• Lavi woke up the next morning feeling as refreshed as ever. He wanted to jump out of bed, but, to his surprise, he seemed to be covered by a pile of blankets or something. He grunted, trying to wrestle his way out from under them.
    He wondered how he had ended up there, under a tarp-like pile. Was this a prank? Was he dead? Sighing, he kept pushing his way through the blanket fabric until he felt a bright light coming down upon him.
    From the window, he saw rays of sunshine cutting through a clear blue sky. He smiled, watching from the enormous bed as the birds fluttered outside and…
    Lavi looked around at his closer surroundings- an enormous pillow, a large, flat sheet, an enormous blanket- and paled. “W-what happened to me?”
    From behind him, he heard a quick gasp and turned abruptly, coming face to face with the seemingly-giant Italian exorcist. Her pupils narrowed in surprise as he took a step back, frightened by her gaze. “H-hi, Mel…”
    She began to breathe heavily, until she could no longer get enough oxygen, and she passed out on the cold floor again.

    Allen ran around the Order, trying to locate his friend. He hadn’t seen him all morning, which was unusual, considering how early he liked to get up.
    He sighed, turning the corner and entering the hospital wing. “I’m sure he’s here,” he mumbled. “I can FEEL it.”
    Opening the doors to every room, he sighed with grief, only finding a desk and a neatly made bed in each. He felt downtrodden, having terrible thoughts on the whereabouts of his friend. He was so busy that he didn’t know that his hand was touching the same door handle as another exorcist.
    He looked up, his face turning white at the sign of General Andrei, the accommodator of Judgement after Cross had died. His face turned red with anger. “Go check another room! I have this one!”
    “Goodness, is that anyway to talk to your superiors, Bean Sprout?”Andrei taunted back. Before Allen could kick his a**, he smiled and rubbed Allen’s head, all the while turning the doorknob. “See? It’s locked from the inside.”
    Allen flattened his hair down. “Yeah, what do you plan to do about it?” he snarkily remarked.
    “This,” the General replied, quickly drawing Judgement and clicking the trigger, blowing a hole in the door where the handle once was.

    Lavi heard the sound of gunfire and watched the lock being blown off the door. He screamed a little, quickly trying to find somewhere to hide. He frantically looked around the room, finding no place suitable until his eyes fell upon Melanie, or rather, on her strapless gown.

