• Days From Here: A summer Lover

    You know that feeling? When you know someone and you think you really like them? Where you just want to sit with them and talk and just slowly fall in love like in one of those movies?
    Well thats how I feel about my friend, although its not much of a like, but more of an obsession.

    My name is Ceil, and I am a fourteen-year old boy in New York. My friend is named Aaron, and he is well...really awesome.
    I live with my older brother who is an artist, I don’t see him all the time since he’s out with his boyfriend doing who knows what. My parents...well don’t ask, since its a really long and violent story.
    I look like a lot of boys my age, I have shortish long blonde hair, except is curly. I wear glasses and I do most things kids do. I play some sports, I have a Facebook, and iPod, I go to dances and the mall, and do general stupid stuff when I’m bored. But sometimes its just not enough for me, I want more, and I never get the chance to be more.

    Oh and in case your wondering, I don’t care who wins the super bowl or give a crap about Twilight. But I guess you could say I’m more of an outcast. I have a few really good friends, like Lizzy, she has been my friend for about three years, we talk and sit and do stuff together. Then there is a few others who I don’t care to mention quite yet since they really don’t apply yet.
    I’m not really popular, I don’t talk to everyone, and when I do they don’t really listen to me. I try to make up stuff so people think I’m funny or cool or something. But honestly, whats so cool about a boy who lives with his gay artist brother, who doesn’t see his parents, and is friends with the school outcasts.

    But I try, and sometimes things get better, then I have to go and mess it up by saying the wrong thing...then I’m back to the same old me. My school is a private one, we wear uniforms that make us look all pretty much the same, and we sit in classes and learn. Our school is one of the best in the city, and we work all the time to keep it that way. Whenever we drop the bar a little things get harder and they push us to get it back up. The teachers are ok, nothing special. But some of us seem to be on the good side of the teachers, the kids who don’t make trouble or talk or do bad things. I’m one of those kids, since I don’t talk much and I don’t get in trouble. I can actually hold a good conversation with a teacher, and they all seem to like it. My math teacher even hugs me everyday (in class).

    So you could say I have a pretty normal life, nothing special nothing exciting, just me, myself, and my stories. Yeah, my stories.....i can’t believe I left that out. I am Ceil Marson, I am fourteen and I write books, I have two books out at the moment, and they sell pretty well. How do you think I afford to go to private school with my brother being an artist who doesn’t make a whole lot. So in a way I am special, but still boring.

    Life at school was always like this, we did our work and such everyday, sometimes we had events and it would get kinda fun. But nothing out of the ordinary most days. It was so, until the day Aaron Jay Blake started at school.
    Aaron Jay Blake was from somewhere in California. He had short brownish blonde hair, glasses like mine. He was medium height and a little muscular (don’t ask how I know that). All the girls liked him, he was funny, athletic, not to mention incredibly good looking. Aaron was also really smart and well behaved, he was always the one to get an A on something and he never made the teachers mad. But Aaron was also a lot of fun, he did the same stupid things we all did, and he made life at school a little more interesting.

    Aaron soon fit in at school, but I just could not stop watching him. He seemed so strange to me, how could someone be so perfect and not seem to have a big flaw or anything about him. One thing that really made me think, was the fact that he in a way rejected the girls at school. He never asked any of them to the dance, he never held long conversation with one. I never heard of Aaron liking any of the girls either.

    But he was still mister oh so perfect none the less. He was real popular for someone that just came to the school, and he seemed to be so great in every way. He could even sing really well also, and that just made the bar at school. To be the best, you had to be Aaron Jay Blake.

    Months went by after Aaron came to school, and things began to really settle down. People went about their daily business and nothing happened. I sat with Lizzy and my friends at lunch and we talked about whatever came up. Aaron and probably half the eighth grade sat at and around another table and talked. This became the norm for us, and no one seemed to mind.

    Lizzy was one of the few girls that was rather uninterested in Aaron. Lizzy in my opinion was really good looking. She had long lightly curled hair, her eyes were bright blue, and her face was so perfect. Lizzy usually didn’t wear very much makeup, since she said it was a waste of her time to have to put it on. But she was beautiful none the less. I never got why she wasn’t popular, maybe it was because she disliked most kids at school, or maybe it was because she gets really nervous around guys other than me and her friends. But that was Lizzy, and she was awesome any how.

