Love is in the air, but hearts are also being broken this harsh winter. Stupid February!

    I intertwined my finger in a few strands of my hair and twisted it around. Eichi had left a few minutes ago to go help Ryuu or whatever. I felt kinda woozy. Why was Eichi so mad at me?

    I got up and walked upstairs to my bedroom--well, mine and Eichi's--and found a present on the bed. It looked remotely flat. I picked it up. It was just wrapping paper. I crumpled it up and threw it at the doorway. Eichi had decided to stand there and it hit him in the face. He chuckled and turned around, walking away. "You're damn right to leave," I growled. I shut the door and locked it, which was no use since Eichi could teleport.

    I stopped feeling woozy and sat on the plush bed. Once I did, I got very nauseous. As I felt bile creeping up my throat, I opened the door and ran to the bathroom. I vomited, just a little less than I normally would, and kneeled in front of the toilet. Puking seemed like a daily routine to me, but it was missing one thing; Eichi holding my hair back and comforting me. I decided not to be alone while I was nauseaous. "E-Eichi..." I called out weakly. He ran to my side and kneeled next to me, kissing my neck. "I'm sorry," he whispered. I nodded and lost my nausea, just a little bit. I was feeling more lightheaded than anything. Eichi flushed the toilet, thinking I was done, but I hacked once more and fainted on Eichi's broad shoulder.


    I woke up to Eichi drinking my blood in our bedroom. I flinched and spat, "Eichi! What are you DOING?!" He stopped and said emotionlessly, "Oh. You're awake." I blushed out of anger and yelled, "I just threw up! Why are you drinking my blood! I passed OUT!" He chuckled as I hit him with a pillow. "That was three days ago, my love," he replied.

    "Three DAYS?! Eichi!!!"

    "What am I supposed to do, Ayu dear?"

    "Wait until I've regained my energy to drink my FRICKEN' BLOOD!"

    "Well, yelling won't do you any good, my love. You'll have a panic attack or faint again."

    I breathed hard through my nose. "Jerk," I said sharply and kissed his neck anyways. Eichi suppressed a laugh. "You know you love me," he grinned. I nodded and laid my head on his shoulder. "Um, Eichi?" I asked softly.

    "Yes, Ayu dear?"

    "You, um... you don't think I have Schizophrenia, do you?"

    He glared at me for a little while, then replied, "I dunno."

    "Cuz... you know..."


    "I have all the symptoms..."

    For some reason, this made Eichi laugh. My face flushed.

    "Not funny, Eichi!"

    "I assume you believe you have Bulimia as well?"

    "Well... actually..."

    "Bullshit. You have no mental disorders."

    "Oh? I have Pica too!"

    "As I said, bullshit."

    "Nooo, look!" I started chewing on my phone. "Yummy," I grumbled."

    "Nice try," he replied, and picked me up. My eyes widened. I know this'll make him believe I have Schizophrenia. I pointed in front of us and screamed. Eichi nearly dropped me.

    "What, Ayu?!"


    "No, silly girl. That's a couch."

    But I actually looked at where I was pointing, and a Werewolf huddled behind the couch, staring at us with thirsty eyes.