Chapter 8 - Struggle against time

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    *In the netherworld, already flown to Hoggmiser's castle, Vyres, Raine, Genis, Collet, Zelos, Etna, Flonne, Presea, & Vulcanos are already in the throne room with Hoggmiser discussusing about the pieces of the legendary netherwold weapon, the devils pike, to be used against John in order to stop him, and try to get him to come back to his senses.*

    Hoggmiser= You don't say? *snort* So this new age chosen is in another world causing trouble?

    Collet= It's not his fault sir. These aliens called Daleks resurected terrible people and used them to capture John and make him into this powerful being.

    Raine= She means that John is being falsly accused of being the chosen of the Black Circle and had been brainwashed by them in order to continue to use him as a tool of terror.

    Hoggmiser= Wow, sounds like something serious.

    Raine= Indeed. He's been configured into a cruxis angel and he posseses extreme power, he even defeated our strongest allies. These Daleks are also getting him to raid our elemental temples to harvest our mana from there to this world. If we dont do something, after these Daleks are done with our world, they will possibly destroy this world as well.

    Genis= We need the devil's pike to defeat him. It's our only hope against such a powerful opponent.

    Vyres= The madomwanzell and the sweet boy is right missure Hoggmiser. We need to get new members in our retaliation force from that world Symphonia and this one and help fight this terrorist group.

    Vulcanos= You should have seen what they had done to Celestria. Even though I was a frog for 2 years. I was punnished by Seraph Lamington at the time.

    Etna= And I also got a score to settle with that Alice. She stole my demon tome and claimed my throne. And one of those Daleks shot me and Flonne dead. The seraph resurected us, although he injured himself doing so. And it made me into an angel.

    Hoggmiser= It's that serious huh? Wait....*snort* I thought that Laharl was overlord?

    Etna= Oh, you didnt know?

    Flonne= He saved me from Seraph Lamington's punishment by sacrificing himself for me.

    Etna= And he came back as the most annoying prinny imaginable.

    Zelos= So, whadda say Mr. Demon? Can you help us out?

    Hoggmiser= Well....I suppose I can help. As long as you have enough money! $

    Zelos= You can pick pockets of enemies you fight as we go allong.

    Hoggmiser= I don't see why not, as long as I get a huge service fee. $

    Hoggmiser's son= Please father, not that again, unless you wanna be called a money grubber again?

    Collet= Do demons always crave for money?

    Etna= Well, it's naturally a demon thing. Money makes the neterworld go around. heart

    Raine= You have our grattitude Mr. Hoggmiser.

    Hoggmiser= Ok, deal. As long as I get some payment. I need allitle training afterall. Lisen son, it's gonna be too dangerous for you ok? I need you to watch the castle for me while im gone.

    Hoggmiser's son= I sure will dad!

    Vyres= So it's a deal.

    Hoggmiser= I have the staff piece here. So, how are you gonna get this forged? *snort*

    Raine= We have a blacksmith in our world.

    (Music dies down slowly)

    *Hoggmiser joins the party, and heads off to the next location in the neterworld, flying through the skies in Rehards, mana fuled ships from Symphonia. They flied to the next manson where the final piece would be possibly located. Meanwhile... Lloyd, Sheena, Regal, Marta, Emill, Gordon, Jennifer, Thursday, Kay, Kaolla, Shinobu, and Nyamo were in the castle discussing about setting up the temple of earth and darkness and Lloyd holding the centurion core, Tonitrus, and began the meeting.*

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    Lloyd= We got Tonitrus. Well done everyone.

    Sheena= We did it. But we lost Celcius, and I bet he's got Glacies too.

    *Suddenly, Glacies, the snowy white and pale blue rabbit with antlers appeared.*

    Glacies= Lloyd, Emill,.... you guys remember me? Im Glacies, the centurion of ice. I see you got Tonitrus as well. I hope Soloum is ok?

    *Sudenly, The core of Tonitrus glew and took phisical form, a human/sheep like hybrid looking creature colored in light violet and alien style body markings on his skin and wool.*

    Tonitrus= Nice to get out of that shere shape for awhile. Lloyd, thank you for rescuing me and Volt. Were very greatful.

    Glacies= We have no idea what that new age chosen guy is gonna do with us? By the way, where's Tenebree?

    Marta= Tenebree.... he....

    Tonitrus= He's captured too?

    Marta= Yeah,... Lumen betrayed us!

    Glacies= Lumen!? She did what? She's actually working with that guy?

    Tonitrus= It appears that way. And after all these decades, she's still angry at lord Ratatosk about that son incodent.

    (Music stops)

    Lloyd= What? A son?

