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    An aroma of wet soggy meat filled the air, taking up every space that it had to offer. In a dark dim-lit room sat a child of a mere age. 14. Sitting still with her arms chained to the wall her hair hung over her head. Somewhat black with a tint of blue like the color of the sky before midnight fulled poured in. A man walked into the room with a syringe colored blue inside. A knife was held to his side and he grabbed the girl by her chin. Quite violently.

    "Don't worry. I'm not here to hurt you, well not to the point that you'll die" grinning he looked straight into her eyes. "Why don't you talk? Don't you have anything to say? ANYTHING at all?" his grin turned into a frown, "Well this is how we're going to be huh? Then I'd like you to me my friend knife and have a talk with him" Pulling out his knife the adrenaline rushed through his body causing the veins on his arms to pop out. With one quick grasp on her long hair, that he had pulled very tightly on, he swiped the knife swiftly and strands of her hair came falling off. She winced and he let go of her.

    She looked up at him, squinting, with tears running down her face and strands of her shortened hair fell on top of her cheeks. "What do you want from me?!" she yelled, "Why am I here? What have I done! I want to go back home!!" she demanded. "Well well well. . The dove decides to finally speak. Well now we'll start the test from here. Don't worry you won't fell a thing except extreme pain." patting her cheek, she swiped her face away, he took hold of the blue syringe. He massaged her right arm for a while and then fiercely struck the syringe in her arm. She screamed in pain and then took hold of her arm after he had pulled it out.

    "W-what. .. .have you d-done. . to me?" the chains opened and she fell to the ground, still grasping on to her arm. A blue tattoo started to form on her arm. It was starting to form a sleeve on her arm with tribals in it. In the middle of the tattoo spelled the letters "C. Dee" With barely enough energy she began to fall into a deep slumber. With only a few seconds left of reality she heard the man's voice say "Sweet dreams, you'll be assigned to *Section 5* when you awake" The door closed and the lights were engulfed into darkness.