    One dull afternoon we were sitting in the lunch room, the lunch room was different from most school’s. The ceiling was made partly of special glass that could take a hurricane, and there were T.V.s, as well as a fountain in the center. The tables were really nice as well, there was no gum on the undersides, and the chairs weren’t broken. The floor was always spotless and the room always smelled delicious. Tile murals lined the walls and art work was all over. The food was always good, even if you didn’t like what they were serving, it was edible. To us this was nothing weird or special, we were here almost everyday and we had experienced it time and time again. But when people visited our school they just could not stop staring.

    The rest of our school was pretty high end as well. The lockers were not all the same, each was hand painted and made to fit the needs of the school. They lockers each had a different design on them. Mine was an interesting black, white, and red pattern that made you smile for some reason if you looked at it to long.

    The class rooms were top notch, state of the art, high end, and every other positive word you could think of. Just being in one made you want to go “Dang.....” But other than having probably the coolest school in New York, and having all other sorts of nice things, it was boring to the students like me. Nobody sat and just looked at things any more, just to be thankful for the things we have.

    That is to say except for Lizzy and I. Sometimes after school we would sit in the commons area and just look at all the fabulous things that we have. We were rarely interrupted by anyone, and we liked that.

    Monday was like everyday. We went through school and did what we do. After school Lizzy had to go home, since she had to pack. Tomorrow was the day before spring break. I had nothing to do, so I sat in the commons and looked around. No one came by for a long time, it was so quiet and so nice. No one talking or laughing, no teachers telling people to be quiet, no one gossiping about the latest thing.
    “Nice isn’t it” said a voice from somewhere.
    I looked around for a minute and then saw who it was. It was Aaron, sitting on the edge of the Commons fountain. I looked at him for a moment, I had never seen him here after school before.
    “Uh.....Yeah I guess.” I said slowly.
    Aaron smiled a little and walked over. He sat up above me on the wall that divided the lower area from the upper area of the commons
    “You guess? How can you guess something...?” He asked with a smile on his face.
    I had never seen Aaron up close before. He was even better looking at this distance that from far away.
    “I don’t know...it just seems normal to others...but to me its something special, something no one has.” I said
    “Thats a funny way of seeing it, since everyone around here is stuck up and full of themselves....says the curly blonde boy...” Aaron said, he laughed a little. I often said this at my lunch table, I had no clue how he knew I usually said that.
    “Oh...well not everyone...just a lot of people” I said nervously.
    I looked up at him and smiled a little. Not very much, but I did smile
    “Your smiling about something” Aaron said.
    I blushed and stopped smiling
    “Oh....” I said a little nervous.
    Aaron smiled again, and crossed his legs up in the wall.
    “smiling is fine...no one really smiles here anyway...only when its something really funny or when they want to seem stupid” Aaron said kindly.
    “Oh...i see” I said. I brushed some hair out of my eyes and looked at him. I wasn’t sure why I wanted to smile when I was looking at him, but I was and it felt so strange...so good
    “I never met you before...your always with those other kids that everyone says are weird” he said, seeming to lean closer
    “Uh....Ceil...and they aren’t weird, they are better than the people that are popular here” I said, looking down at the floor
    “Better? How so?” He asked
    I looked up again
    “They aren’t so shallow, they care for each other...and I care for them”
    Aaron smiled, and jumped down from the wall.
    The spot where Lizzy and I sit is really hard to see, its back a bit, away from the door, so no one usually knows we’re there.
    “Thats good to hear” Aaron said, leaning next to me. I blushed a little, and he laughed
    “Your right, they are better....Ceil-kun, and you are better in my eyes”
    I had no idea why he said my name like that, I knew it was a form of chinese names that you used when speaking to someone. But this was a little weird.
    “I-I....Uh..” I looked down at the floor a little. Aaron looked down at me and laughed softly
    “The girls here are so full of themselves, they don’t care about people...they care about image....most of the guys are so into sports and stuff that they are so boring and stuff........” Aaron said, he looked at me, and slowly slid down, so he could see my face
    “But your not like them...are you Ceil, your special” he said
    I looked at him for a long time, my eyes were wide open. What was he saying, Aaron was one of the most popular guys at school and he was acting like he hated all those people.
    “Aaron....” I said a little scared
    “Thats whats different about you, you are a good person, my kind of person....thats why I like you” he said
    I just stared into his eyes, my face was red
    “I wanted to know if you wanted to come stay with me over spring break....in my house” he said
    I looked at him, his eyes seemed to draw me in and I really didn’t know what to say
    “Sure..........” I said, not knowing what I was actually getting myself into
    “Ok, my parents usually aren’t around, so the house is mine to do what I want”
    He smiled

    Tomorrow came in a flash, my head was spinning all day. Aaron was watching me all day, and I just couldn’t stop thinking about what was going on. Lizzy wasn’t at school that day, she was in Florida visiting her Aunt, she texted me during lunch saying she was miserable and missed me. I missed her a lot as well, things were really lonely without her.