    Regal= A centurion, bearing a child?

    Sheena= I never heard of that before.

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    Tonitrus= It's true, Lumen had her only son she named, "Lenume", son of the centruion of light. He grew too fond of the freedom he wanted and he spent lots of time in the human world. Ratatosk one day found out about what Lumen did and wanted Lenume to remain in the Ginugaggap.

    Glacies= Lord Ratatosk never approved of any of us centruions to bear a child. It was absolutely forbidden for us. Lumen was the only one to disagree. Thousands of years ago Lumen went out with a human. She bore a child from that human and gave birth to a half centurion. One day, he met Mithos the hero and Lumen told him to protect him at all costs. I dont know how it happened but Lenume began to act strange and wanted to become the new lord of monsters, thinking Ratatosk was too aggresive and short tempered. He planned to overthrow our master and become the lord of monsters himself. Lord Ratatosk threw him into the door of Neflhiem and sealed him away and was never heard from ever since.

    Tonitrus= Before he was sealed away, he bore a cruxis crystal that he was given as a present from Mithos. Durring Cruxis dark ages, a key crest was made called "Project Jenova" and that cruxis crystal Lenume had was bestowed in that crest,... but permanently. 200 humans that were test subjects for this project died. All of them died horrific deaths. The Cruxis Angels thought it to be too dangerous and sealed it away permanently. The cruxis angels used the chosen methood for Mithos's needs. Every centurion knows this except for Tenebree and Aqua. The rest of us stayed well informed of the times.

    Regal= That's intense. I bet Lumen must feel terrible and heartbroken.

    Marta= Oh no..... it's so sad.

    Emill= Now John's got that thing on his chest. That Jenova thing. Why make something like that in the first place?

    Lloyd= Perhaps they were trying an experiment or to attempt to make a permanent chosen?

    Kay= Sounds like reasonable theroys but who truely knows?

    Tonitrus= And now those Daleks got it and reused it again. This will be the 201st human it has now. Saving a human life from such a thing never happended before. For wanting to save this John guy, you sure are determined to save him. Kratos, Yuan and Ricter already left to Hemidall to collect specal supplies. I bet there gonna try to make a rune crest.

    Regal= I heard of that. I bet Kratos will make something to fit John like he did with Collet.

    Marta= That's great! Is it?

    Sheena= I hope they act quickly, this world has only 2 temples left.

    Gordon= What we need to do is divise a defense plan, to slow John down to give Kratos time.


    Kay= I can contact my ship and see if my crew can help in any way we can to help desighn this rune crest. But I need to find Kratos and his friends first.

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    *Suddenly, someone appraches the door.... and when the door opened, it was Lamington.*

    Lamington= Kay,.... I can accomany you to find Kratos.

    Kay= Huh? Seraph Lamington!? Whatis he doing here? I thought he was in charge of Celestria?

    Lamington= My home was too attacked by these beings that bring fear and harm you the netherworld and Symphonia. We do not have much time Kay.

    Lloyd= Woah, Mr. Lamington, are you feeling any better now?

    Lamington= I am much better. The surgeons gave me rib replacement implants. Funny...that humans were to come up with sciences and robotics and use them to replace a parrt of a body. And this other species I seen amongst them. Half elves am I correct?

    Kay= That's right. I see.

    Lamington= And there are elves in this world as well. A village called Hemidall if im correct, that's when we must part ways for now. I will take Kay with me, I wish you good luck everyone.

    Kay= I will go with him and see if I can help. Lloyd, you and the rest of you be careful. John may not mean it, but he's got some severe power. I hope if possible you can at least tell him that he's a good person inside.

    Lamington= John is indeed a good man, although he had suffered a fate I would never wish upon anybody. Brainwashing and tampering with another being from subjugating weaker beeings, is a terrible sin.

    Regal= .......

    Lamington= Regal,.....what's wrong?

    Regal= I too lost someone because of that. A member of our group also had been tampered as well.....

    Lloyd= That's right, ....Presea.....she was taken to Syback for a terrible experiment by Rodyle those years ago. I knew people had been used by others. You see, Half elves were discriminated by humans and elves because they were blamed for the Kharlan war that took place 4000 years ago in this world.

    Regal= And Cruxis used the order of the chosen and world regeneration to harness the power and split the world into two. Now after the worlds were united, the two nations have a new kind of discrimination, Sylveranti are being looked down as barbarians and animals.

    Lamington= This is terrible. I never imagine that a world would bestow such a crysis. I must part ways now. It's been an honor to be with you all and for what you did for me.

    *Lamington and Kay leave the party*

    Lloyd= Good luck to you guys too. Lamington.....Kay.