    Andrei and Allen walked into the room, noticing the ruffled and slightly-bloody sheets and an Exorcist on the floor. Allen recognized her well- he had rescued her before she joined the Order. “Miss Bostella?” he asked, walking closer and closer until he saw something slipping into her bra.
    Allen freaked out and looked at Andrei. “Andrei, s-something just went into her shirt and I really don’t want to see what…”
    “Well, I’m not going to do it,” Andrei laughed.
    Allen sighed and faced facts- whatever just went in there could be dangerous. But a bite on the finger trying to get it out seemed a lot less painful than a bite to the heart, so he turned away and moved his hand towards her chest.
    He felt a hand close around his wrist, and he turned back around, only to be greeted by a painful smack to the mouth. He yelled back at Mel. “What the hell’s wrong with you?”
    “You tell me, pervert!” she yelled. “I passed out twice- once after healing him, the next after… after…”
    Allen tried to calm her down. “Just relax and keep going. What happened to Lavi?” he said slowly.
    Mel looked at him. “I woke up and he was there on the bed. But he was… he was so-“ She was about ready to pass out again when she felt something moving around in her bra. “Huh?” she breathed.
    As she fished the moving creature out of her shirt, Allen and Andrei watched in suspense, worrying that whatever it was would bite her. She finally brought up a strange, four-limbed creature. He heard it speaking in perfect English, yelling at Mel to let it go as it kicked and flailed around. It looked… almost like…
    “L-Lavi?” Allen gasped, scooting closer to him and squinting. “What… what happened to you?”
    “Gah! I don’t know! But I’m NOT liking this!” the tiny ginger responded.
    “Put him down, Melanie. He already had problems being in YOUR bra…” Andrei teased.
    She looked at him and yelled. “Shut up, pervert!”
    “Ouch,” Lavi yelled, still kicking his legs through the air. “That hurt my ears, you know!”
    “Oh, s-sorry…” Melanie said, setting him down on the floor. “Are you alright?” she asked quietly.
    “Y-yeah, just a bit shaken, but otherwise just fine. I’m not exactly sure how I got this way, though.” He paced around a little bit, unaware that Mel was thinking about how cute he looked at that height. “I remember the glass puncturing my shoulder, then how this tub in the rafters fell on me.”
    “A what?” Andrei asked, turning around and leaving the room. “I’ll be right back!” he yelled from down the hall.
    “What was that about?” Mel asked.
    “I don’t know, but Lavi…” Allen replied, staring at the shrunken exorcist with smiling eyes, “you’re so… so… ADORABLE!” He picked Lavi up off the floor and held him up to his face. “You’re so small and cute!”
    “Gah! Your grip is killing me, Allen! Let me go!”
    Allen loosened his grip slightly, but still firmly held him. “God, why didn’t this happen a few days ago? I wouldn’t have been NEARLY as bored! Oh, and Lavi…” he said, a slow smirk spreading across his face. “I’m no longer the Bean Sprout, am I?”
    Lavi scowled. “Put me down now, Allen, or my HAMMER will make sure that you’re still the shortstack!”
    Allen smiled. “Alright, alright. Enough fun already. You’re about as cranky as Kanda about this…” He flattened out his hand and set him down on the palm, allowing him to stand a little.
    “Well, shortstack,” Lavi replied, the nickname now feeling a little out of place, “I have a right to be upset, you know. I don’t know who did this to me.”
    “Hey,” Melanie grinned, “at least you’re safe, as long as someone’s carrying you. We wouldn’t want you getting hurt, now, would we?”
    Lavi shivered. “I don’t even want to think about something that gruesome.”
    Suddenly, Andrei burst back through the door, a hung-over Komui slung over his back like a flour sack. He put the doctor down and shook him awake again, the Chinese man replying with dazed interjections.
    Andrei slapped him. “Fix it.”
    Komui looked around. “Okay, where’d you hide him now?” he asked, looking in the broom closet.
    “Over here!” Lavi shouted loudly.
    Komui suddenly turned and smacked his head on the closet’s doorframe. “Lavi? Where are you?”
    “You idiot! I’m over by Allen and Mel!” he yelled.
    Komui followed Lavi’s voice, which was surprisingly quiet for yelling. He came over to the white-haired exorcist and looked around. “Nope. I still can’t find you. Did you turn invisible or something?”
    Lavi held a hand to his face. Cupping his hands to his mouth, he yelled even louder. “No, Komui,” he grumbled. “Why don’t you try looking down? I’m sure Allen could give you a HAND.”
    Komui tilted his eyes down until he saw someone standing on Allen’s palm. He double-took the shrunken exorcist, suddenly bending down and adjusting his glasses. “Lavi? Is that really you?” he asked, moving a hand towards a pocket on his coat.
    “About time! I was getting sick of giving you hints!” Lavi said, not sure whether to smile or be terrified. As he began to open his mouth again to say something, Komui reached down at him with a pair of tweezers. He was lifted quickly away from Allen’s palm and in front of the doctor’s face by the back of his shirt.
    “Hmm,” Komui muttered, holding up a magnifying glass to get a good look at him. “Interesting.”
    “I’m not a science experiment, now put me down!” Lavi yelled, flailing his limbs around in adorable anger.
    Komui huffed a little bit. “Well god, you’re a feisty little one aren’t you? A big temper for such a small body…”
    Lavi’s face turned bright red, and he felt insulted by Komui’s comment. “PUT…ME…DOWN……”
    “Alright, Alright!” Komui said, holding the redhead out towards Mel and dropping him into her hands. “Why don’t you hang onto him for now? He’ll be better off.” He stood up and cantered towards the door. “Well, my work here is done.”
    Lavi froze. “B-but… what about fixing this?”
    “I’ll be back in an hour or two with the conditions of this. I need time to assess this in private.”
    “Why don’t I take my foot and-“
    Mel covered Lavi with her other hand, smothering his outbursts. “Take your time, Komui, but don’t be too long. We need to know when this’ll end so he can get back to missions.”
    “Yes, I’ll see to it,” Komui said, walking out of the room. “Right after I make my morning coffee. Perhaps you should go downstairs and get breakfast yourself, Miss Bostella.”