• They were right the pool was huge! But, it wasn't just a pool -a gigantic one by the way-, there was 3 huge twisting water slides, 3 jacuzzis, 2 large kiddie pools, a food court, lawn chairs, mini tables, it was amazing! We found a couple of lawn chairs that were close to eachother and put our stuff there. "Okay, scince Sayomi was the one to stay back last time, it's my turn!" Cruz said and sat down. "Okay!" we said and we all jumped in the deep end of the pool. But, I hit something hard half way to the floor. When I reached the surface, I was staring at a handsome boy with deep dark blue eyes who was rubbing his head. "Yoichi?!" I nearly yelled. "I think I'm lucky I was underwater." he said. His hair was now flat on his head from the water. Water ran down from his white and dark locks onto his perfect cheeks- and WTF am I saying?!?!?! "What are you doing here?!" I asked defensivly. "Swimming, at least I was." Yoichi said. "Liar! You followed me here, didn't you?!" I hissed. "Yoichi?!" Himeko said, swimming over, which caused Rei and Jing to swim over too. "No, I didn't follow you. But, That doesn't change the fact I'm glad you're here." Yoichi said seriously. "Yoichi, what are you doing here?" Himeko asked, hearts in her eyes. "I came here with some friends." Yoichi said. "Yoichi!" someone called. He looked straight at me "Hide me." he said. "Why?" I asked. "She's not exactly a friend." Yoichi explained quickly. "Uh, what?" I asked. In the end, a girl with light purple curly hair started running toward us. "YOICHI!!!!" she yelled, her arms outstreched. "Awwww craaaap!" he yelled, and ran out of the pool away from her. "Yoichi!!!" she yelled as she ran after him. "Poor Yoichi!" Rei said sympathetically. "Good bye, perverts. C'mon, let's go to the water slide." I said. We waited on line for a while. When it was my turn to go, Yoichi was suddenly behind me, sat down behind me and grabbed my waist from behind. "I thought you were chased away by that girl." I said. "I'm pretty fast." he explained, and his grip tightened as we flew down the twisting slide. I do have to admit, I did end up gripping his hands as we went through the slide. At about the end of the ride, Yoichi put his hand a couple inches above my stomach. On my- "PERVERT!" I yelled. In turn, he nibbled my ear. "Get off!" I said. Just than, we hit the water, and water began to fill my lungs.

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