    (Music dies down slowly)

    *Meanwhile.....in the netherworld Dalek Pilgramage....the Daleks begin to harvest mana by their mana purging plant built in one of the floating islands in the sky called the "Siege tower" where Daleks had been harvesting mana from the other world of Symphonia and of the netherworld.*

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    Dalek 1= The raiding of the Symphonian mana temples is almost complete. It requires that two more elemental temples remain in order to complete the cycle.

    Dalek 2= Once the new age chosen has completed his task, he will be ordered to return to the netherworld and he will now carry out the next phase in Opperation - mana siege.

    Dalek 3= Once the raiding of the temples is complete, Alice will no longer be of use to us and the new age chosen will be ordered to exteminate Alice and the rest of the black circle. Their usefullness are comming to an end. The bodies will then be salvaged to create a new race of Daleks that can harness the power of mana and magic.

    Supreme Dalek Blue= Exelent! The plans are approved. We are almost done with Symphonia. Once the temple cycle is complete, we can begin our attack on the Symphonians once the mana of that world is fully harvested. Neflhiem will open through the Ginugaggap and the demons will be free to roam Symphonia. These demons will be salvaged as well for the new race of Daleks. The demons of Neflhiem will also make good subjugations for the Dalek cause.

    Dalek 2= Incomming message from Supreme Dalek Red!

    Supreme Dalek Blue= Put the message on screen.

    Dalek 2= I obey!

    Supreme Dalek Red (radio)= The modifications and reconstruction of the GFS Valhalla is almost complete. Your salvaged mana will also be transfered for the Valhalla mana cannon. Once completed, it will be tested on the surface of Symphonia to ensure it's power is sufficent. Once testing is completed, it will be taken to other galaxy's and our conquest for galactic domination shall commence. We will become the supreme beeings of the universe!


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    *Meanwhile......back in the Netheroworld....Genis, Raine, Etna, Flonne, Presea, Vyres, Vulcanos, Collet, Zelos, and now Hoggmiser fly to another manson rumored to have the final piece.*

    Etna= The last one is in the castle of Madarus, the x-vassal of our late king.

    Flonne= You don't mean him!?

    Collet= Excuse me, who is Madarus?

    Etna= He's that creep who tricked me into betraying the prince and forcing him into a cursed gameboard. I did trick the prince when he was allive but..... if I didnt obey Madarus, he would have ..... wait a minnute....THAT'S NONE OF YOUR BUISNESS! Flonne dont you dare tell her!

    Genis= Hey, Etna, take it easy on Collet!

    Raine= Genis. Behave.

    Genis= Etna yelled at Collet!

    Zelos= Ahhhhhh the sweet yelling of angel Etna.

    Etna= ZELOS! SHUT UP!!

    Presea= Etna, don't be mean. Your an angel now. Please behave like one.

    Etna= Are you always this emotionless Presea? No offense but I think that's kind'a wierd.

    Raine= Excuse me Etna, is that the castle over there!?

    Etna= Yes it is. Time to land. Prepare yourself, Madarus is a tricky sniveling coward. Everyone be on your guard.

    Flonne= I never heard Etna talk like that before. Must be her new angel side kicking in.

    Collet= Really? Im sure she can become a great angel, it's just gonna have to take time for her to adjust.

    Presea= I agree Collet.

    Zelos= She's still a cutie, angel or not, so are you three. Ahhhhh to be arround such fine lovely little ladies...

    Raine= Oh for god sake Zelos, were ready to land.

    Hoggmiser= *snort* What's his problem?

    Genis= You really dont wanna know.

    *The reihards desend down to the yard of Madarus's castle and Raine used the CCunits to capsulize the flying machines so nobody could steal them away while they went inside the castle.*

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    Zelos= So, is every demon in this world rich? This Madarus, I wonder what he's like?

    Etna= Well Mr pink, in the netherwold, even your allies and enemies change randomly and you cant trust a demon. That's the way of a demon. That's what the demon prince Laharl told Flonne long ago.

    Zelos= Ouch. That's rough.

    Vyres= Now, according to the notes, he's got the last piece. The septer part to complete the weapon.

    *Zelos knocks on the door and the door opens and there was a butler answering the door, but to Zelos's suprise, it was a zombie and it spoke.*

    Zombie= Oh ... guests. Please enter at your own free will. My master will greet you shortly.

    Flonne= Thank you. Again.

    Zombie= Don't I know you miss?

    Flonne= The name is Flonne.

    Zombie= I knew I seen you somewhere before.