    At the end of the day I met with Aaron, and we were soon at his house outside of the city. My brother said it was ok, since he and his boyfriend were going away. His house was huge, and it was so nice. Everything was so quiet and relaxing. There were no other houses around and it was near a lake with a long dock.
    “The servants aren’t around much, so its just us” He said, I blushed as we walked inside. The inside was even more spectacular, everything looked so interesting and just made you want to stare at it all. Aaron began walking up the long stairs.
    “I’ll take you to the guest room”
    The guest room was huge, and the bed was so comfy. I had put down my stuff and was walking around the house.
    “Ceil?” Aaron said from right behind me
    I turned and saw him, I jumped a little. Aaron had changed out of his school clothes and into a tight v-neck shirt and shorts.
    “Yeah?” I said. I blushed a little
    “You can change you know, no one is gonna see anything..” He said.
    The whole house was empty except for us and an old cat that seemed to be everywhere at once.
    “Uh...ok” I said.
    I soon changed into something more comfortable, and continued looking around. Everything was so cool, and it all seemed so strange. It was weird that no one was around in such a big house, it felt really empty. Aaron and I were eating a little later on.
    “Tomorrow we can actually do stuff, its kinda late...” he said
    “Yeah....it is..” I said quietly
    Aaron looked at me
    “Whats wrong?” He said
    I looked at him, and blushed a little
    “I don’t know....i was just thinking”
    “About what?”
    “You can’t think about nothing”
    I sighed and looked up at him
    “Why were you like that yesterday?” I asked
    Aaron sighed and looked at me
    “Ceil, i...i don’t like a lot of people at school either....but you are so much like me, you are nice and you know how people think......i hear more of what you say than I do the people around me, because what you say....makes sense to me”
    I looked at him
    “So you like what I say?” I asked
    “No...i like.........you”
    I looked at him for a moment. He was sitting next to me. I smiled a little
    “I like you a little, too.....” I said, my hands in my lap and my face all red.

    We went to sleep soon after, today had been really tiring. Except I really didn’t sleep, I laid awake for a long time, going over the conversation in my head. Aaron’s face....the way I felt, it was all so weird....yet it felt so good.

    The next day everything seemed better, we played video games and then it came time to go swimming.
    Aaron lived on an area of private land, there was no one for miles, and the lake was all ours. It wasn’t a big lake, but it was a lake none the less. The water was strangely clear, and it was warm that day.

    We went swimming for a while. I saw Aaron’s body, it was nicely formed and slightly muscular. I was the same to a point myself, except I was shorter.
    We sat at the end of the dock, and we talked for a little while

    After a little longer of swimming in the clean blue water, Aaron and I sat on the dock for a little longer
    “Aaron?” I said after a little while
    “Yeah?” he said
    “do you really like me....as in love me like me?” I asked
    Aaron paused for a moment
    “yeah, I really do Ceil” he said and smiled
    I smiled and I hugged him a little. I could feel his heart beat a little faster as I hugged him and then he hugged me back a little, he was smiling a little

    We sat there next to each other for a little while longer. Then clouds began to role in, and rain began to fall.
    “we should go in...” Aaron said, and I nodded.
    We both stood up and walked back to the house. It was pouring rain, and as we walked we held each others hand, smiling the entire time.

    Over the next few days lots of things happened. Aaron and I became a lot closer, and we began to tell each other things we told few people. I felt really close to Aaron, I knew a whole lot about him, and I liked being with him all the time. Aaron and I went swimming a lot, no one was around to bug us or get in the way, and we loved it. We could do whatever we wanted, and that took full affect after one day on the dock.

