We arrived at a large mansion which I assumed was Aiden's. He dismounted then turned about to help me down, wrapping his hands around the sides of my waist in order to do so.

    "Follow me." Aiden commanded and I did as he said. We walked into a door at the back of the mansion that led into a small room with a spiral staircase and a door on the other side. He nodded at the maid and went through the other door while the maid took me by the arm and led me up the staircase.

    It was getting on into the evening now and the sun was beginning to set and the last of its fading light shone on the staircase as we climbed. We ascended into a hall that was rather unremarkable and actually sort of dingy in looks. The walls where made of plain wood without any draperies or carvings to adorn the. The floor had a black rug on it and the material was rather course looking. We stopped at a door in the middle of the hallway and the maid handed me a set of black clothing before gently pushing me into the room. I took a look around and found the room to be servant's quarters. The bed was a thin straw pallet on the floor covered in a few cotton sheets and the wood in the room looked water stained and old. Sighing I unfolded the load of cloth that the maid had put into my arms and saw it was the gown of a serving girl, as I had suspected since I had been put into servants quarters. It was a plain black cotton dress with a square neck and a floor length skirt. Changing out of the elegant gown from earlier I changed into the plain cotton gown I had been given. The fabric was smooth, but had a slight itchy fell to it. Looking around the room once more I decided to go exploring. I walked over to the door of the room and opened it whilst poking my head through. Seeing that no one was there to stop me or take me anywhere else I walked out of the room and back down the spiral staircase towards the door I had seen Aiden got through. Seeing it open I was curious as to what lay behind the door. As I peeked around the sight I saw made me blush.

    The room through the door was a lavishly decorated sitting room with silk furniture and golden candle stick holders adorning the walls along with several draperies depicting tales of the bravery and cunning of several different people. There was a large oaken door on the other side of the room and a marble fireplace along one of the walls. This was not what surprised me and made me blush though. It was the fact that Aiden stood in the middle of the room with his shirt off, and I, having never seen a half naked man before, couldn't help but blush at the sight.

    "Elise, how kind of you to join me!" Aiden announced suddenly making me jump. How did he know I was here? He hadn't even turned around. "Well, come in Elise! Don't just stand there!"

    I did as I was told and my face still as red as ever, I entered the room and quietly shut the door behind me. That was when Aiden turned around and seeing my red face began to laugh. His laugh was deep and sent shivers down my spine.

    "Why the read face my dear? Have you not seen a male torso before?" He was still laughing as he said this and began to laugh harder as my red face darkened.

    Trying to shake off my embarrassment and change the subject I asked him a question I had been longing to know. "Why where you trying to kill Aleksander? I can see why you might wish to kill your brother, but… Why Aleksander? What did he ever do to you?"

    He stopped laughing and suddenly became serious, his eyes dark and filled with fury. "Your brother killed my fiancé. Her name was Evangeline, she was beautiful, with her flame-red hair and blue eyes. Aleksander had come to assassinate me on orders from my brother. Evangeline and I were in the garden taking a walk on the day before the wedding. Suddenly Evangeline threw herself in front of me and the next thing I knew she was dead in my hearts, an arrow in her chest. I looked around for her killer and there stood your brother, he had a mask on, but I knew it wasn't Ash, his eyes where a different color, as well as his hair."

    At that moment I felt myself go sort of pale. How could Aleksander do something like that? I killed many people in the past two years and I knew of the sins I had committed, but… I would have never thought Aleksander to be capable of such a cruel thing.

    My thoughts were interrupted as Aiden suddenly continued his story, "Ever since that day I've sworn vengeance on him. When I saw you there I found my chance. That day in the caves I planned on killing only Ash and hurting you. Things didn't quite go as planned but I managed to get Ash confused and trick him. The whole time he thought I was after him, the whole time. Now after months of planning I finally can get my revenge on your brother."

    "What would that revenge be? Killing me?" I spat at him. Even though I felt sorry for him I still did not trust or like the man.

    "Oh no, no, no, that would be far too easy. No, you are going to fall in love with me, and be my new fiancé."

    "What!" I screamed, but was cut off before I could say anything else.

    "This way Aleksander will have to choose between you and Ash. Kill the man he and his friend hates and break his sister's heart, or betray his friend. I know that he will choose the first because Aleksander is a noble man at heart even if the title is gone. Noble men always repay their debts, always. Once this happens I cannot predict, but he shall live with the torturing thought that you probably hate him."

    "There is one little problem with that plan. I will never fall in love with you."

    "Oh really?" he said with a smirk. He then stepped towards me and wrapped one of his arms around my waist and pulled me against his bare chest. Before I could break away his lips came down on mine and for a couple of seconds I forgot everything. The world stood still as he held me close and we kissed. Those heavenly seconds quickly left as everything came rushing back to me. I pushed Aiden off of me and ran out of the door and staircase that ran up to the servant's quarters. One thought was in my mind.

    What had I just done?

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