    *Everyone walked inside and looked arround at the expensive furniture and treasures in display. and later, they found a table and seen a box shaking on the table with tape on it.*

    Etna= He's still in there. Good. This should make the hunting easier. Everyone, search the place in every nook and cranny.

    Vyres= Ok.

    Zelos= Ok, Ill start looking in the bedrooms.

    Raine= I'll start in the kitchens.

    Genis= I'll search the corridors for hidden vaults.

    Flonne= I'll look in the guests rooms.

    Etna= Whatever, just find it and make it quick.

    *Later..... it took an hour but Etna finaly found the last piece. She called everyone back and regrouped in the main loby.*

    Raine= This is it. We got all three pieces. Now we need to forge it back together.

    Genis= We can take this to Dirk.

    Vyres= But we need Alchemiest to help forge it back together.

    Hoggmiser= I say it would take at least 3 pieces of it to work.

    Collet= I have some of those in my pocket. A bunch from our last trip all over the world and from the guild jobs I been taking.

    Zelos= Exelent Collet! Now we can go to our world and get that thing forged.

    Raine= I believe were gonna have to bring Dirk to Altessa, it would take the both of them to forge it. This weapon is more complicated than for one person allone. Let's go then, we have no time to loose!

    (Music dies down)

    *Everyone got back in the reihards and flown in the sky and flew right into a divine light cloud and reappeared from a dark stormy cloud and they were back in Symphonia. Now they headed to Sylverant and towards Iselia where Dirk lived..... but the reihards began to go a bit uneasy and began to land faster than normal. Everyone landed safely anyway. They landed right at Dirks house.*

    (Music playing - Dirk, im home/ Tales of Symphonia)Download

    Dirk= Whuzzat? Oh, Raine, Genis. Im glad your safe. Where'yer been?

    Raine= Dirk, it's great to see you again. You will not believe where we been and for what cause.

    *Later.....Raine explained everything to Dirk.*

    Dirk= I dun believe it! Your fighting the Black Circle everyone's talkin about?

    Vyres= That's correct missure.

    Dirk= So he's a demon?

    Raine= It's ok Dirk. He's with us. We would never had gotten this far without his help. Hoggmiser is to the thanked as well.

    Hoggmiser= Hehehehe. *snort*

    Etna= Hey, not a bad place you got here Dirk.

    Dirk= What's your name lass? Etna isnt it?

    Flonne= It's nice to meet you Mr. Dirk sir.

    Dirk= It's nice to see some angels too.

    Etna= I was a demon once, and for over 1300 years too.

    Zelos= Yikes, your that old?

    Etna= Yep.

    Genis= So, we need to get this demon weapon forged, but we need Altessa to help.

    Dirk= I see. But were gonna have to get it forged quickly. I dunno for how long me boy can hold off that new age chosen.

    Raine= His name is John, and he's a traveling companion of a person we have yet to introduce you too. John got caught up in this, and it's not his fault. But we do need this weapon to fight him, otherwise we don't stand a chance.

    Etna= Everyone to the reihards.

    (music dies down)

    *When everyone got on the reihards,.... the flight was a bit slow because of the mana shortage in the world. Etna and Flonne felt the reihards tremble and shake and they were in for a rough flight. They flown across the area of the world and gotten to the place near Ozzett.*

    Presea= It's not too far from here now.

    Genis= Look! The tower of thunder!

    Raine= Oh no. John's getting close, we need to hurry to Altessa.

    *As they were in Tethe-alla, the reihards flown more smoothly but still had some disturbances because of 2 temples were not raided yet by John. As they reached Altessa's house, they landed and knocked on the door.*

    (music playing - Presea/ Tales of Symphonia)Download

    Presea= Altessa, im home.

    Altessa= Presea, im glad to see you.

    Dirk= It's been a long time Altessa.

    Altessa= Dirk, it's good to see you again.

    Raine= Altessa, we need your help. We have some guests you need to meet. We been traveling in the netherworld, another dimenson of angels and demons that live together. It's hard to explain, but let me put it this way....

    *After a long discussion.....*

    Altessa= My gosh. So this John character has met a fate far worse than Presea long ago.....

    Presea= John must be saved. I know we can save him, but we need to forge this demon weapon so we can confront him. Without it, we cant hope to win.

    Altessa= I am not comfortable forging a demon weapon, but if it's to help save both worlds, then I will be glad to help. Dirk, are you ready?

    Dirk= I am ready.

    Presea= I will help.

    *So, the reforging of the devil's pike began and it took a half hour to remake it....and now...*

    Altessa= Well, here it is.

    Dirk= Man, I haven't had this much of a challenge, but here you go.

    Presea= Thank you everyone.