    We had been swimming for most of the afternoon, and now Aaron and I were sitting up on the dock, holding hands.
    We swam like that for a while then got out, and sat on the dock, and just stared at the water. We really didn’t know what to talk about, it was all really awkward for me, and possibly for Aaron, but I really wasn’t sure.
    “I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable Ceil” Aaron finally said
    “Its....its ok..” I said a minute after.
    “I just....really like you...and I well...” I could tell Aaron really didn’t know what to say, so I spoke
    “I really like you Aaron, and its so much fun being here with you...i love doing all these things with you, when no ones around to get in the way...it just makes me want to........kiss you”
    Aaron’s face looked pretty ridiculous. His eyes were wide and he was blushing. I smiled, seeing him like that made me blush too. I mean for god sake, I was sitting with thy guy I liked saying I wanted to kiss him

    He smiled, and then he laughed a little
    “Your such a girl” He said
    “What?” I said and tackled him a little
    I was suddenly over him, looking right into his eyes. Both our faces were red, I slowly moved down and kissed him. His lips felt good on mine. It was a quick kiss but one none the less.
    We both sat up, and put our clothes on again. We didn’t do anything else for the rest of the day.

    I only had about two more weeks left at Aaron’s, and I could tell that he was upset that we wouldn’t get to do this much anymore.
    “When we get back to school...its gonna be different you know” He said one day while we were sitting on the couch watching tv
    “yeah.....its really gonna suck not being to be able to be with you all the time” I said smiling
    Aaron sighed and looked at me “I mean....we can’t do what we do anymore.....we can’t hold hands...and hug anymore” He said, I could see the sadness in his eyes and face. I was holding his hand, I slowly pulled mine away, and held it with my other hand
    “Oh......” I said
    “I’m sorry Ceil” He said, moving to hug me. I moved back, and I saw him look a little puzzled
    “I just....thought....we could always be like this” I said, I hadn’t felt this way in a really long time, and it felt so terrible. Knowing I couldn’t show I loved Aaron at school just made me hurt so much inside
    “Ceil....” he said, looking at me.
    Aaron in a way was the leader in our relationship. He took me places on his property, he brought me to our little fancy dinners, he led when we sometimes danced if some good song came on the radio or something. I just couldn’t answer him, then I did something really stupid
    “Fine then! Why not just go out with some girl so no one knows!” I said. Then I got up and turned away from him
    “Ceil! I would never do that!” He said from behind me. Aaron tried to turn me around, but I shook him off
    “Please Ceil...I love you...but the kids would torture you...” he said. I didn’t want to look at him.
    Aaron tried to turn me around again. We struggled for a minute, and then somehow, he smacked me.

    I was on the floor, looking up at him in shock
    “Ceil I’m so sor-”
    “Save it!” I cut it. “if you don’t want to love me here and at school thats fine with me, but if thats what you want then stay out of my life” I began to walk away, towards the front door
    “Ceil no!” He yelled running after me. But I was already out the door and on the road. Well, Aaron had sat on the couch for a while, crying before he came after me.
    But at the time I was so mad at him and I had no idea why. For some reason I turned off the road and into the woods. I walked for so long, I tripped a few times and cut my cheek and hands up. But I kept walking; the woods were creepy, the tree were kinda freaky even with all the leaves on them.
    “I thought he loved me” I said, sitting by a small river that blocked my path
    “I do” came a voice from behind me
    It was Aaron, his eyes were red
    “Oh....” I said, not looking back at him.
    “Ceil I love you and I never stopped.....but” he suddenly stopped
    Aaron sat next to me, and I leaned against him. We sat there for a really long time, just looking up at the sky

    Soon we were back at school, although things were really different. The school was all the same, nothing had really changed on it. But it was more of bits of the student body that had changed....dramatically.

    Lizzy no longer wore her glasses, and I must say, she looked twice as good as before. A boy she liked even asked her out to the dance. Lots of the girls looked better than before, and the guys well...they were pretty much the same. Except for two people.

    I had changed myself, I straightened my hair, and I had pierced my ears. Aaron had grown his hair out long, and pulled it into a ponytail when he felt like it. I also found out Aaron’s hair was red, and that he dyed it because his dad hated his hair.

