• ~Tory~

    “Landen, listen to me! You can’t kill her; she’s the only one who can read that book!” Amelia blurted out, her eyes widened in shock when she realised what she had just said.
    “Amelia!” I yelled. I was angry that she had said that out loud because I didn’t want other people to know.
    “What book Amelia? Not that one that no one can read?” Landen’s image turned to Amelia. Gray eyes burning with the knowledge that no one had filled him in on the situation.
    “I-I-I…” Amelia stumbled out, “what I meant was…was…ahh.”
    From my place on the other side of the room, I could see the guy twist her arm behind her back and it was hurting her a lot. Her face showed signs of discomfort and pain.
    “Stop it! Leave her alone!” I called out, taking a brave step forward.
    I gasped out loud, my body felt like it was being sapped of its energy and it felt heavy like lead. My knees caved on me, the ground came up fast and my knees started to sting when they hit the ground. I put my hands out to catch my fall. I knew they would be grazed and that my jeans would have rips in the knees.
    I panted hard, trying to pull back the energy that allowed my power to work but it proved to be a fruitless tasked. I growled in the back of my throat because I hated feeling like I was helpless, the wolf was suddenly there in my head.
    “what are you doing to me?!” I demanded but, yet, it wasn’t me talking. I hadn’t asked is, it was the wolf taking over my throat and voice. He hated being helpless more than what I did.
    “Just making you powerless for a while,” the man said from behind Amelia.
    He had power augmentation; the ability to weaken or enhance someone’s power, I hadn’t thought about that. My eyes were really set on the men I was fighting. Mainly Felix.
    NO! the wolf growled loudly in my head. He pushed against the barrier I had around, usually that was the only leash on himself that he allowed me to have. Now, he fought the leash that the master held.
    “That book Amelia.” Landen’s voice sounded impatient, guess he was sick of waiting.
    “The book…only Tory can read it. She was translating it for us,” Amelia gasped out quickly.
    “Us?” was the next question.
    I wanted to slap myself in the face at what she said. Just bring Charlotte into this, great idea wasn’t it.
    “Myself and…and Charlotte!” she finally said as her arm got a twist of slight
    “Seth, go get Charlotte for-.”
    “I’m here sir,” Charlotte’s timid voice came from the doorway. She opened it just enough for her to side through it.


    Tory looked like she was in a great deal of pain, damn Zeke was using his power on her to pin her down.
    My hand tightened on the binder of the book that I held straight at my side. I foresaw the actions concerning the book as clear as glass; I saw that they would fight like this over it. I saw what I had to do to protect her and Amelia.
    “Commander Drake, the book is very much true and Tory is the only one that can translate it,” I told them in a strong voice. I held it out in front of me, the worn cover didn’t give away any of the secrets it held inside.
    “Charlotte…” I heard Shaun mumble from his place next to Noah.
    “You need her, I can see that you’ll keep her by touching it because you know she’ll be a good asset,” I continued, ignoring my stupid brother’s warning tone.
    Landen’s image stayed neutral and straight, I started to worry that maybe I was wrong. Not everything was set in stone; actually nothing was set in stone because human emotions were a fickle thing.
    “Zeke, stop. Let them both go,” Landen finally said something.
    Zeke let Amelia out of his arm hold, she almost fell forward but caught herself in time as her knees started to buckle alittle. Tory slumped forward and panted harder, she wasn’t fighting against the energy pull anymore.
    “Seth, go tell Gabby that she’ll be translating that book with Tory.” Another command from him. AS usual, Seth did as commanded.
    “Who…said…I’d work…for you?!” Tory gritted out in hard pants, still on all fours.
    “Don’t you want too?” Landen’s image turned to Tory.
    “…no…” she whispered weakly but we all heard her.
    “There’s a deal to go with it.” No one said any thing after that for a good few seconds.
    “What deal?” Tory finally asked, lifting her head to look at Landen with a lethal look in her eyes.
    “You can have complete freedom but you have to do this mission: Research the book and figure out what it means.” Now the deal was set down.
    I looked at Tory, knowing she wouldn’t look at me to make this decision but happy she would, with pleading eyes. Silently begging her to accept this offer.
    The future was shifting, sometimes it showed Tory and Gabby pouring over the book and they were great friend. Other times it showed blood dripping from the corner of it, while in my hands that were covered in blood as well. Whose, I didn’t know.
    I watched the scenes shift in my head, also watched the scene that was unfolding in front of me at the moment.
    To my surprise, Tory’s pale blue eyes looked up to meet mine. They were worried, like they were considering what would happen to me if she said no. but I wasn’t her child, she shouldn’t care as much as she does. I didn’t understand.
    Please, say yes. Accept, accept, accept! Replayed in my head over and over again,
    “I’ll take it,” she mumbled, eyes shifting away from me and to Landen.
    “Good, Shaun take her to Gabby along with book,” Landen commanded yet again. He couldn’t seem to stop at one.
    Shaun stood and made his way to Tory, she had moved to sit on her a** with one leg bent into a triangle and the other straight along the ground. Shaun extended his hand to help her up, at first if didn’t look like she would take it. But she did and was on her feet in a matter of seconds.
    Shaun and Tory didn’t say anything as they left past me, and took the book from my hands. It felt awkward, tension heavy in the air. Not between Tory and Shaun but between everyone else, as they left everyone there was eerie silent and still.
    “You may all leave now,” Landen’s voice carried around the room as the hologram disappeared.
    I let out a relieved breath, I hadn’t realised that I was holding it in for that long. One problem down, a million and a half more to go.