    *Raine held it and took a good look at it, the devil's pike. Shiny Alchemiest color with a scythe and tripple prong blade and a septer like bottom and it gave chills to all of the party members when they looked at it.*

    Genis= We did it.

    Collet= Im glad I helped by collecting what we needed to make this.

    Raine= let's go to the castle. We need to meet up with Lloyd and tell him the good news.

    (Music changes to - Danger signal/ Tales of Symphonia 2)

    *meanwhile......Lloyd and a party of solgers of the castle were in the temple of Earth, with huge barriers, steel bars, cannons, explosives, guards armed to the teeth, and Lloyd and his party members near the temple's altar ready to defend it with all they got. Outside..... the black circle troops were outside ready to attack. Alice, Decus, and John were in the far back of the enemey lines. The black circle team were making preperations.....*

    Black Circle grunt 1= They got this place rigged.

    Black Circle grunt 2= They have everything set up to resist us. Their efforts are futile. They will never beat us now!

    Black Circle grunt 3= Were gonna win this thing, and the Daleks will reward us with mana. And this world.

    Alice= That's right everyone. Were gonna fix this world and restore the Sylverant dynasty that fool Brute failed to do.

    Decus= Oh yeah, he wasnt so good of a commander is he? Your the commander now.

    Alice= That's right. Ok everyone, let the raid commence! Cut down any in your path! The new age chosen must go through!

    *The Black circle grunts entered the area of the enterance of the temple and the martel knights began to hold them back as much as they could. But the Black circle troops were just too powerful for them. They had humans, half elves, monsters, and demons vs. the all human group fighting to protect the earth temple.*

    John= We dont need to take so many lives do we?

    Alice= You must forget all of that crap Johnny. Forget about compasson and embrace the soon to have endevable power were gonna share together.

    Decus= Oh yes. With all that power, i'll be the best swordsman in the world!

    Hawk= And I can get revenge on that Brute for what he did to me!

    Alice= Nice to have you again Hawkie. heart And as for that castle, we already set the bombs from the Lezerano co. to the castle's underground foundations without them knowing. We'll let this carnage remind them as a warning.

    *Meanwhile.....at the altar...... The solders of the kingdom was calling to Lloyd.*

    Solger 1= Lloyd! The Black Circle is at the first line. We can't hold them back for long!

    Solger 2= These guys are strong son's of bitches! There gonna get through soon.

    Lloyd= Hang in there! We need to give Yuan more time!

    *A huge clatter was heard through out the entire temple and voices of screaming people and shouting and sword clashing was heard.*

    Solger 1= They broke through the first line!

    Solger 2= Deploy the cannons! FIRE!

    *Meltokio solgers began to fire their ship dock sized cannons and fired on every Black Circle member there was that appeared, and then the black circlre members counter attacked with magic spells, guns, and grenades. Some even had rocket launchers and bazookas.*

    Solger 1= Those guys have advanced weaponry!

    Solger 2= They got swords and spells, plus weapons we never seen before. There heading for the 2nd line!

    Lloyd= Stay in your position! Keep them back!!

    Solger 1= Damnit! Where are the other members?

    Solger 2= The cannons can slow them down but there still comming!

    Solger 3= There at the 2nd line now!

    Regal= We need to get the tired and wounded to retreat or we will have lots of casualties.

    Alice= This is Alice of the Black Circle! Surrender this instant and we will stop this fighting!

    John= Surrender the altar and we will spare your people! Do you hear me!

    *More fighting and battling continued, and both the black circle and the martel knights were taking heavy beatings and few casualties. Some Black Circle members retreated and more continued to raid and break through barriers and steel baracades set by the kingdom.*

    Solger 1= We havent had this much fierce fighting since the Vangard. These guys are just too much.

    Solger 2= Not even the Desians were this strong.

    Solger 3= They broke through the 2nd line! I repeat, the 2nd line has been breeched! There going through the mine tracks.

    Solger 2= Use the explosives. Blast them away!

    *The kingdom solgers detonated their explosives blasting through the black circle troops as they treaded and allot of them were wounded and killed. But more continued to advance.*

    Alice= There not slowing down at all. They asked for it. John, it's time to go in. Go get em!

    Decus= Go John. Show them who's boss!

    *John enters the earth temple and he walks through the walkways of th earth temple.*

    Solger 1= New age chosen sited! He's going for the hail mary!

    Solger 2= This is it, were done for.

    Lloyd= Get your people there to retreat! Fall back!!

    Solger 2= FALL BACK!! FALL BACK!!

    Solger 1= We need to retreat through the back ways of the temple!

    Black circle grunt 1= Were winning!

    Black circle grunt 2= Were almost there! Make way for the chosen! Keep him protected!