    People really seemed to notice our change in appearance. But we still did not hold hands or anything at school. I still sat with my friends and Aaron was with the others. It made me so mad sometimes, Lizzy often asked me what was wrong
    “What the hell is wrong with you!” She yelled on afternoon as we walked home
    “Nothing is wrong Lizzy!” I yelled back. We soon stopped yelling, we didn’t mean to but it was just our way of worrying
    “You always seem so down now....and you changed how you look....” Lizzy touched my hair and I looked at her. Lizzy’s hand slowly dropped
    “I just...want you to be happy” Lizzy said
    “I won’t be happy till h-” I suddenly stopped and looked down at the ground
    “what?” she asked, looking at me
    I couldn’t tell her about Aaron and me, Lizzy would go off like an alarm, she would probably smack me.
    “Tell me you little runt!” she said. Lizzy was probably a head taller than me, and she was intimidating in a way
    “I well...” I sighed
    Lizzy was glaring at me
    “I like Aaron!” I said, sitting on a park bench
    “you little a**” I was right, she smacked me
    “what was that for!” I yelled
    “my way of making you speak!”
    I sighed, Lizzy’s methods were good, and they worked me time and time again
    “Aaron and I spent spring break at his house....and we kinda fell in love...”
    Lizzy sat down next to me. She could tell I was embarrassed over this.
    “Its not something you should be all upset about” she said. Lizzy always understood, she cared for me, and she made me feel better about things
    “Its not that its....he doesn’t want to show it” I said
    “Show it?” she said a little puzzled
    “I mean....he doesn’t want people at school to know....like I haven’t hugged him or held his hand since break..” I said
    Lizzy sighed, since clearly this was not her field of expertise
    “ok...well then just make him want to” she said
    I looked up at her a little confused
    “You sneaky little girl” I said

    After a long weekend with Aaron, things were gonna change for the better.

    Better in many ways.

    Because that following week, we walked through the hallways....holding hands

    Two years have passed since Aaron and I showed that we liked each other. Now we are both sophomores in HighSchool. Let me just say this now, HighSchool is a hell of a lot more exciting than junior high. The drama here is on high and Aaron and I aren’t the only guys that like other guys. In a way, the two of us are accepted by the people here.

    But its not all good. Aaron is still a little nervous about people seeing us together. He hasn’t even told his parents yet and its been two years since the time I spent spring break with him. I keep telling him to tell them, but all Aaron does is just turn away....sometimes he just makes me so mad.

    But most of all, Lizzy is not the lonely little girl she was in eighth grade. Lizzy is probably one of the most popular sophomores in the school. She isn’t a cheerleader or anything, since she thinks they are stupid. But Lizzy has gotten better and better looking as the years go by. She still talks to me, just not as often.

    “Aaron....why aren’t you talking to me?” I asked Aaron one day. Aaron had been ignoring me for a long time, and it was starting to freak me out.
    Aaron just kept messing with stuff in his locker
    “What! What do you honestly want from me!”
    “Aaron why are you being like this?” I said in shock
    Aaron looked back at me. The two of us had changed a lot since the eighth grade. Aaron’s hair was red and long, he usually had it pulled up into a pony tail or something. I had dyed my hair black, and it was medium length and I straightened it.
    After I asked him why he was being like that, the conversation just ended. We didn’t talk for almost two days. After school on the second day I was sitting on a park bench. Aaron sat down next to me
    “Why are you being like that around me all the time now?” I asked slowly. Aaron looked at me and sighed
    “Sometimes I just....need to be alone” he said
    I stood up
    “What! So you just don’t want to see me!” I yelled
    “you know! Seeing you every day just makes me tired, I just wanted to be alone like I used to”
    I just stood there for a minute, and then began to walk off.

    Some days I felt like Aaron didn’t love me anymore. Like I was just there, an old friend. But after what he had said to me that day I was about done with him. Over the two years Aaron and I had our fill of fights and arguments. Sometimes Aaron hit me. But then he would always be sorry and we would make up or something.

    But this was different, he said he didn’t want to see me all the time. That was the point of us loving each other, to see on another and be happy, to enjoy it.

    I sat in my room, my door was unlocked, hoping Aaron would come in and make up for what he said. But Aaron didn’t come home that night, or the next. My older brother moved in with his boyfriend, and I didn’t feel like living with them. Aaron’s parents let Aaron and I live together in a small apartment that they paid for. It was nice, we didn’t have to deal with parents or anything. But when Aaron didn’t come home for two days, I just felt like crying. I thought we loved each other, but apparently that wasn’t the general idea between the two of us.

    I was just laying on my bed looking up at the blank ceiling when Aaron walked in. He stood in my doorway looking at me.

