• 30th specialist CHPTR 1 EP 2
    "Breakout and moving in"
    (Fyi- this is the story for Crosser and Chelsea.)
    -Scene: dark alleyway with a dude running-
    Guy: *gasp wheeze* "oh man, hopefully they don't follow me yet, I gotta get outta here soon."


    Guy: "MAN! I JUST CAN'T SEEM TO CATCH A BREAK" *starts running again*


    Guy: *still running* "Nah. I don't feel like it!"

    Security: "Grr." (Fyi- there's two guys)
    (First guard) "hey man, I got this injectable serum that we can use to capture the kid."
    (Second guard) "look the boss doesn't care and neither do I how we capture the kid just as long as we capture 'im."

    Guy: *still running 'AND NOT LOOKING WHERE HE'S GOING'*

    Security: *throws serum at the guy*

    Guy: (to himself) "gotta.... *huff* keep... *huff* go-*gets hit with the syringe in the neck & FACE-PLANTS INTO SOMETHING SOFT. K.O.*

    Girl: *feels the impact* "Oh my." *Turns around and looks at the guy and sees the syringe in his neck* "Oh my, indeed. He's been injured, and with such a CUTE FACE TOO! I should save him, but first, I'll examine the serum, then the people who did this to him get it..." *Growls*

    Security: "Catches up to the Guy and sees the girl in front of him"

    Security: (first) "Oh thank you for stopping him, now we can... *INTENSE PAIN* AHHHHHHH!!!"
    (Second) "DUDE, are you... *touches first guy and more intense pain* AHHHHHHH!!!"

    Girl: "*Ominous Evil voice* Now, You will tell me, if this serum, is reversible."

    Security (2): "its just a normal paralyzation serum, there might be some side effects but were sure they're minor."

    Girl: (still killer voice) "if it isn't next time I think about you, you wont exist..." *picks up the kid and takes him to her place* (normal voice) "Don't worry cute boy, you'll be alright in my arms."


    Guy: (BREAKS FEVER) "*gasp* hah... hah... where, hah... hah... am I? And, how did I get here?" *breathing returns to normal*

    Girl: "Well, the answer to the first question is, my house." :3 "The second question is, in my arms..." *blushes* "... and it seems that your recent growth has happened successfully and that your body has adjusted to it."

    Guy: *looks at himself to find that he's taller* :0 "What happened... all I remember is running into something soft right after passing out*

    Girl: "Well, the soft thing happened to be..." *blushes* "my... derrière, by the way, what's your name. So we can be friendly instead of formal, my name's Chelsea, I'm a skunk anthro."

    Guy: "My name is Crosserdog. But I'd like it if you called me Crosser, 'Kay? I'm a human... you don't mind that do you?"

    Chelsea: *cuddles crosser and holds him close while blushing* "I don't really care what you are... just say that you'll stay with me... and if you leave, that you'll come back to me."

    Crosser: *blushes and is confused* "uhh... uhhh... isn't this a little fast."

    Chelsea: "Oh, I'm so sorry, I just love people with cute faces, I just can't stand it... kyaaaaa!!! And well you're actually the first person I've ever used my healing powers on..."

    Crosser: "Ah, so that's why I smell like a rose..."

    Chelsea: *giggle* "Yes, my ability is toxic rose, the toxic is for hurting and the rose is for healing, and a smell is left for those afflicted either way." *gets up and starts to walk out the room*

    Crosser: "Ah, gotcha. So uh... this may seem awkward, but uh... you don't... mind if I... stay the night?"

    Chelsea: "You can stay as long as you want... *blows a kiss* CUTIE" :3


    -Scene: Chelsea's house-

    Chelsea: "Hey Crosser."

    Crosser: "Hey Chelsea."

    Chelsea: (insinuating voice) "Do, you, know, what, to-day is?"

    Crosser: "Valentine's Day?"

    Chelsea: "Yeah, I got you something."

    Crosser: *blushes* "Wh- What is it?"

    Chelsea: *gets up close up to crosser's face* "Well let's just say it involves you, me, and a little indescribable moment."

    Crosser: O.O "well... do you wanna go somewhere... I mean for a date?"

    Chelsea: *SQUEE* "OH THANK YOU!" *GLOMPS*

    Crosser: *GETS TACKLED* "ACK!"

    -Scene: public dining area-

    Chelsea: "Hey crosser, thank you."

    Crosser: "oh, its nothing."

    Chelsea: "No it is something. And there's something that I want to confess to you."

    Crosser: "oh, well what is it..."

    Chelsea: *giggles* "I'll tell you, once you receive your gift although... lets make it interesting. If you can't guess your gift b4 I give it to you... you wont get it."

    Crosser: "Ack! WHAAAAAAAAAA!"

    Chelsea: "well I'm done! Now lets go visit some stores! Oh yeah crosser..."

    Crosser: "whaaaaaaa..."

    Chelsea: *gets up close to crossers face* "Mwah!"

    Crosser: *faints*


    Crosser remembers all the times she tried to kiss him and when she called him a cutie and then finds out what his gift is.*

    Crosser: *wakes up in Chelsea's arms* "huh... oh, I've guessed my gift Chelsea."

    Chelsea: "well then... *leans in close to crossers face* what is it?"

    Crosser: "ITS.... THIS" *Kisses Chelsea on the lips*

    Chelsea: "Thanks cutie!" *kisses back*

    The end...