    Solger 1= Snipers! Shoot the new age chosen! KILL HIM!!

    Solger 2= That's not Lloyd's plan! Don't do it!

    *Snipers began to shoot arrows at John but John fromed a magic barrier arround himself and the arrows bounced off.*

    Solger 3= The 3rd line has been reached! After this, then it's all up to you Lloyd.

    Lloyd= Get all solgers from lines 1 and 2 to retreat!

    Black Circle grunt 1= Shall I kill the retreaters?

    John= No. Let them go. They done enough. No need to kill unless they try to kill us.

    Black Circle grunt 2= Understood. Let the retreating enemies go! Go for the target!

    (Music changes to - Serenade of the elves/ Tales of Symphonia)

    *Meanwhile....in the village of Hemidall, Kratos, Yuan and Ricter were in the house of the elder of the elves and been discussing the crysis and the news of the world.*

    Elder elf= So the Kharlan war is upon us again?

    Kratos= My people of Derris Kharlan is not to blame for this. We were attacked by aliens called "Daleks" by hostile intent. They showed us no mercey.

    Yuan= I did some bad things in the past, but I still would like to amend for what I did.

    Elf 1= So who are these Daleks?

    Kratos= From what I had heard, their alien creatures encased in a pepperpot like robotic body. Their immune to most casual weaponry and are uneffected by pressure. I once came here to amend for what I did to my son, and help build a rune crest for the chosen Collet. I now am gathring the same materials once more for another person. A traveler had been put under the Jenova key crest.

    Elder Elf= We know nothing of this Jenova key crest, but if you wish to save this traveler, you need to make it as soon as you can. I will gather my best craftmen. We are about to help make a key crest for you that in a way we never tought the dwarves of. This specal methood we kept secret from the world. I know we did nothing to help your son, but this time, we like to help amend for that as well.

    Yuan= That would be most greatful. But if this plan fails, then we would have no choice but to kill the traveler. The other travelers who were with him might have to accept it.

    Ricter= I may have to agree with Yuan. If this plan dosent turn out sucsessful, then we will have no choice but to use deadly force against him.

    Elder elf= If you are to be sucsessful in saving him, and somehow restore his mind, then he may be of great help fighting against these aliens who rob this world of mana.

    *Suddenly, a few elves entered the house....*

    Elf 1= Sir, we have 2 new visitors.

    Elf 2= An angel and a humanoid we never seen before. They claim that they can help us save the one Kratos speaks of.

    Elf 1= They have the kings letters and permision notes.

    Elder elf= Bring them before me.

    *When the visitors entered...It was Seraph Lamington from Celestria and Kay of the MDF shpaceship, Kakarott.*

    Kratos= It's you. The one that I heard about from that other world.

    Lamington= Kratos, Me and this young lady have come to aid you.

    Kay= Im so glad we found you. I want to help you into creating that key crest since the Jenova project is based on alien technology. We been studying Daleks for some time and we have mimiced some of their methods as well. We wish to add it into that key crest you are about to make. A half elf named Kate sacrificed her life for Sheena and she gave her these pictures and blueprints of this dredful key crest. Sheena then gave it to me.

    Ricter= Kate..... you dont mean.....NO!

    Yuan= Ricter, are ou alright?

    Kratos= Oh no. So Kate had fallen victim of the Daleks.

    Elder elf= Let us prepare and create the most powerful rune crest we ever made since hundereds of years. It's been very long since then. Let us pray that it will work. I have a feeling that the new age chosen may be turned to good and can help save this world and this netherworld you speak of.

    *So, Kay, Lamington, Kratos, Yuan, Ricter, and the elves begin to forge the super rune crest.......... Meanwhile........Lloyd and his friends been busy holding the black circle back as long as they can and there just about to fail there mission...*

    (Music changes to - Beat ones way/ Tales of Symphonia 2)Download

    Solder 1= This isnt good Lloyd. They broken though the 3rd line! This is it, after the 4th line, your on your own!

    Solder 2= These guys are powerful. We beat some but they keep comming.

    Regal= There's only a group left.

    Lloyd= You people of the 3rd line retreat now.

    Sheena= Oh man, this is getting intense.

    Solder 3= They reached the 4th line of defense! This is it!

    Gordon= Ok, Thursday! Morph into power cannon.


    Jennifer= Were ready.

    Lloyd= Ok guys, get prepaired, this is the 5th and final line. Once they 4th breaks, it's up to us to stop them.

    Emill= Oh man, and I thought the Vangard were tough.

    Marta= We could use some of that toughness about now.