    “Ceil?” he said after a while
    “What?” I responded
    Aaron just stood there for a little while, he just looked at me
    “If your not going to say anything than just......just leave”
    Aaron’s face looked a little shocked
    “Ceil I”
    You What!?” I yelled
    “I-I’m sorry”
    “Sorry! Its been almost a week since you’ve spoken to me! You said you were tired of seeing me!”
    Aaron’s face looked a little hurt, he walked forward to my bed. He reached down to me, but I pushed his hand away
    “Ceil...” he said softly
    “What did you expect....” I turned away from him and looked at the wall.
    Aaron put his arms around me, hugging me closely. For some reason I began to cry, and I held his arms against me
    “I’m sorry...” he said again

    It had been about a week since we fought, and Aaron was still quiet around me. I quickly noticed this and I really began to convince myself he didn’t like me any more.
    “This is so stupid” I said one day as I was walking back to the apartment
    Aaron was once again nowhere to be seen. He did not come home for another two days; even on the weekends he didn’t come home some days. I just sat around the apartment waiting for him. I really wanted to know where he was so I called my friend Maria
    “Maria......do you know where Aaron is?” I said into the phone
    “Yeah...he’s downtown at a restaurant called Ben’s” she said back into the phone
    “Thanks” I said
    “But Ce-” I had already hung up before I heard her.

    I was on my way to Ben’s. I didn’t really care where I was going, I just needed to talk to Aaron.
    I walked into Ben’s, it was filled with kids my age and older. I looked around, the place was like any other sports restaurant, it had tons of stuff on the walls and big flat screen T.V.s were on the walls.
    I walked around a little bit and I saw Aaron. He was sitting in a booth talking to someone. They were having pizza, for some reason I could tell what it was. Sausage with extra cheese, Aaron’s favorite. I myself liked only cheese, I don’t often eat meat.
    I moved a bit to see who he was talking to. It was another guy, and he looked a lot like me. Aaron was sitting really close to him, then he did something that would end it for him and I forever.

    Aaron leaned over and kissed the guy.
    “No.......” I said, tears began to well up in my eyes.
    I ran out as fast as I could, shoving people out of my way. I ran down the street and through the park to the house. I slammed the door so hard it knocked a picture of me and Aaron onto the floor, cracking the glass. I picked it up and looked at it, then just dropped it onto the floor again.
    I ran into my room and shut the door. I laid on my bed crying
    “I thought he loved me...” I said, my face in a pillow.

    Aaron walked in about an hour later. He saw the broken picture, he sighed and put it on the kitchen counter.
    “Ceil!” he yelled, trying to find me. He looked around for a while, and soon Aaron stood in front of my door. He leaned in close to it and knocked softly
    “Ceil.....” he said softly
    “What!” I yelled back
    Aaron backed away from the door a little. Then he slowly turned the knob and walked in. I was laying on my bed, staring at the wall. My eyes were red from crying.
    “Ceil....” he said again. I didn’t answer. Aaron walked slowly to the side of my bed.
    “Ceil....whats wrong?” he said
    I still didn’t answer. Aaron put his hand on my shoulder, and I shook him off. Aaron tried to turn me again
    “Get off of me!” I yelled
    “Ceil what is wrong with you!?” he yelled back
    “ME! Whats wrong with Me!”
    “What are you saying!”
    “I’m Saying that I saw you with that boy!!”
    Aaron’s face was blank, he looked down at me. I began to cry again
    “I thought you loved me! But no!”
    My room was in shambles, things were on the floor and pictures had been scattered on the floor. A lot of them were of me and Aaron, smiling together.
    “Ceil...” He said softly. “Please look at me.”
    “No...” I said back
    Aaron slowly picked me up, and sat me on the edge of the bed. I had forgotten how much stronger than me he was.
    “Look at me” he said again. I turned my head away like a small child. Tears were streaming down my face.
    “Ceil look at me” he said again. I slowly opened my eyes and looked at him. He was saying these things so calmly, like he was just talking, like this didn’t matter.
    “I do love you...” he said, he put his hand on the side of my face, but I pushed him off again. Aaron looked at me and sighed.
    “Ceil, will you please just talk to me” He said
    “Why, you were with someone else, I have all the right to be mad at you” I said back
    “I’m sorry...” Aaron looked at me with pleading eyes. He tried to kiss me but I pushed him away
    “I don’t want to talk to you right now...” I said, tears falling off of my face

    It had been about three weeks since Aaron and I broke up, and I hadn’t spoken to him the entire time. I could tell that he was sorry for what he had done, but I could never forgive him. Lizzy had been keeping me company. Secretly, she had been having her friends watch Aaron to make sure he wasn’t doing anything wrong. I was thankful for that but a little disturbed at the same time.

    But life went on, and even though Aaron and I were no longer together, we still lived in the apartment and such. But there was almost nothing Aaron could do to make me take him back, he had cheated on me and that was the end of the story.