More like Dreams About Creepy Vampire Guys That Want to Kill You!

    Eichi shushed me and my lower lip quivered, like I would cry. "You always have bad dreams," Eichi reassured, "so why not be strong and ignore them?" I shook my head. "No," I said sharply, "this one was much more. There... was this guy named... um... Kurai... and Takeshi... and, um... he said... he said he sent you to kill my... my sister... but... she died... and... and they sent you to... to... to kill me instead... and... and... oh, Eichi... is it true...?" I went from strong and sharp to quivering all over and, well, blob-like. Eichi blanched whiter than he already was.

    "Kurai... I'm gonna strangle him..." Eichi muttered under his breath. My eyes widened. Why did I always have dreams about people Eichi knew?!

    Eichi turned his attention to me again. "Yes," he said slowly, like he didn't want to believe it either, "it's true. All of it. Those... those kinds of dreams are very rare and when you have them, they are likely to come true. The correct name for them is Night Terror. The more often you have them, the sooner they'll come true." I felt slightly nauseaous, but used all my willpower to keep the bile down. All I could do was gasp. I couldn't even talk. I decided to think-talk because Vampires can read minds.

    Eichi... oh, lawdy... does this really mean I'm going to die?

    Eichi looked really uncomfortable. I know he knows, he just can't tell me without breaking my heart. Finally, he spoke up. "Well, my love... if I don't bring you to them when they want you... they'll kill me instead... so, yes..." I felt more nausea coming on.

    Is there... is there any way you could just stop this all? So I won't... die?

    Eichi didn't respond verbally. Instead he shook his head. He was expecting an answer, but my brain and mouth stayed silent. I just needed him to say the one thing I want to hear; yes. But instead, he spoke up again. "Well... I-I could... I could try, of course... I'll do anything for you..." I smiled; it was good enough. But then I frowned again. There was one more question I didn't want to ask.

    Uh... but... you kidnapped me for a reason. Was... was this your reason? So you wouldn't die?

    Eichi actually chuckled, but he did it a second too long, so I knew it was forced. "Yes... and no!" That made me scowl. "How could you be so selfish?" I whispered, my voice cracking and wavering and all that other good stuff. "To you, I guess I'm a worm, and Kurai and Takeshi are the two fish ready to dig in. You're the... you're the selfish fisher; all in it just for the sake of staying alive." I was actually proud of my epic metaphor, but I'll pat myself on the back later, when all the drama clears up.

    That made Eichi turn red with anger. "Oh, if you think I'm so selfish then what's your theory on why I didn't give you to them already?! If I really didn't love you... if I really didn't care for you... then why haven't I let you go?!" But it seemed like a question for more himself then me.

    I actually gave it a thought though. "Well, dear," I whispered, my voice cracking again, "I'm not sure. At first I hated you, but you learn to love people. That's why," I took his hand and got all weepy, because I'm such a wimp at heart--or, just wimpier. I'm such an old lady. At least what I said calmed down the almighty Vampire.

    "Perhaps you're right, Ayu dear, but people also learn to let go. That's the skill I'll need for the dreadful day you die," Eichi said, smiling half-heartedly. "I need to, also, only because I'd never see you again either," I half-contradicted.

    Eichi sighed. "If you were more unlikeable this wouldn't be such a problem and you'd be gone in a second flat, without my trying to wiggle out of the deal and whatnot," he fantasized. That actually offended me and flattered me at the same time. I'm glad he thinks I'm likeable, but if I weren't so likeable he'd want me dead immediately!

    "I love you, Eichi."

    "And I you, Ayu."

    And with that, we walked downstairs, but I noticed Airashii and Ryuu's bedroom door was still closed. On our way down, I told Eichi about it to lighten him up. He chuckled all the way down until I tripped halfway down the stairs and I tumbled all the way down. Once I hit the landing, I realized that I landed on my broken wrist. I screamed in pain and it died down to hard sobbing. Eichi ran to my rescue and picked me up. The pain was so severe my vision was clouded by dancing black dots. I was supposed to get my cast off soon, but I probably completely rebroke my wrist, so that's not happening anytime soon.

    Eichi carried me around the house, trying to find Wakoji. While he did, his eyes turned a beautiful light crimson and I thought, Wow, people must envy Vampires for their beautiful looks. No wonder Yuki loved Eichi... And I'm pretty sure he never heard me.

    Eichi gave up on looking for Wakoji in the giant mansion. "He must've left," Eichi said. I nodded.

    The pain was making me tired. I tried not to sleep in fear of another Night Terror, but my brain disobeyed and I fell right to sleep in Eichi's arms.