No kidding. I hate my life!

    The Werewolf growled and crawled towards us. Eichi did a laugh that sounded like much throat clearing. I stumbled backwards trying to not be eaten. "E-Eichi...?" I asked. He was doubled over in laughter. Wakoji was right; he does sound like the solar system exploded.

    The Werewolf advanced on me. I was trembling--and paralyzed--in fear. It pounced on me and started... licking my face? I frowned. I know what's going on here.

    "Ryuu," I sneered. But the wolf gently shook its head. I pondered. After a while, LIGHTBULB!

    "Takuto, you a**hole!" I growled. He ripped the Werewolf costume off and chuckled. Eichi was on the ground, wheezing, trying to catch his breath. I kicked Takuto, then proceeded to kick Eichi. They broke into laughter all over again and I ran into my room. How could they be so damn cruel?!

    Before I could sit on my bed, I caught Airashii and Ryuu making out. I frowned. "Go get it on somewhere else, dorks!" I giggled. Airashii pushed Ryuu off her and they scuddled into their own room like little crabs. I found a condom on the bed. "Ewww," I moaned and threw it across the hall into their room. I heard Airashii giggle and shut the door. Um, ew.

    Eichi appeared behind me, his face red. "Um," he said. But he didn't start saying anything else.

    "Eichi, you okay?"


    He didn't reply. His lips crashed onto mine and I toppled backwards. He chuckled. I tried to push him off. "Get off, pervert!" I shouted. Takuto passed our room on his way to the bathroom, saw us, and giggled, "Naughty, naughty," and proceeded into the bathroom.

    I finally heaved Eichi off me, blushing like a tomatoe. "D-Don't do that again... j-jerk..." I stammered. He boomed in laughter, but didn't say anything. He didn't have to; I climbed onto our bed and fell asleep.


    ~.;[Dream in Ayu's Perspective]:.~

    I looked around the dream setting. The room was tiny and everything was black, and there was no Eichi. I called out his name, with my voice wavering. A hiss in response. A black cloaked figure appeared in front of me. Suddenly, a spotlight was aimed towards his face and he unsheathed the cloak from his face, revealing ugly crimson eyes and deathly pointy teeth... like daggers. He walked towards me. "Ahh," he sighed, his voice unwelcoming and vengeful, "I've been wondering when you'd show up." He walked past me, running his freezing fingertips against my cheek. He was behind me now, so I turned around. The spotlight followed his face.

    His mouth twisted into an ugly smirk I wanted to slap right off his face. I opened my mouth to speak, but he pressed a ghost white finger to my lips. "Hush..." He said seductively. I felt so angry. Who is this guy?! Why is he so ugly?! And WHY IS HE A VAMPIRE?!

    "I," he chuckled hideously, "am Kurai." He whisked past me again, dragging his nails through my cheek to make it bleed. He was now in front of me again, with that bright spotlight on his ugly face. I held my cheeck and whimpered. "W-Where am I?" I whispered, tears creeping their way out of my eyes. He chuckled again, but evilly, "You've been brought to be exicuted. Scared enough, sweetie, or shall I tell you more?" I wanted to stay strong. This is only a dream; I won't really die. "T-Tell me more..." I uttered. The tears streamed down my face like a waterfall. Okay, maybe I was scared. But this could be funny.

    "You're precious Eichi," he started, smirking again, pacing around me, the spotlight never leaving his ugly face, "was sent by me and my partner-in-murder, Takeshi, to kill your useless sister before she died. But she went down with Leukemia and died, and we can't kill the already dead, can we? So we decided you would be a perfect target. After all, your blood grants immortality. We'll be immortal and kill someone at the same time, all the while breaking the young Vampire's heart.

    "But, if you were to become, say, a Vampire... we could still kill you. We're Vampires ourselves, and we want immortality from you, dear..." He walked over to me and kissed my neck, then trailed up to my bloody cheek. He licked the smeared blood off it and I felt his ugly, cold lips pull into an ugly smile. "We'll look forward to seeing you," he purred.

    And then I woke up, screaming.