    Regal= Let's hope we can buy the other groups more time. I have a bad feeling that there going to take this temple.

    Solder 1= AHHHHHH!!! The 4th line is broken!

    Solger 2= They got through! RETREAT!!

    Lloyd= That's it people, get out of here!


    *Lloyd and the others prepare to fight the remaining black circle themselves and began to take on a big fight. Regal performed a combo of cresent moon and spin kicks on incomming black circle grunts, and flung a few away. Sheena used her summon spirit abilities to bash away a few of the black circle groups. Emill used his raiging tempest and tiger blade combos to beat up incomming enemies. They seem to be winning so far now.*

    Black Circle grunt 1= These guys are tough!

    Black Circle grunt 2= We cant take all this beating anymore!

    Black Circle grunt 3= We got to retreat! We been weakened by the resisting solgers.

    Alice= Retreat! We will deal with them now. John, it's up to you now. Waste them!

    *The Black Circle grunts finaly gave up and retreated and fell back. But this wasn't over. John was appraching the altar of Gnome. Lloyd, Sheena, Gordon, Jeniffer, Thursday, Emill, and Marta were of the final defense prepairing for the fight against John.*

    John= Why...... why do you insist on resisting like this?

    Lloyd= John! Listen to me! Your being used by the Black Circle. Look arround you! See what they done! Look what they made you do!

    Emill= All of this mana purging is going to ruin this world!

    Marta= This isn't you John! I heard you were a good person. Snap out of it!

    Regal= John, I am so sorry for what has happened to you.

    Kurtis= Your being controled by these terrorists! Dont you see your service to them lead us into this!?

    Jennifer= John! Please stop this. I been under someones control before myself. I hurt my friends too that way. I know your a good person!

    Alice= OH SHUT UP!! John, go into that mode thingy!

    John= Mode thingy....what's that....ohhohhhh....AHHHHH!

    (Music stops)

    *John grabs his head in pain and goes into sadist mode*

    (Music changes to - Mystery girl/ Final Fantasy 4 the after years)Download

    Alice= So that's it. Just like little pet.

    John (sadist mode)= Well, dear Alice....im here. heart

    Alice= Wow, your ....talking like me. So that's what these Daleks did to you. Now, show me that power ok?

    Decus= His eyes..... he's like that kid over there...the one who stabbed ME!

    Emill= That penguin thing.....that cant be Decus!?

    Marta= Those Daleks resurected him and Alice. She's been remade a demon.

    Alice= Well well, if it isnt Mart-mart. I have some unfinished buisiness to deal with you and little pet.

    John (sadist mode)= Mart-mart. You killed my sweet little Alice I so much care about. Little pet, who killed dear dumbo-Decus, the one who love her.....you killed him.....b*****d.

    Emill= John! You got to snap out of it! There using you!!

    Marta= Look, John, It's true we killed them, but we did it in self defense. We had no choice. They were about to kill us. We acted in self defense.

    Alice= Don't listen to them my dear. They interfeared with us and Ricter. We needed to get the power of Neflhiem but we were stopped by those two.

    Decus= Lloyd. He killed that kids parrents.

    Emill= JOHN! Dont let them fool you. Decus killed my parrents and framed Lloyd. He used Solum's core to turn into Lloyd.

    John (sadist mode)= Alice. Is there something your not telling me?

    Alice= Look, I told Decus to do it for the Vangard. Those parrents of little pet were gonna betray us. I lost my parrents to this world regeration crap.

    Lloyd= JOHN! Alice has brainwashed you.

    Emill= John...you must.....ahhhhhh...

    *Emill goes into Ratatosk mode again*

    Regal= EMILL!

    Emill (r-mode)= Forget this negociation crap and just beat this baby talking b*****d!!

    Lloyd= Emill, no!

    *Emill fires a demon fang on John, and this provoked him.*

    Marta= Oh, Emill. Now you done it!

    (Music changes to - Mystery girl battle/ Final Fantasy 4 the after years)Download

    John (sadist mode)= Ahhh. You just gave me an owwie. It's time to teach you what happens when you mess with the new age chosen!

    *John engages the group! Thursday fires the cannon and hits John directly. Then Gordon lunges at John giving him his Gordon Punch and Gordon Finnish, Kurtis then hit's John with his rising metal fist attack, but John uses a Gungir attack and Leavetan attack, sending tremors from all over the temple, while everybody scattered to dodge John's attacks. Lloyd attacked John with rising falcon and tempest beast attacks. Regal performed a cresent moon kick and drill kick attacks on John, but all attacks did only little damage on him. John casts (Photon) and Jennifer and Kurtis jumped out of the way before it hit them. Then John casted (Prisim Sword) and everyone moved out of the way.*

    Marta= Hey! He's got the same attack magic as I do!

