down at a table with 5 other men laughing and drinking. “oh you got another doll!” a fat guy said checking me out. I rolled my eyes. I heard a whisper behind me from Al “tell them I kidnapped you,you are dead you hear me?” I gulped “yup” I was scared he probably kidnapped me because he told me I killed a girl named Missy your age.I loved her though That gave me goose bumps just thinking of it. Al made me sit close to him and it felt awful. I tried not to scream ‘help Al Capone kidnapped me’ But I didn’t because I couldn’t

    Chapter 2 Best comes last

    Al gave me a hotel room in the pub,luckily it was down the hall from his room so that gave me room to breath.
    I looked at the room that had a tiny TV a bed with black sheets and a blue blanket and a white pillow. Next to the bed was a nightstand with a lamp and across the room was the tiny window and the wall mirror.
    I laid back then I released I could call my parents when they all go to sleep! It could be very risky but I need to get the hell out of here or soon I will be Al’s playing doll that he beats on.
    Around midnight I could hear the others snore’s so I was safe. i quickly pit on my shoes and slowly walked down to the pub to the phone and dialed 911. I heard the line beep beep then a “hello this is 911 what is your emgerancy” It was a man with a deep voice. “yeah Al Capone and Big Jimmy kidnapped me and killed my-friend Tony,I am at this pub called Henry Pub please!” After I said that the man said “okay,We are getting the police there don’t worry just hide from them like behind the counter okay?” I nodded and said “yes” I hang up. I ran behind the counter and put my face into my knees then 20 minutes later I heard the door open the front door. I slowly looked there was Big Jimmy! With a women they giggled as they whispered then they went up stairs. I don’t want to know what will happen. I gaged a little and put my face into my knee’s again.
    About 10 minutes later the building was surrounded by police with guns. I ran outside to the cops I ran to a man that was big and very nice. “I don’t know if Al is in there but I do know Big Jimmy is” I told them. When the cops went in they never came out. I walked slowly into the pub. In shock I saw all the cops dead on the floor with blood all over there body. I screamed and Al ran down the stairs “hurry leave quickly!” He ran passed me grabbing my hand. He forced me outside into a truck. “what happened! and stop!” I yelled. “I killed Jimmy now we are leaving!” Al said like he ment that.
    “I am not leaving with you! I called those cops!” After I said that I was probably lucky to be alive and not dead by a gun.
    He forced me to stay into the truck that smelt like garbage. I held my breath every 30 seconds not to smell the oder.
    I soon fell asleep because I didn’t get any at the pub. When I woke we pulled into a house driveway. “where are we?” I asked.
    Al laughed
    “we are at my house where you will be staying for a long time” He pushed me out of the truck. And he forced me into the house that was about 4 stories high