    Regal= He's light elemental!


    Gordon= What!? 9000? That's rediculous.

    Jennifer= Were biting off more than we can chew here!

    *Jennifer fired a cosmic arrow and hit John directly and John began to mimic every attack used earlier on him. He used Regal's Cresent moon kicks, Lloyd's tempests, Thursday's cannon attack. Emill now used his secret arte. Devil's hellfire. John took the whole attack and still minimum damage. Sheena used her angel seal but John used a vile seal on her instead.*

    Sheena= He's got my ninjitsu too!

    Lloyd= Were not gonna get ourselves killed. EVERYONE RETREAT! THE TEMPLE IS TAKEN! RETEAT!! John! You win. We give up. Please let us go!

    John (sadist mode)=......., Very well. Allow me to send you out of here.

    *John casted (Teleport) on Lloyd's entire party and Lloyd, Regal, Marta, Emill, Gordon, Kurtis, Sheena, Jennifer, and Thursday were teleported back to the temple grounds all lying on the ground tired and exausted from the battle. The could only watch as the yellow aurra like barrier covered the entire temple of earth.*

    (Music stops)

    Lloyd= We failed.

    Marta= Damnit! We were just no match for him. He just ignored us.

    Regal= It's impssible to talk to him while he is in sadist mode.

    (Music playing - From Darkside Emill/ Tales of Symphonia 2)Download

    Emill (r-mode)= Got damnit!! This new age chosen isn't gonna get away with this! He has no idea what the hell he's doing!!

    Sheena= Emill. We knew we couldnt beat him. We could only stall him to give Kratos more time.

    Emill (r-mode)= Sure. While he's taking his merry time, he should look at this place! It's sealed. The temple of darkness is all there's left. After that, the Ginugaggap's vault is going to open and those friggin demons will get out. That door already got opened last time, I doubt you numbskulls would have any better ideas then to just nail the vault like it's your stupid house door!!

    Regal= Emill, listen to yourself. Please calm down.

    Gordon= Listen kid, we did the best we could.

    Kurtis= Were lucky John still has some sanity left in his heart. That may have spared us. Let us all be fortunate.

    Marta= Emill, John is not to blame for this and you know that. It's what this Black Circle and Alice had done to him.

    Emill (r-mode)= That's not my damn problem!! Let me tell you this all of you! If you keep meddelin with that fake chosen and babble about his innocence and if it cost's me this world and if Neflhiem takes over and if Symphonia goes to hell in a handbasket, im gonna put you all in a world of pain!! IS THAT CLEAR!!?

    *Somewhere..... in the far distance.....Alice was in a Black Circle flagship above them from the sky.....She stood there at the slide door with a megaphone calling to the group...*

    Alice= We will return for the final temple. Were retreating because you guys gave us a fair beating. If anyone dares to interfear with us while we raid the temple of darkness, I will blow up your preacous castle of Meltokio! I moved the bombs from the Lezerano company and put them all in the castle foundation! This is your final warning! heart

    Gordon= So...that's Alice. Why is she doing this for the Daleks.

    *The could only watch as the flagships take off and fly away back to their home bases. All of the solgers from Meltokio were gathering the wounded and took them back to the castle. It appears that there's only one temple left and Alice is holding the castle as a hostage by planting bombs in the foundation. Kay and Lamington aids Kratos, but time is running short. Even with the Devil's pike assembled, will they all be able to confront John again? Stay tuned next chapter....*

    (Music dies down)

    *Etna Epilouge*

    (Music playing - Witch hunting/ Disgaea)Download

    Etna= Next time on tales of Disgaea, The Devil's pike is complete, and the super rune crest is in progress, but John had already siezed the earth temple. Now only the darkness temple remains.

    Emill (r-mode)= HEY! Do you always go jabbering like this while were in a crysis? Im not loosing my world to this, you hear me!?

    Etna= You know, you remind me of someone I know.

    Lloyd= And who would that be?

    Etna= Why Laharl of corse. Speaking of Laharl, I wonder where he's been all this time? Im suprised that he's not with us lending us a hand.

    Emill (r-mode)= Well, why dont he just come and give us a hand then?

    Etna= Well, he's a stuborn prince. Even if I had a clue I wouldnt know where to start. Now I wonder where those other people are? Oh well, tune in next time on Tales of Disgaea, chapter 9, The hunt for time.

    Prinny= They better hurry up and help us dood.

    Etna= WRONG LINE!!

    prinny= Sorry, my bad dood. *AHEM* Look forward to it dood.

    To be continued......